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Ari's POV🦋•

I still cant believe that Dave is moving us to LA. Im gonna work on getting a gynecologist for out here and a private school for Kairi.

I just woke up from a nap because Dave wore me out. I put on Dave's shirt and put the rest of out clothes in a hamper. I looked in Kai's room and saw her watching Princess and the Frog. "Hi baby." I sat on her bed. "Hi mommy." She came and sat on my lap. "So Kai how do you feel about this being our new house?" She looked at me. "I love it here. I can swim all day!" I smiled. "Good. So Kai you know that you have to stsrt real school soon right? I know you like the online school but you have to start kindergarten because you are turning 5. You can find new friends and can play a new sport here."

"I know my daddy told me. Can I start cheerleading? I wanna get thrown in the air." She jumped. "Of course you can but you have to do gymnastics classes first." I already looked into it because she's always looking at cheer youtube videos. "You can start as soon as we can ok baby." She nodded.

"What do you want for dinner today? We dont have groceries so you can pick somewhere." She thought about it. "Can we go to the pizza place where you pick what you want?" "Pieology?" She nodded. "Yup we gotta wait for your big head daddy to wake up." She laughed. "You talking shit mamas?" I looked to see Dave standing at the door. I just smiled at him.

We went into our room to let Kai finish her movie. "Babe we got a lot of stuff we need to get situated, the babies doctor, Kai's school, the wedding, and on top of that all our clothes and shit is in New York." He put his hands on my face. "I already figured out Kai's school, the doctors, and the clothes and Im working on the wedding planner. All you gotta worry about is your new business." I rolled my eyes. "Ok. When do you plan on going to New York to tell our family?" He shrugged. "Whenever is fine." I nodded.

"Kai wants to go to Pieology for dinner. So lets put our clothes back on." We got dressed and I redid my bun. I went in Kai's room to fix her hair which was easy.

We was eating on the beach and I got a phone call from a random caller and I answered it. "Hi this is Dr. Brown calling from Manhattan Medical Center and Im calling on behalf of Jamie Jordan, (i don't remember if i said her first name). This number is listed as her granddaughter/emergency contact." I felt
my heart sink. "She has been rushed here because she had a major stroke. She is currently in critical condition and I believe you should come here and comfort her." I felt tears slide down my face. "I am on my way now." I hung up.

"We need to get on the first flight to New York now" I said with tears in my eyes. "My granny had a stroke and is in critical condition." We rushed to the airport.

After a long 6 hours we finally made it to the hospital and I rushed in. "Im here to see Jamie Jordan." I said to the receptionist. "Relation to the patient." I groaned. "Its my grandma now tell me her room number" She smacked her gum. "Im sorry maam but she is going into brain surgery in 5 minutes so she cant have no visitors." I slammed my hand on the desk. "Fuck!" I felt Dave grab me and pull me to sit down. "Mommy whats going on with Ms.J?" I looked at her w a fake smile. "The doctors have to fix her brain so we can see her." I tried to sound happy. "Its gonna be ok Mommy." She came and sat in my lap and hugged me. I started silently crying on her shoulder.

Its been about 5 hours and Kai fell asleep, and Dave was trying to get a update but nothing yet.

A hour later a doctor came over, "The family of Jamie Jordan?" I practically ran to him. "Is she ok?" He had a straight face. "Surgery went good but now we wait for her to wake up. You guys can go see her, she is still asleep but she should be able to hear you." We followed him to her room.

I walked in and saw her hooked up to a vent and I just broke down crying. "Oh granny, you need to fight this shit and wake up. I need you to be able to see your great grandkids and me and Dave get married. I need you granny." I laid my head on her chest.

Dave came over and started talking to her. I just prayed in my head. I ended up falling asleep in the chair and when I woke up Dave and Kai were gone but I saw a note.

We went to go get some breakfast but I'll be back soon.

I got up and opened the curtains and called my family to let them know what was happening.

It was times like thus when I missed my mom, well the old her. My mom is somewhere in Georgia in some trap house selling her pussy for drugs, which is the main reason I came out here with my granny. She was there for me until I was 16 when my mom moved me to Georgia because my granny kicked her out for prostitution.

I was knocked out of my trance to see the doctor come in. "Hi Ms. Jordan?" I nodded. "Im here to check her brain activity to see if she is capable of breathing on her own, but if she isn't in 3 hours you have the choice to keep her on the vents or turn off the vents." I sighed. "If she has no brain activity then pull the plug." I saw Dave and Kai walk in. "Hi mommy! Is mama J gonna wake up yet?" I smiled. "Hi baby, umm Mama J is taking a reallyyy big nap so it might be awhile before she wakes up." My voice cracked. "Ok." She gave her a hug then sat on Dave's lap to eat.

Dave handed me a breakfast sandwich and a orange juice. I ate the food pretty fast. "I need to brush my teeth and change my clothes." I told Dave. "I'll go get you some stuff and I'll take Kai to my moms house." I looked at him. "Thank you baby. I love you so much." He crouched down to kiss me. "Bye mamas." I waved.

I sat in the room talking to my granny for I guess 3 hours because the doctor came in again. "Its time for me to check again." He looked at some paper thing and
all the lines were straight and my heart sunk.
"Im so sorry Ms. Jordan but Jamie is technically brain dead. Im sorry for your loss. I'll give you sometime to think about your decision." I shook my head. "Just unplug her. She wouldn't want to be hooked up to machines for this long. I already said my goodbyes." I felt tears going down my face. I signed a form and the doctor started turning off the machines. I heard her take her last breath and I broke down.

What did y'all think about this one? Sorry if you hate me after this one.

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