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Ari's POV 🦋•

It was 8:45 am and when I woke up I couldnt move I look at my legs and Dave's fat ass leg was on me. "Get the hell off me." I smacked his leg til he moved. He finally moved and I went in the bathroom and took a shower and washed my hair. When I went in the closet to get my clothes I saw Kairi sitting up in the bed. "Good morning Mommy!" She rubbed her eyes.

I walked over to her "Good morning baby! You wanna get ready?" She shook her head yes. "Ok let me get dressed and imma come help you. " She layed back down. I put on a pair of Fashion Nova ripped jeans and a white crop top and rainbow fur slides. I looked in the mirror. "I look bloated." I went back in the room to see Dave and Kairi awake and cuddling. "Good morning." I walked to Kairi and took her in my bathroom and she brushed her teeth and I started doing my hair choosing to leave it down and curly.

Kairi finished before me so I sent her in her room to put her clothes on. "When you finish come back in here so I can do your hair. " She ran away saying ok. When Kai left Dave walked in. "Good morning mama." He hugged me from behind but quickly backed away because my hair was wet. "Good morning pooh." He mugged me. " Why you call me that gay ass name." I giggled. "You know you like it." He just rolled his eyes and got in the shower.

I finished my hair finally and Kairi was sitting on my bed watching Peppa Pig. I just did her hair on my bed. I put her hair in 2 messy space buns and left some curly pieces out and did her edges. "Lemme see your outfit." She stood up and started posing and I of course hyped her up. She had on some ripped blue jeans and a hot pink shirt and black and white checker Vans.

By the time we was finished Dave was out of the shower and getting dressed. He was matching with me but wearing his black Timberlands. He was putting on his jewelry and I started doing the same. I decided to wear my gold hoops.

It was 11:30 when we was all dressed and the party didnt start until 3. "Mommy Im hungry." Kairi whined. "What yo wanna eat Kai?" Dave asked her. "Pancakes." She went downstairs. "Lets go to iHop." I suggested. "Lets go then." We walked to my car and Dave drove to the iHop closest to Lauren and Nipsey's house.

We went to iHop and Kairi was acting like a brat the whole time we were there. "Daddy I dont wanna sit next to you! I want to sit with Mommy!" So she switched. Then she ordered bacon, "I didnt want bacon I want sausageeeeee!" Dave gave her that look and she crossed her arms. "Kairi you ordered that just eat it baby." I told her. She picked up the bacon and took the smallest bite then tossed it back on her plate. Dave ignored her.

She saw she wasn't getting any attention and sunk down in the booth and crossed her arms. Me and Dave finished our food while Kairi sat there pouting. Dave paid and we got Kai's uneaten food to go. When we got in the car I made sure Kai was in her seat because Dave had a attitude. But she wouldn't buckle herself so I did it and she smacked my arm.

Dave snapped his head towards her and reached in the back and smacked her leg hard as hell and she started screaming crying. "Kairi Chanel Brewster you do not hit people!" he boomed loud as hell. She just covered her face screaming crying while I got in the passenger seat and we drove off.

It was still 2 hours before the party so we ended up going to Dave's house. Kairi went in the house first and went upstairs. "Dont you dare go in your play room !" Dave said before she even made it up the stairs. She sighed loudly and stomped in her room and slammed her door. "I know this little girl didn't just slam that damn door." he said while pointing upstairs. "Dave let's just leave her in there go lock her playroom up and go up to the room." I tried to relax him.

He walked upstairs and I put the food in the fridge. I filled up my HydroFlask with ice water and went upstairs. I got in the bed with Dave and cuddled up to him. "I think I know why Kairi is grumpy." I told him. "Maybe because she was taken out of her sleep early in the morning and then woke up a couple hours later." He nodded in agreement. We were cuddling and I felt sick, I ran to the bathroom to throw up.

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