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~ 6 Months Later ~

Dave's POV 💙•

Its been 6 months since Ari moved back in and we've been doing amazing. We back to the old Ari and Dave, mentally, emotionally, and physically, if ya know what I mean. 😏

Today is Kai and Nani's last day of school for summer and we are having a celebration dinner and I am planning on proposing to Ari.. again. I bought her a new ring when she was doing hair the other day, its bigger and shinier.

I made sure to invite Lauren and Nipsey, they had their baby girl a couple months ago. She my lil thug, Kori. It's a whole bunch of K's in this family but she was a good addition.

"How much time do I have in the store?" We were on our way to Target because Ari claims that the twins need new stuff every two days. I very much disagree but if she happy Im happy. "Kai dont need to be picked up til 2:45" and it was only 12:15 "what do we need again?" She sighed. "The twins need diapers, wipes, more white onesies, and bigger bottles." I laughed knowing damn well we had all that stuff when we left.

The twins are 9 months now and they act grown! They always bad as hell and they always cover for each other. Kaiden and Kaleesia always be cuddled up into Ari but I know deep down they like me better.

We was in Target and Ari decided that we needed more food for us and some softer food for the babies. So, a whole grocery trip. It was going on 2:30 when we packed up the car and we had to pick up Kai at 2:45.

"I'm driving because you drive slow and my baby not gone be waiting for a long time." We made it to Kai school at 2:42 and it was nobody there. "See on time."

Ari smacked my arm. "Why is Kairi sitting outside with a teacher?" My eyes widened. "Maybe she got in trouble?" Kai hurried up and got in the car. "WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONGGGGGG ! I was left with the weirdo teacher." Kai buckled herself in. "I'm so sorry Kai. Daddy told me the wrong time." She shrugged her shoulders and turned on the tv behind my seat.

Nani's POV 🤍•

I was paranoid asfk right now. I skipped school with Diggy and we fell asleep and school lets out in 10 minutes.

Ma and Diggy was rushing to get ready. "If I'm not at school before my mom get there my ass is grass." We got in the car and drove to school. I got a text from my mom and my heart sank to my ass.

We outside in the parking lot waiting for you to come out.

"Baby I am never gonna be able to see you again..." He looked at me weird. "Why girl?" I gasped because I got another text.

Actually we gonna come check you out early bc last day of school tingz !😘

"My mom said that she is picking me up early today..." He immediately sped up. We got there in record time and I walked in the school from the side and walked out the doors.

I met my mom at the front doors. "How'd you get out before I checked you out?" I smiled.
"My teacher let me leave because it was the last day." She nodded and we went to the car.

Ari's POV 🦋•

Nani think she slick. I got a email from her school when we was in the car saying that she didn't attend none of her classes. Im not gone say nothing til we by ourselves though. "So how yall feel about it being summer now?" Kairi giggled. "My birthday is coming. Im finally turning 7!" We laughed at her.

We went home and while Dave was setting up for dinner, I went in the pool with the kids. Kai and Kaleesia wore matching polka dot bikinis and I put Kaiden on some swim trunks. Nani came down in my room with a black bikini on. "Can you watch them while I change into my bathing suit?" She nodded and started playing with the twins.

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