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Dave's POV💙•

I woke up at 7 which is very rare so I was cuddled up with Ari until 11 because I had to go in to my job today. I don't know if I told y'all but I own 3 tattoo shops in Miami, New York, and LA. I rarely go to them because I got site managers that I trust handling shit, but today I need to talk to my assistant on booking a trip to Vegas to look at expanding more. I was planning on making it a family trip including Lauren and Nipsey but I gotta get Ari's ass on board. They already agreed but I haven't set a date yet.

I was spooning Ari and rubbing her belly and I felt her start to wake up. I started kissing on her neck and she turned around and started kissing me. I was feeling it so I lifted her on top of me. She straddled me and started grinding on my jr and kissing on my neck. I flipped us over and went down on her. She didnt have pants on so it made it that much easier.

I was rubbing her clit and eating her out at the same time. She started jerking her hips up but I stopped her. I got up and I put 2 fingers in her mouth then put them in her pussy while kissing her. I was alternating paces and she was going crazy. "I'm cumming Daddy!" she screamed. I felt her juices wet all my fingers. She was breathing hard and I flipped her over to hit it from the back and she immediately got in a perfect arch. I placed myself at her entrance and rammed into her hard as fuck.

I was pounding her and she was screaming loud as hell. She tried to put her face in the bed but I lifted her head up by her hair.

Ari's POV🦋•

Dave was tearing my shit up and he was moaning and I knew he was about to come, so I got off and started sucking his dick. He came after a couple mins and I kept sucking til he went soft. When I was finished I laid next to him. He started rubbing on my ass and I was tracing his chest tattoos.

"Im gonna get in the shower wanna join?" I got outta bed. "No I need to get ready to go to the office, by the way I need to talk to you." I raised her eyebrow. "About what?" I sat on his lap. "What do you think about a family trip with Lauren and Nip to Vegas and Cali?" I stood up. "You wanna fly me out daddy?" I smiled. He nodded. "Ooooh periodt!" I hugged and gave him a kiss. "Of course !"

"Go get in the shower so you can go to do what you gotta do." I smacked his ass. He immediately turned around and mugged me. I just smiled. I went in the bathroom and texted Lauren asking if she wanna hang out here. She texted back that she was gonna be here in a hour and a half. I turned on my music and got in the shower.

When I got out I did my hygiene and Dave came in. "Im finna leave mama." He hugged me from behind. "Wait for me to get dressed I wanna walk you out." I finished and went to put on some grey Nike leggings and a white Nike sports bra. We walked downstairs. "Ok Lauren and Kross is coming and she's bringing Kai back." He nodded. "I love you papa." I kissed him. "I love you too mamas." He opened the door. I pecked his lips 3 times and he went to get in his 2 seater and I watched him drive off.

I closed and locked the door then went upstairs to wash the sheets and remake the bed. I put our clothes and Kai's clothes in the washer and Lauren called me.

L- Im pulling up and Kai and Kross are asleep. Can you help?
A- Of course. Im coming.
L- Ok

I put on my white crocs and went outside. I saw Kai and Kross asleep in the backseat and Lauren was driving with a bonnet on. We went inside and Lauren had a wig on a mannequin head with a bag of hair supplies. "Ari pooh can you please slay my wig?" She took her bonnet off and she had cornrows in. I just laughed. "You are annoying but I'll do it bitch." We put Kai and Kross in Kai's big ass bed. "I had to ask you because I got this bomb ass blue wig for Nip and I didn't wanna go to no raggedy ass hair shop." I playfully rolled my eyes. "Go get a bar chair and come on." She practically ran to get it.

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