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Ari's POV🦋•

Kairi's birthday is in 3 days, meaning its also me and Dave's anniversary from when we first started dating. My baby is turning 7 and she said she wanted to go to Disneyland. Dave's ass is wrapped around her lil finger, so he got us Annual Passes to Disneyland and California Adventure, so we can go on her birthday and any other day we wanted.

Her actual birthday is gonna be a whole day at Disneyland, then the next day she's going over to Lauren and Nips house to have a sleepover with Kross. Dave and Nipsey think that they bestfriends, but Kairi told me and Nani that he her boyfriend. 😗

Anywayssss, while Kai and the twins are away Nani is having a sleepover at her 'friends' house, but I already know she going to be with Daniel. I just hope she dont get pregnant. But since the house is empty, me and Dave are gonna have happy time all weekend.

I was downstairs cleaning up after breakfast . I needed to go to the grocery store because Nani's boyfriend is coming over. I went upstairs to Nani's room. "Put on some shoes so we can go to the grocery store please." She looked up at me. "Ok, Im coming and I'll drive." She cheesed. "Your ugly as hell." I walked out laughing at her.

I went into my room where Dave was watching a movie with all the kids. "Im finna leave and go grocery shopping." "Ok be safe mamas. I love you." He kissed me. "I love you too." I went downstairs. "Nalanni hurry up!" She came running down the stairs.

We finally made it to Walmart. "What do you want me to cook tonight?" She tapped her chin. "Um..... ooh shrimp alfredo with broccoli and garlic knots."

I went to the meats and got shrimp and sausages. We already had noodles and sauce. I had to get biscuits for the knots and I got some stuff for the house. When we finished packing the car it was 12:15 and Diggy was coming over at 7.

"What are you wearing tonight?" I asked her while I looked for a song to play. "I honestly dont know yet." I smirked at her. "We gonna drop this stuff off and go shopping." She nodded. "Yayy!"

I was putting away the groceries while Dave brought them in. Nani was dressing the twins and I had to do their hair.

"Why Nani dressing the twins so early?" I sat on the island. "We going to the mall so if you want to go get dressed." He came in between my legs and hugged me. "What do you want?" He looked surprised. "I just love you.... ughh ok I wanted my hair braided and a haircut." I laughed at him. "I can when we get back." He kissed me.

He tried to go further and i pushed him away. "Go get dressed." I smacked his ass when he walked away. I went to the twins room and saw them in matching outfits. "Hi babies." I held their hand and walked down stairs with them.

We made it downstairs and I let them play in the living room. The second I sat down my phone rang, it was my childhood best friend, Alexis. We sat on the phone while I was doing the twins hair. She invited me to her daughter McKinley's 1st birthday. Of course, I said yes bc why not these kids need more social interaction.

I finished the twin's hair when we hung up. Kaiden's hair is staring to get long, so he has a little man bun and Kaleesia has two puff balls. Dave wants to cut his hair, but I want him to grow it out until he can tell me that he wants to cut it. Im probably gonna braid both of their hair for the first time for their first birth day which is in 2 and a half months.

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