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Nalanni's POV 🤍•

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I was pacing Diggy's room because what if I get pregnant, Im only 16. "Well, I dont have any money because I quit my job. Cant you just use your money from yo daddy?" I facepalmed. "They froze my account because I bought yo dumb broke ass a ticket to Disneyland." He stood up like he was finna do something. "What the fuck you just say to me." He balled up his fists. "I said they froze my account because of your DUMB. BROKE. ASS." He socked me in my eye.

I fell to the floor. "Oh shit! Nalanni I'm so sorry." I backed away. "Don't fucking touch me." I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. My face is already starting to swell and bruise. "fuck." I need to figure out a way home.

I heard a knock on the door and I flinched. "Baby I'm sorry. It was an accident. I really didnt mean to hit you." I just stared at myself in the mirror and started crying.

I pulled out my phone and did what I really didnt want to do.

Dave's POV 💙•

I was beating Ari's shit up and her phone started ringing. "Turn it off Ari." she shut it off. It immediately started ringing again so she looked at who was calling. "Wait baby it's Nalanni." I groaned, but I pulled out and sat next to her. "Hey babes. Are you crying?" I looked at her. "Nalanni slow down and tell me whats wrong." I started putting my clothes back on and threw Ari hers.

Nalanni's POV 🤍•

"Mommy pleasejdndjdbdmddj" I couldnt stop crying. Daniel was beating on the door trying to get in when he heard I was on the phone. "Please come get me." I heard a door close on the phone and she was trying to keep me calm. "Nalanni open this FUCKING door!" I sat in the corner and just cried. "Mom please hurry. I think he's trying to kick the door down." He successfully kicked it down.

He snatched my phone and hung up. "You being a snitch ass hoe now?" He dragged me out by my hair. "Daniel pleaseee stop." He ignored me and threw me on the bed. "This is punishment for talking shit, hoe." He pulled down my pants. "Wait stop please." I couldn't stop crying. He put himself inside of me and it hurt worse than usual. I tried to fight but he held my hands down. I felt myself go numb and dizzy. "please....stop..."

Ari's POV 🦋•

Nalanni's phone hung up after I heard a scream. "Dave drive fucking faster." He sped up and sooner or later we were there. Dave locked down the front door and took his gun off safety. We ran to where we heard noises coming from.

I saw him on top of my baby. Dave pushed me out the wag and punched him in his face. He fell and Dave tended to him while I went to help Nalanni. "Hey baby, come on wake up babes." Tears were streaming down my face. "Dave ok leave him we need to get her to the hospital." He shot him right in the middle pf his eyes and picked up Nalanni.

I couldnt stop the tears running down my face. I cant believe I let this happen to her. I heard Dave on the phone. "Yea I need you to clean up a mess on 7912 24th Street." He hung up. "Mama I need you to stop crying. I know this is a really emotional time but crying is not making it any better for her." We made it to the hospital and nurses came out with a gurney. Dave quickly changed into a new outfit in the car and came inside with us.

"We need to examine her injuries and run some tests. Is there a number for her parents that we can call?" I shook my head. "We are her parents." She went into he room that Nalanni was in. "Mama come sit down. We dont need you passing out too." I sat down with Dave. "Breathe baby. In and out." My breathing calmed down, but tears were still falling and my leg kept bouncing. "God please dont let nothing bad happen to my baby. I know she's been fucking up lately but this shouldn't be the consequence. She is a huge piece of my heart and I need her to be ok." Dave rubbed my back.

Nalanni's POV 🤍•

I woke up and I saw a really bright light and heard beeping and a whole bunch of people talking. "wheres my mom?" I said barely whispering. Nobody heard me. I out my hand on one of the nurses. "I need my mom and dad." She nodded and another nurse gave me some water.

My mom and dad walked in and she immediately came and hugged me. "Im so sorry Nalanni." She was hugging a little tight. "Ouch." She instantly let go. "Hi guys." I faked a smile, but a tear fell down. Surprisingly, my dad wiped my face. "Is it ok if I talk to one of the parents outside." My mom went with her. "I'll be right back babes." She went out.

I cant believe that all of this happened. We were so perfect and shit went left so fast. One little thing and my whole world fucked up. Honestly, now thinking about it. If I was to get pregnant, I dont think I am anymore.

This was kind of a short one.. What did you guys think about this chapter?

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