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Ari's POV 🦋•

We been in Vegas for 3 days and now we finna take a flight to LA for a week. We are gonna stay at a Disney themed AirBNB. I aint gone cap but Im excited because Im a huge Disney fan and I aint ever been to LA. Our flight leaves at 10 pm tonight and we gone get there at around 11:30 or 12.

Anyways its 10 in the morning and Im cooking everybody breakfast. Im making pancakes, eggs, grits, bacon and Lauren is cutting up fruit. Everybody is getting dressed but me and her woke up early to cook. We finished and started making plates. Everybody was sitting at the table. "Imma be happy for this private chef in LA because Lord knows im tired of cooking." I finished making Dave's plate. "Gurl same." We laughed and went to go eat.

"Hi mommy! Hi TT Lolo" Kai didnt like saying Lauren's whole name so she shortened it. "Hi mommy! Hi TT Ari!" I smiled. "Hi babies." Me and Lauren said at the same time. Kai and Kross busted out laughing like it was the funniest thing ever.
*In Cali*

Dave's POV 💙•

We just got in LA and we staying at a AirBnB but its late asfk so everybody taking they asses to sleep. But, we got a Disney pass for the week we staying out here.

I put Kai and Kross to sleep. Me and Ari went to bed and she knocked out fast as hell. I stayed up and I couldnt stop thinking of the rest of the surprises I got for Ari. I was rubbing Ari's belly and I soon knocked out.

*Next morning*
Dave's POV💙•

It was 10 am and we was getting in the car to go to Disneyland. It was only like a 10 min drive but it took forever to get everybody in the car. I sat with Ari in the back and cuddled while rubbing her belly. "Today if you ever feel tired or anything tell me ok mamas." I whispered in her ear. "I know Davey pooh" She smiled at me. "Stop calling me these gay ass names." "You know you like it Davey pooh"

Ari's POV🦋•

We been at Disneyland for like 3 hours and its going on 1:30 and Im having a lot of fun, but Dave is being super overprotective about these babies. Im kinda ready to go but we staying for the whole day so I gotta suck it up.

We was in line to get on Splash Mountain and we got fast passes and "security" because of Nipsey's fans. We got on and Kai sat in the front, then Kross, Lauren, Nip, me, then Dave. We got off then got on almost all the rides. Then we made out way to California Adventure but it was alot of rides for Kai and Kross, so we went back to Disneyland.

It was going on closing but Kai and Kross were falling asleep in the stroller. "I think its time to go guys." I pointed to the kids. They laughed. "Yeahhhh maybe." We made our way
to the car.

When we got home I was hungry again. "Baby can you order me food pleaseee." I grabbed water out the fridge.

"You just ate though."

"Wow are you saying Im fat ?!"

"No Im mot mamas." He came and hugged me. "What you wanna order?" I pushed him away. "Fat Burger." He nodded and went to go ask Lauren and Nipsey if they wanted anything and they didnt.

Our food came and we ate it in our room while talking about everything. "When we get back we have to tell my granny and your family." He nodded. "They gone be happy." I already finished my food.

"We also gotta start working on the nursery for these knuckleheads." I rubbed my belly. "I was thinking since we dont know the genders we do light grey and white. Then, when we find out the genders we accent it with color and it would work IF we had more kids."

"I like that mamas." He looked at me. " Wait.. if? I want a whole basket ball team." I just laughed. "Yeahh but you not pushing a baby out your vagina sooooo... but I'll think about it after these two. But, Im getting sleepy." I laid down. "Are we going to the pier tomorrow?" He nodded. "k" I cuddled into his stomach and fell asleep.

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