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Ari's POV 🦋•

It was 6:00 am and my alarm just went off. Meaning that its time to wake up Kai and Nani to get ready for school, THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY! I was about to get out of bed, "I'll take care of the twins if you got the other two." Dave told me half sleep. "Ok but you need to get up soon and they eat breakfast at 7:30 everyday. If they dont they get cranky and it gets bad." He nodded.

I got up and got myself together, I straightened my natural hair yesterday, so I only had to comb it through, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I checked the time and it was 6:25.

I went to go wake up Nani because she has to do her hair. "Wake up babes. Get up and get ready. Dress warm I think its supposed to rain today" I went to go put on some clothes. It was getting cold in LA which I thought never happened. I wore some thick joggers and a sweatshirt with a puffer jacket on top.

I went to Kai's room and laid out her uniform. Sadly she has to wear uniform but any shoes because she goes to a private school. "Wake up baby. Time for school." I shook her. She woke up and started getting ready. She wore her uniform pants but I had her pht on a extra pair of tights underneath for warmth, the uniform crewneck and her rain coat on top.

It was 7:15 and Dave is changing the twins in the living room, but it was time for us to leave. "Bye Dave, Im gonna go to the shop for a little  bit after I drop them off." I hugged him. "Bye mamas, bye Kai, bye Nan- What the fuck you got on its cold outside?!" She made a face at him. "I- Girl go change your clothes NOW!" She groaned and went upstairs to change. "Stop fucking stomping in here Nalanni." Me and Kai went to the car to warm it up and waited for Nalanni to come back.

She came to the car and had a attitude. "The hell you slamming my door for?" She ignored me and got on Instagram. "Nalanni dont play with me." She put in her earphones. I snatched her phone and earphones. "What are you doing?!" I drove off.

We drove to Kai's school first because it was the farthest. I pulled up to the drop off line at Kairi's school. "Bye baby! Have fun and pay attention in class." She's been more focused on friends than school lately so I have to tell her. "Bye mommy! Bye sissy! Love you!!" She closed the door and ran into the school. I drove off to Nalanni's school.

She still had a attitude and I wasn't having it. She kept doing stupid little petty shit so I pulled over and stopped the car. "I dont know why you have an attitude with me because I wasn't the one who told you to change, but since you wanna be petty, you can walk the rest of the way to school." She sat there with her mouth open. "Wait but its raining..." I poked my lip out. "Aww.. now get out and I expect you to be at the shop right after school. If you not there by 3:15 then say bye bye to Diggy." She sucked her teeth and I popped her in her mouth. "Do it again." She got out the car and started walking.

Im not all the way mean, so I followed her the whole time so she wont get kidnapped or some shit.

She made it safely to school and I went back home to see my babies. Before I got home I stopped at McDonalds, so I called Dave. "Hey mamas whatchu need?" I heard crying in the background. "Is everything ok there?" I lightly chuckled. "Yes what did you need ?" I laughed, "Do you want food ?" "Mmhmm please." I pulled into the drive thru. "K bye love you." "Love you too mamas."

I walked in the door with our food and I saw the twins in the playpen crying and dirty. "Dave what the fuck happened." He walked in from the kitchen. "Babies are a lot more work than I remember." I faked a smile. "Yeah, I know." I picked them both up. "Come on lets go take a bath, Daddy got yall all dirty and nasty." I heard him suck his teeth. "I tried here." I walked up the stairs. "Clean up the house please. It didnt look like this when I left."

I bathed the twins and they smelled so good. "Yall wanna go do some tummy time?! So we can learn to walk early and all that like big kids? Yes? Yess." I put the twins on some warm clothes and took them downstairs. "Guess what happened while I was taking the kids to school." He raised his eyebrows to tell me to keep going because he was entertaining Kaiden. "Nani had the nerve to be disrespectful towards me in the car after you told her to change. So, I called her out on it and she put her earphones in, so I snatched the shit out and took her phone. And I made her walk the rest of the way and she gotta walk to the shop right after school." He laughed at me. "I shoulda made her ass walk all the way here." "Ari that mean." He said laughing at me. "She shouldnt have been disrespectful." I shrugged my shoulders.

I put the twins down for a nap, and me and Dave was watching movies until it was time to do pick ups. "Come on lets go. I gave Nani till 3:15 to be at the shop, so we can pick Kai up a lil early so she aint standing in the rain." We packed up the car and went to pick up Kai.

We parked in front of the salon but we stayed in the car, it was 3:13 and I saw Nani turning the corner, but she was pulling on her rain coat and it was sprinkling, so she should be pretty wet. "Did you see what she just did?" I got out the car and walked up to her. "Who dropped you off?" She widened her eyes. "Nobody, Why you say that?" I rolled my eyes and unlocked the salon. "I saw you put your jacket on at the corner. Don't lie to me." I nudged her in the salon.

Dave brought the kids in and I was in the back with them until my clients came. I had to do two little girls hair and rebraid Dave's after. I was gone do Nalanni's hair but ion know about that now. A couple hours passed and it was going on 7:45 and I was closing.

I went to the back to round up my people and they were all sleep except Kaleesia. "Your daddy left you awake all by youself huh mama." She laid her head on me. I put her and Kaiden in they car seats and woke up Dave and Nani. "Come on, we can go to eat somewhere since its Friday." Dave took the twins while I held a sleeping Kairi and Nani and walked next to me.

We ended up going to Red Lobster, our go to place. But I told Dave to get us a seat and take Kai in so I could talk to Nalanni. "So, what was your problem this morning?"

She looked down at her hands, "It was stupid, but when Dave yelled at me and you dint say anything it hurt my feelings. It felt like you dont care about the way he talks to me. But when I was at school I thought about it. I was gonna call you and apologize at my lunch but you took my phone so... Im sorry for the way that I treated you this morning."

"I accept your apology. You bet not do it again, if Dave hurt your feelings tell him don't let it out on me." We laughed. "Now who dropped you off at my salon after I told you to walk?" "Diggy, but I didn't ask him to. He wouldn't let me walk by myself in the rain, he forced me to get in his car." I nodded. "I think he's a good one because any other nigga woulda let you walk ya ass by yaself."

"I think so too." She said smiling. "Ok come on Im hungry as hell." We each got one of the babies and went to eat.

How'd yall like this chapter? I hope you liked it I didnt really know what to write.

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