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Ari's POV 🦋•

I got in my car and just sat there, I laid my head on the steering wheel. I heard the car door open and it was Dave. I only knew because of his smell, cologne mixed with weed. "Mamas, Im sorry." He grabbed my hand. "Im sorry about everything, I didnt notice til now that I was making you feel like you're choices dont matter. I know a tattoo isn't something that you can just take away-," I cut him off. "Exactly.. A tattoo isnt something that you can just wipe off or just take away. Its permanent on her body, but honestly I have no place to tell you what to do with your daughter." I shrugged.

"Ariana, Kairi is your child, the same with Kaleesia, Kamaya, Kamille, and Kaiden. Biology aint got shit to do with the Brewster family. You're decisions matter just as much as mine do. So, I really am sorry for giving her that tattoo. I'll talk to her about it, make sure she know that we was in the wrong, just please dont leave." He begged. I laughed to myself. "I was just gonna go to the park or some shit. I wasnt gonna leave you over a damn tattoo." I kissed his cheek. "But next time you do some back stabbing shit like that I am leaving." I smacked the back of his head. "Aight, Im sorry mamas." I playfully rolled my eyes. "Yea, yea."

We went back in the house and Kamille ran over to me. "Mama, I eat?" "Eat? You just ate lunch." I checked the time, it was 3:30. "You want a snack?" She nodded. I picked her up and went in the kitchen. I grabbed goldfish and put it in a small bowl for the kids to share. I went back in the living room and set the bowl in the table. Kaleesia came over and sat on my lap. I looked at her clothes, "You not hot?" She had on a sweat suit, with her hood on. She shook her head no. "Kaleesia it is 100 damn degrees and you got on a winter outfit. Lets go change." I dragged her upstairs.

We went in her room, "Take that off." I told her, she took it off and I looked through her clothes while she undressed. I grabbed a pair of hot pink Nike spandex and a white tshirt. I turned around to give it to her and my mouth hung open. "Kaleesia go in that bathroom and get the Jergens lotion, now." I dont know why, but this little girl hate wearing lotion when she get out the shower.

She came back with the lotion, "Sit on that bed and lotion your body, I tell you too many times to wear lotion after you shower. Is that why you covered your whole body in clothes?" She looked at me and nodded. "I didnt want you to get mad at me." "Kali if you put the lotion on after you shower we wont have to go through this." She sighed. "Im sorry mommy."

"Dont tell me sorry, tell yourself. You are only hurting yourself by being ashy. Your skin is gone be cracked and rough if you keep walking around like this. When you finish take a nap like Kaiden." She groaned and I gave her that look. She pulled her clothes on and got in the bed.

I went downstairs to see Dave sitting on the couch, watching tv with the twins on his lap eating the goldfish. "Having fun?" I told him. He looked at me, "Yup. I love watching tv with my babies." I rolled my eyes and sat next to him. "Those are for them, not you." I pointed to the goldfish. "I know, but Im borrowing them for right now." "You're weird, where's Ayla bear?" I noticed she wasn't down here. "Asleep with Kairi." I nodded. I looked at the twins and saw that they was falling asleep. "Go put them in their cribs so we can have fun." I told him and winked. He stood up and ran upstairs. "David, dont drop my babies."

I went upstairs and went in our bathroom. I turned the shower on and connected my phone to the speaker. I stripped and got in. I was just standing under the water when I heard Dave open the shower door. He stepped in behind me and kissed on my neck.

We did the do and somehow we ended up back in the bed. When we finished Dave went straight to sleep and I went to go check on everybody.

I checked on Kairi first because she had the baby. Her door was open so I walked in. "Hi mommy." She said dang near sleep. Right wehen she said that Ayla started fussing. "Hi baby, you want me to take her?" She shook her head. "No, I got her. Imma take her downstairs to get some snacks. What's for dinner?" I thought about that. Its almost 7 and we aint ate since earlier. "You wanna go out?"

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