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Ari POV 🦋•

I opened the door to our room and Dave walked in before me and Kai. I mugged him as we walked in. Me and Kai put our shoes on the bench and went to go play and Dave sat on the bench and got on his phone.

"Are you gonna play with us daddy ?" she yelled from the top of the slide. He looked up at her and went back to looking at his phone. "Nah not today Kairi." I shook my head and looked at Kai and she looked sad. "Come on Kai lets go down the slide on our tummy." She got back happy.

I went to go order us a pizza and drinks. We ate all of the pizza then me and Kai kept playing for the rest of our time and Dave never took his eyes off his phone. It was making me mad but I hid it for Kai.

Our time was up in 5 mins so we had to get all our things. "Kai our time is almost up we gotta start putting our stuff back on." She went to go get her shoes. It was December 16th and cold as hell so we both had on UGG boots.

"It's time to go Dave." he looked up at me and picked up his stuff and walked out.

Kai went to get in my car and Dave called her to him. "Ride with me Kairi." Why is he so mad. "I'll see you in a second Kairi." I gave her a quick hug. "See you later mommy she said while walking over to Dave. He looked shocked that she called me that. I got in my car and drove to his house.

I got to his house and he wasn't here yet. I waited in my car and started thinking about why Dave is mad at me. I couldn't think of anything for the life of me that could have made him so mad. I sat my head on the wheel and just thought. I heard the garage door open and it was Dave. I got my phone and got out the car.

Dave picked a sleeping Kairi up and took her in the house. I followed behind and closed and locked the door as he went upstairs to put her down. I went upstairs into his room and went in his bathroom. I looked in the mirror and just stared at myself. I heard Dave walk in and lay on the bed. I went into his room to see him texting somebody. "Can we talk ?" he ignored me. "Dave we need to talk." he got up and went in the bathroom. I heard the shower water run.

I picked out some clothes to go shower. As I was walking out the door I heard his phone ring, I saw the name of a female.


When I saw the name I just got mad. I threw his phone on the bed and layed down and opened instagram. About 30 minutes later he came out in some black sweats and no shirt. I rolled my eyes and continued scrolling through insta. He sat down on the bed and looked around for his phone.

"Looking for this?" I held up his phone. "Your 'babygirl' called you." He looked at me with guilt in his eyes. "Its not what it look like mama." He walked towards me. "Really, because to me it looks like you are entertaining some other female while you supposed to be in a relationship with me." I felt my voice crack. "Who is this bitch Dave ?!" I threw his phone at him.

"Ari...." he looked down. "WHO is it Dave!" he looked me in the eyes. "it's millie." I scoffed. "Millie as in Kairi's fucking deadbeat mother." I felt a tear slip down my face. "I fucking love you and your fucking daughter Dave and you got me out here looking stupid. Kairi asked me today if she could call me her Mommy. Her fucking mommy Dave." I started crying. "Ari I was just trynna let her get back in Kai's life." I nodded my head. "Why is her name babygirl in your fucking phone Dave?" He stood up and held my hand. "I only did that because I knew you would get mad about me talking to her." I looked down. "I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions." He pecked my lips. He sat down and I straddled him.

"Wait... did Kai actually ask if she could call you Mommy?" I nodded. "She asked me and I told her yea and she cried saying that she thought I was gonna get mad and yell at her." He smiled and hugged me.

"Ok last question. Why was you so mad at me and being standoffish at the place ?" I pouted. "Because you fucken hung up in my face. Like are you shitten me?!" I laughed. "You was booty tickled that I hung up on you?" he nodded and mugged me. "Awwww my big baby!" I pushed him back and kissed him.

I deepened the kiss and he flipped us over. I laughed. He kissed me again and I moved out of the way. "Im sleepy as hell. Kai little ass tired me out." He laughed and we laid in the bed. I took off my pajama pants and threw them in the hamper so I was laying in just one of his shirts. I scooted my butt closer to him and he wrapped him arm around my stomach. He kissed my neck and we fell asleep.

First Argument

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