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Ari's POV 🦋•

I have to go get Kairi's outfits today. I ordered them a couple day ago from one of my friends that customize clothes. I took Kairi with me to pick it up to make sure she like it. "Come on Kai lets go." I was in the room telling Dave bye but he wouldnt leave me alone. "Why you always trying to leave me?" I was gonna be gone for a while because I had to go to the shop to do some peoples hair. Kairi also wanted her hair done in the salon. Spoiled ass.

"You can meet me at the salon around lunch time, and we can hang out there." He groaned. "Ok. Can you braid ip my son's hair please got him out here looking like a female." I rolled my eyes. "I am for his birthday. Not yet though. I wanna grow it out."

"Ok bye baby. I gotta go." We pecked 3 times before I left. "I love you mama." "I love you too baby." I took Kairi's hand and we went on about our day. "Mommy guess what?" She giggled. "What kai?" "My 8th birthday is tomorrow!" I gasped. "Omg my baby is turning 8! Kai can you believe that you were 3 years old when I first met you." She shook her head. "Are you excited for tomorrow? Do you think you know where we're going?" She shook her head. "Nope, but Im happy for wherever we go."

We made it to the boutique place and we went inside. I ordered Kai a overall set with a matching pair of Converse and a tutu and shirt set with matching boots and it had a 8, her name, and Disney characters on there. The lady put it back in the box and gave it to Kairi. "Thank you for supporting my small business Ari." I took the box from Kairi. "Thank you for doing this on such short notice. "Whats my total?" She looked lowkey overwhelmed. "Im its um $125.67." I took out my card. "Are you ok?" I inserted my card and I smelled Dave it was a mix of his signature cologne and weed.

He put his arm around my shoulders. "Hi daddy!" Kai hugged his legs. He picked her up. "Where are my babies?" He pointed to the car. "In the car with Nalanni." I nodded, "Can you take them to the shop please." He walked out the store. "Dave East is your husband?!" I nodded and looked at her weird. "Yes, why is that so surprising?" She playfully rolled her eyes. "Its just that I didnt know he was married." She probably one of the girls that be in his dms even though he posts me all the time. "Ok bye thank you." She was starting to act weird. "Bye Ari."

"These bitches are weirdos." This is why I dint have no friends. I saw Dave in his car, I got in my car and drove off.

I made it to my salon in 20 minutes and when I got there Dave was waiting for me at the door. "Damn you left after me and got here before me. Stop driving crazy with my kids in the car." He chuckled. "Our kids are fine."

He went in the back with the kids and I got my station ready for the first girl. "Where's Angel for the 11:00 appointment?" She stood up and sat in my chair. She was getting a weave and her hair was very tangled. "Lets go wash your hair girl." I was lowkey annoyed because why would you come with your hair looking like this?

5 hours later and I was on the end of Kairi's hair. I braided it into 2 ponytails and put beads on the ends. "Periodt Kai Kai!" It was just us left in there and we were finna leave. "Lets go guys." I left my car in the parking lot and made sure to lock it up. "Come on Im hungry and my feet hurt." I put Kali in the car and helped Kairi. Dave drove us home and of course he drove crazy.

We were finally home after a long day. "Mommy whats for dinner?" Nalanni asked me. "Whatever's in the kitchen." I didn't feel like cooking again. "I'll go pick up some food if you want." I giggled a little bit. "Girl how? You dont got no car." She groaned and stomped upstairs. She probably thought I was gonna let her get her keys back. She asking the wrong person because Dave locked it in his safe with his weed and I don't remember the code so she's shit outta luck.

I went in the kitchen to make a quick dinner. I made some frozen chicken nuggets and boxed mac and cheese for the kids. Dave is probably gonna eat noodles or some shit. I made sure all of their plates were made and I went in the living room to get them. "Come eat dinner guys." Kai and Nani went to the table but the twins needed some guidance. I grabbed their hands but they walked by themselves. I sat in top of the island and scrolled through instagram. I saw a picture that Dave posted and it was our Anniversary post. Its tomorrow but we usually celebrate afterwards because of Kairi's birthday.

It was like 10 pictures of us through the years and the caption was a long ass paragraph. I started reading the paragraph and I couldn't help but to cry. I looked up from my phone and Dave was staring at me. "Why would you make me cry like that asshole!" We laughed. "I love you David Brewster." "I love you Ariana Brewster." I giggled. "Technically not a Brewster yet. We aint married sir." He rolled his eyes.

Dave's POV💙•

Ari keep saying Im her husband but every time I say something close to that its always "we not married" girl puhlease. We was married since the day I asked her out. "Daddy Im done." Kairi said. Go put your plate in the dishwasher and go get ready for bed." Nani finished a little before her but she left to go talk to Ari in her room. I was watching the twins and they were messy as hell. "Why yall always getting dirty when I gotta put yall to bed?" They just laughed. I cleaned up behind them and wiped down their tray tables. "Come on you guys." They know how to climb the stairs, they be trynna play Ari.

Nani's POV 🤍•

I asked my mom to come in my room so we can talk. I've been distancing myself from her and I know why. "Whats going on with you babes?" She always knows when there's something wrong with me. "I actually wanted to talk to you and Dad, but he's with the twins.  So just you for now." I cleared my throat. "So I basically just wanted to say I'm sorry. I truly apologize for acting like a spoiled brat. I dont know what got into me, but I was completely out of line talking to you the way that I was. Excuse my language, but I was being a bitch towards you with no reasoning. This family is the only people that have ever showed me this much love in my life, i dont know if you knew this but my granny practically raised me and the anniversary of her passing was last week and I just started acting out. I went to go visit her grave the day of the party and I was so sad that I went to Diggy's house." I felt tears falling down. "And to pack more on it I was on my cycle and I was just being annoying. Im sorry." She immediately hugged me and I heard her sniffle.

"I went through the same thing you were going through, a couple months before you first came here. My granny passed away and she was my everything. After she passed I shut down, and I wouldn't talk to nobody. But, I had to push through for the sake of my babies. So I accept your apology and you dont have to go to Dave, I'll talk to him. But, that dont mean you getting your car back." She laughed . "I know I understand."

"Goodnight baby, we have to wake up extremely early tomorrow. I love you." She kissed my forehead. "I love you too."

Ari's POV🦋•

I secretly knew something was wrong with Nani but I was waiting for her to tell me. I went into Kai's room to make sure she was ready for bed. "Hi mommy!" "Hi babe go get your scarf and bonnet from my bathroom drawer." She ran into my bathroom while I put out her outfit for tomorrow. "Dave come here!" He came in before Kai.

She walked in, "is this mines?" I nodded. "Do you know where we are going now?" She jumped up and down. "Are we going to DISNEYLAND!!!" I laughed at her. "We are, my little princess." Dave crouched down to Kai. "Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!" "You welcome baby. Now go to bed because we have to wake up early for Disneyland." She let me put on her scarf and bonnet then jumped in the bed. "Good night. I love you." "Goodnight Mommy Good night Daddy." We turned on her machines and off the lights and walked out, leaving her door cracked.

"The twins are sleep. Can we have a little fun time?" Dave kissed on my neck. "I need to shower." He picked me up. "So do I lets save some water." He ran into our bathroom and put me down when we made it. I stripped and got in the shower and waited for him. "Mamas you are so beautiful." He rubbed all on my body.

I bent over to change the temper because it was kinda cold and Dave stuck himself inside me. "Oh fuck Dave" he laughed but he was beating my shit up.

We fuck too much, I dont wanna get pregnant again.

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