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Dave's POV 💙•

"Daddy can I get these shoes to match with mommy?" Kairi asked me. We was at the mall because these kids always complaining that they don't have nothing to wear well mainly Kairi but I can't leave out the rest of them. "Go ask them to put your size aside." Ari told her. She went over to the register and Kaiden and Kaleesia went to their size to look for shoes.

I mugged her and she giggled, "Whaaaat? I wanted the shoes and she wanted to match with me." She shrugged and walked over to the baby sizes for Kamille and Kamaya. I went over with her. "Mama what you think about trying for another boy?" She looked at me like I was crazy. "Another child? You're funny babe." She turned to look at me and saw I wasnt joking.

"Dave we are getting older, Im 35 and you damn near 40." I shrugged. "Mamas I just want one more to try for a boy." She pointed at Kamille and Kamaya sleep in the stroller. "This was a 'one more for a boy' and we got twins and neither one was a boy." I felt like she gonna say this but Imma play with her a little bit. "Shit if you aint gone give me another baby then I'll find somebody who will."

She laughed at me and pushed the stroller back and forth to soothe Kamille who kept fighting her sleep. "Ok, have fun with that." She said jokingly. "You laughing but Im deadass serious." She turned and examined my face somehow I managed to keep a straight face.

She laughed and flicked me off. "You always trynna make a joke out of something." I furrowed my eyebrows, "How you know Im not for real?" She smirked, "Your nostrils flare when you lie." I rolled my eyes and mushed her head. Kairi came over to us, "Can we go please Im hungry?" So impatient. "Use your card, I'll transfer the money back later."

Kairi's POV 🤍•

"Just the 2 for you?" The worker asked me. "No Im paying for all of it, it should be 14 pairs of shoes there." The girl looked at me weird. "Can you tell me my total instead of staring at me like that?" She rolled her eyes and started ringing them up. "Your total is $1,768.52." I handed her the card, she looked at it and chuckled. Baby if we gonna laugh lets have a quick giggle about that stiff ass weave in your head that you keep slanging.. but yall know I aint say that I am way too nice for that.

"Is there a problem?" She stopped laughing, "Umm.. is the card gonna decline because if so I dont wanna waste my time." I scoffed, "Why would I make you scan all those damn shoes if we couldn't afford them?" I said lowkey getting loud.

I felt a hand tap my butt and it was Kamaya. "Mama say hurry up." I laughed at her. "Oh my gosh she is so cute!" The girl looked at Kamaya and smiled. "I know dat alweady." Kamaya told her and mugged her, she really is my daddy's child.

I put her down and she ran back to my mom. "So you gone take the card or what?" I handed it to her. "Ma'am I need you to calm down.." She said with attitude laced in her voice. "Leave the damn shoes and get your card Kairi. You damn sure are lucky that I got my babies with me because I wouldn't hesitate to beat no bitch's ass over mines." Her country accent started to come out and I knew she was mad. My dad grabbed her and pulled her away. "Dave let me go." He let her arm go and she went back over to the stroller.

The girl stood there with her mouth hung open. "Yeah the Brewsters dont play about they kids." I shrugged. "Oh and you could consider your job gone." I fake smiled. "Have a good day!" I walked away laughing.

Dave's POV 💙•

"Mama you gotta stop popping off on people." She rolled her eyes like she didnt just try to beat this lil girl ass. "Whatever, Im ready to go to anyways." I swear I married a damn psycho.

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