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Ari's POV 🦋•

It was around 12 and I just put the twins down for their nap. Chile I am tired, I just finished working out and Dave went to smoke so I had to put them to bed. Both of them were fighting their sleep so I turned off the tv and their lights and let them cry themselves to sleep. You say bad parenting I say I need to shower, take your complaints up with ya momma.

I left their door cracked and went to my bathroom. I gotta go pick up Kairi in 2 hours because she was being lazy and didnt drive her own damn car. So Imma take a shower then eat some food so by the time we leave, the twins would be awake. Dave is picking up Kaiden and Kaleesia because they having bonding time at the mall aka take all of daddy's money.

I connected my phone to the speaker and got in the shower. I washed my body and my hair and got out after almost an hour. I was drying myself off when I got a text from Kairi.

K: mommy is it ok if i hang out with kross afterschool for a couple hours ?
"i never have a problem with her going over there?" I said to myself.
A- girl you know I dont care
K- ok love you💕
A- love you too 💜 be safe

She hearted my message and I closed my phone. Welp looks like I dont gotta rush. I went in the closet to put some clothes on. I chose a regular grey sundress. I decided not to wear no underwear, aint no reason I just aint feel like it.

I sat on the bed in my bra lotioning my body and Dave came in the room. His eyes was low and red, ooh he look so fine when he high. "Hii mamas." He sat next to me. "Hii baby." I copied his tone. I stood up to put my dress on. "Why you putting that on? You cant just rock what you got on?" I laughed at him. "Dave, I have nothing on.." He pulled me closer to him. "And you look amazing." He started rubbing in my body. I cant lie I aint want him to stop but its funny making him work for it.

"How about we take this off too?" He unclasped my bra. "Why would we do that?" He shrugged. "Why not?" I was damn near the same height as him when he was sitting down so we was face level. "See much better mamas." He massaged my boobs. "Well if Im naked you gone have to strip for me baby."

He smirked, "That aint no problem." He snatched his shirt off and tried to lean back into me. "Nahh that aint enough baby." He slipped his shorts off. "Umm.. I still see one more thing to take off papi." I whispered in his ear. He pulled his draws down snatched me towards him.

I straddled his lap and started grinding on him softly. He pulled me down to kiss him. "This aint working baby." He flipped us over and I was laying down while he towered over me.

He started kissing me, then moved down to my neck, then to my nipples showing both of them some love, down my stomach and to his bestie, my pussy. He did what he had to do like always. I was a moaning mess and so close to cumming but he stopped, making me groan. "Thats too easy mama." He came up and kissed me again.

Without breaking the kiss the lifted my legs. He pulled away and rubbed the tip on fat ma down there. He put it in and pulled it back out repeatedly, teasing me. So, I wrapped my legs around him and when he did it again I pushed him all the way. "Ahh fuck daddy!" I couldnt hold it in.

Those two little words sent him into over drive he was pounding the shit outta me. "Baby, ah please ah slow down." I put my hand on his stomach. "Move ya hand mama." he said softly but I kept it there. "Move it Ari." I still didnt move it. I guess that motivated him because somehow he went harder and deeper than before. At this point Im shaking, he pulled out and picked me up.

He pinned me against the wall and bounced me up and down. I guess he got tired of that so he pulled out again. He set me down on the bed again and laid next to me. "Get on top mama." I got on top and did what I had to do. I did the shit that pleasures him more than me. "Ooh baby, dont stop." He of course was moaning mad loud and I felt him twitching like he was finna cum. I got off him and got in the 69 position. He start eating me out and I sucked his dick.

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