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Ari POV 🦋•
~ 3 weeks later ~

"Hi guyssssss ! It's me Ari and Im back wit anotha mothafuckin videooo bitchhhhh!" I said to the camera.

I don't know if I mentioned this but youtube is the way that I get my money. I started like 3 months before I moved to NY. Before I moved I had 300,00 subscribers, but now I got almost 8,000,000. I dont know how but I feel like it had something to do with Dave's instagram post. But, anywaysssss I filmed a video about my first and only fight in highschool. I was even able to find the video. I finished then sent the videos to my editor.

I was sitting on instagram and I saw my twin.

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KairiChanel : people always bother me 😑

daveeast : my little butt😍
AriThaDon : my twinnn 🥰
liil.yass : kai kai 🥺

After I saw that picture I started to miss her. So, I facetimed Dave.

"Wassup ." he lowkey mugged me. " Hi Dave. What's wrong witchu?" I mugged him back.

"Nothing." he said shortly. I rolled my eyes, "Why you- nevermind. Is Kairi there? I miss my twin." I tried to brush it off. He nodded his head and yelled her name.

I heard her running into his room. He gave her the phone, "Hi Kaiiiiiii !" I smiled excitedly. "Hi Ariiiiiiiii ! I miss you. Daddy be mean to me." I laughed at her.

"Can I tell you a secret Kai?" she nodded her head fast and ran into her room. "Im gonna come over today. " I whispered. I heard her squeal and jump on her bed.

"Ok Kai go give the phone to your daddy please. " I told her after talking to her for 15 minutes about her new baby alive. She nodded and went to give the phone to Dave. "Here you go Daddy." He took the phone.

"Is it fine if I come over today? Maybe we can have movie night and I can cook dinner?" He nodded. "Sure." Why is he acting like this? "ok. imma go to the store, then i'm on my way" He nodded. "Bye Dave." I hung up not even letting him reply.

I got dressed in a black longsleeve crop top with matching flare pants. They made my ass look extra fat. I was looking in the mirror and I stuck my tongue out and went to lay my edges. I had a dark burgundy wig installed yesterday.

I drove to Target to go get movie snacks. But , I didn't know if they wanted anything specific.

Baby 💙🥰

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