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Ari's POV 🦋•

I had the twins almost a month ago, they turn 1 month is a few days. And I am not having a good time. Dave has been very very distant this whole month. So, I've been taking care of the twins, Kairi, and Nani all by myself, but Nani has been a really big help with Kairi. But, back to Dave, he is gone all throughout the night, spends like 1 hour with the kids, goes to sleep the whole day, then goes back out.

I honestly cant believe he's acting like this. But, him being gone almost all hours of the day, I feel he's cheating on me. I really don't want to believe it but I think he is. I feel that the twins coming on our wedding day was a sign because look at how this nigga is treating me.

On a brighter note, Kai and Nani start school on Monday and right now its Saturday. Hopefully Dave is there for his daughter's first day of actual school. Kai's starting 1st grade and Nani is starting the 10th.

Nani's birthday is next month on September 27th, she turns 16. She wanted to go on a trip because she's never been. I suggested that we go on a cruise to Jamaica. She agreed.

"Nani can you come here for a second!" I yelled to her upstairs. "Coming!" Kai was at the table waiting for lunch and Kaleesia was crying. "Can you please put Kai's snacks on her plate so I can feed the twins." She nodded. "Of course"

I went upstairs to the nursery and picked up Kaleesia and sat in the rocking chair and breastfed her. When she was done I burped her and picked up Kaiden because he started fussing. "Come on mommy's big boy." He immediately latched on and ate. He is definitely more greedier than Kaleesia, but Kaleesia is chunkier. He soon finished and I put them in the crib for a nap and turned on the monitor and went back downstairs.

I was walking into the kitchen when I heard the front door opening. It was Dirty Dave. I ignored him and went in the kitchen. "Hi daddy!" Kairi said. "Hi Kai." he was hungover.

I shook my head and started washing the dishes from Kai's gourmet lunch of macaroni and cheese like always. "Hi Ari." I felt a pain in my heart and I felt my eyes tear up. "Hi." I know it was little but him calling me Ari and mamas or baby hurt. I finished washing dishes and I heard him going upstairs.

"Are you ok?" Nalanni asked me. I smiled and nodded. She knows whats been going on with Dave obviously but Kai bas absolutely no idea and I wanna keep it that way.

"Do you wanna do some last minute school shopping?" I asked Nani. "Actually I was thinking that we can all have Ari Appreciation Day." She pulled something out of the cabinet that I couldn't reach and handed it to me.

It was a box. I opened it and it was a necklace with a locked heart pendant and it said "No matter when, where, why I'll be there" I took it out the box. "Thank you Nani." She smiled. "You wanna out it on?" I nodded and I felt tears falling. When she clipped it I turned around and hugged her. I started crying on her shoulder. "I love you Nani." I felt her cry too.


Dave's POV 💙•

I have been fucking up big time. I wanna explain to yall before yall hate me. So.... I didn't think the babies was mine. Neither one of them looked like me and I didn't wanna keep being around babies that could've been around somebody else's. So, I was a little heartbroken and I called one of my old hoes and went to her house. We fucked once, ok a lot. I started thinking, I could just get a DNA test, so I did. And of course the results came back and they're mine. I tried to cut it off with ole girl and she threatened to go to the media saying she was pregnant by me. So, I kept messing with her and I decided to stop messing around when I came home and Ari was asleep with tears on her face. I was gonna marry this girl and I'm over here breaking her heart.

Ole girl said she is going to tell Ari through the media or I need to tell her whats been going on. I really need to talk to her today. She might leave me but I'd rather her find out through me.

Right when I was about to go downstairs to talk to her she walked in the room. "Mamas can I please talk to you?" She looked at me like I was stupid. "Talk to me about what?""Us." She scoffed. "Seems like according to you, there is no us." "No mamas. I miss you." She rolled her eyes."You miss me or sex?" "You."

"Whats been up with you? You haven't spent any time with Kai, me or the twins." I told her the whole story on why I've been distant. When I finished, she slapped me. "Thats for thinking I cheated on you." Again. "Thats for cheating on me." Again. "Thats for getting a DNA test on MY kids without me knowing." Again. "Thats for Kairi." Again. "Thats for me an my feelings." Again. "Thats just because!"

Each slap her voice cracked more and more. "Mamas I'm really sorry." She sat on the bed with her face in her hands. "What did I do wrong? Was I too fat after having twins? Was I not meeting your expectations? Was I being a bad mom? What was it dave?!" "It was my stupidity. Im so sorry and if there is any way I can make it up to you I will." I was on my knees begging for forgiveness.

"I dont know if I can forgive you after this"

Those are the words that took my life on a horrible turn.

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