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*Day Of Baby Shower*

Ari's POV 🦋•

Today is my baby shower and Lauren and Dave told me all I gotta do is get me and Kai ready and go to the venue. Periodt

It was 9:30 am and I had to leave at 12:30. I went into Kai's room and got her half pink and half blue tutu dress that said SOON TO BE BIG SIS and all white slip on Vans.

She was sitting on her bed stuck. "Kai go get in the bath and wet your hair." I already washed it yesterday. I went to get in the shower myself.

I struggled to walk to my bathroom bc being 6months pregnant with twins is not it right now. I just really want to see my babies.

I washed my body and hair and left conditioner in it. I got out and did my curly routine. I went in the room and did my makeup and moisturized my body.

I put on my two piece black outfit and pink and blue fur slides. I checked the time and it was 12:00.

I went into Kai's room and saw she was dressed and ready. I put her hair in two buns and put a pink and blue bow in her hair.

"Come on baby we gotta leave so we can find out the gender of your little siblings!" She jumped and ran down the stairs. "Mommy can we get some food before we go?" I nodded.

She got in her seat and buckled io and J did the same. I drove to McDonald's drive thru and order us some food. Then I made my way to the venue.

It was like a 30 mins later when we got there. I pulled into the parking lot and texted Dave. We here come outside. 2 mins later he came out in his cute lil fit and helped me and Kai out the car.

We walked in holding hands while he was carrying Kai bc for some reason she got shy.

Immediately when I walked in I felt tears coming. "Dont cry mamas." He fanned my face. I dabbed under my eyes to not mess up my makeup.

"Ok mommy and Daddy to be its time to pop the balloonnnnnn !" Lauren brought out two  black ballons and two needles. I just couldn't stop smiling.

"Ok pop one at a time." Dave held it while I popped the first one. Baby A is a ...........GIRL ! 🦋 I hugged Dave and started crying. "Ok mamas we gotta pop the second one." I nodded. "Ok im ready." J popped the second balloon. Baby B is a ...............BOY!💙

I jumped into Dave's arms and started crying. He put me down and we kissed while everybody was in the background screaming happy. "I love you baby." "I love you too mamas." He kissed my forehead.

After we found out the gender we opened gifts, passed out cupcakes, and enjoyed the party.

Everybody left and its just us left. All day Lauren has been acting weird, but like a suspicious type thing. "Lauren can you come with me real quick please." I pulled her to the bathroom. "Tell me." She looked confused. "Tell me whats going on with you." I stares her down. "I- Im pregnant." I gasped. "But..... my doctor said it is a good chance that I will miscarry because of the complications of Kross' birth." She sniffled.

"Aww babes why didnt you tell me?" I hugged her and she sobbed in my arms. "I just wanted you to focus on your babies." I pulled her off me and looked her in her eyes. "Lauren you are my sister I never had. You can tell me anything no matter what Im going through." I got her to smile.

"Thank you Ari. I love you." She hugged me. "I love you too but I needa get outta here because its hot asf." I fanned myself as we walked out.

Before we went i. the room with them I made sure her face was clean and she didn't look like she was crying. "Baby we needa get home to put all these damn gifts away because its gonna drive me crazy." I walked over to Dave. "Ok mamas. Imm start loading up the car. Can you take Kai and go get in the car." I nodded.

I walked outside and the sun was setting, but it was golden hour. So, I got in the car and took a few pictures. Kairi fell asleep already so I posted pictures from the party and waited for Dave to get in the car.

We made it home in like 15 mins because of no traffic and we started putting all the stuff away in the nursery.

I went downstairs to refill my water bottle bc these babies is dehydrating me. I was putting ice in the bottle and I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to see a girl maybe like 14 years old. "Hi sweetie !" I looked around to see nobody else and it was dark outside.

"Are you Arianna Jordan?" I raised my eyebrow. "I am and who are you?" She looked like she hasn't been asleep in a long time. "My name is Nalanni and I'm your sister." My jaw literally dropped. "Supposedly we share the same dad, Keith. My mom left me and him at the hospital after I was born and he has been taking care of me ever since." I got out of my trance and let her in.

Dave came down the stairs. "Who was at the door mam- Damn yall look a shit ton alike." I looked at her. "This is my sister, Nalanni." He looked confused, "I thought you ain't have no siblings." I sighed. "Me too, I just met her."

I brought her over to the couch. "My dad's name is Keith James Jordan and my mother is Liliana Dior Jordan but I never met her."

"Wait we got the same mother and father. OMG you are the 'miscarriage'. My mom was pregnant for the whole 9 months then she went to the hospital had a 'miscarriage' and came back home with no baby." Nalanni had a tear going down my face. "Im sorry but I have a little trouble with the fact that my mom left me." I hugged her. "Its ok I had the same thing because my mom lied and said my dad died. But, trust me you didn't want that drugged out lady."

"Arianna is it ok if I stay here with you. My dad well out dad kicked me out, he said that I was old enough to fend for myself, but Im not even old enough to get a job. If I can stay I will get one as soon as possible and I'll help you around the house and with the baby." She pointed at my belly. "Babies. And it is perfectly fine if you stay here, you are the only blood I have left and I'll be the bigger sister you never had." I hugged her.

I told her about Kai and Dave and the twins while she ate some cereal. "I can show you your room and tomorrow we can get you a dress for the wedding and some new clothes." I winked at her and she nodded.

She followed me to her new room and when she walked in her jaw dropped. "Are you guys rich or something because everything is huge!" I just laughed. "I'll leave you alone in your room." I put some pf my clothes on her bed and walked out.

I went in the nursery and saw that Dave was sorting the clothes by size. "How about we leave this stuff here and go to bed." I kissed his neck from behind. "Ok mamas but you gotta help me in the morning." I groaned. "Whatever." I walked to our room and changed.

Dave walked in while I was getting under the covers. We cuddled and he rubbed my stomach. I felt myself falling asleep.

What did yall think about this one?

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