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Ari's POV 🦋•

I was outside talking with the doctor. "So, Mrs. Brewster?" I nodded. "We did a examination of Nalanni and she has a lot of bruises on her face and body. No major injuries, but a cut on the back of her leg which could be easily healed if its clean and covered. Umm.. we also did a series of tests and it came back that she is 100% healthy but" I looked at her to continue. "Her pregnancy test came back positive." I slapped my hand on my mouth. "Are you serious?" She nodded. "We can talk to Nalanni about her options with the baby. She does have the final say in the baby's future, though." I dragged my hands down my face. "Ok lets go talk to her then." We went back in the room.

I was disappointed in Nalanni, but I also am feeling for her because she is carrying the offspring of her and somebody that just beat her.

* side note: Nalanni been pregnant. She just didnt know*

"So, Nalanni we did some tests on you and one of them came back and you are pregnant." Dave looked at her. "Dad dont go crazy yet because Nalanni had some options on the babies future." He stood up and walked out. "Dave get back in here." He ignored me and kept walking. "Im sorry, you can keep going." I went over to Nalanni to see tears running down her face. "You have the choice of abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby all together." How the fuck is it showing a positive test and everything happened today? "How far along is she?" "We would have to do a ultrasound to have an estimate."

"Do it." Nalanni finally said something. "I know Im really young for a baby. But, I dont have it in me to abort it. So I want to know how dar along I am." The doctor nodded. "A nurse will be in here shortly to do that for you guys." "Thank you so much." The doctor left the room. "Can you please get dad back in here." I went outside the door and pulled out my phone to call him. "Hello? Dave?" "Mmhmm." "Come back in here. You just told me that Nalanni needs all the support that she can get and now that she's pregnant she needs it even more." He sighed heavily. "I cant believe it. Our 16 year old is having a baby. How did we let this shit happen?" I shook my head. "Dave, just come back inside, if anything Nalanni needs us together." He groaned. "Ok im coming back." "Ok i love you." "Love you too."

I went back in the room to see Nalanni asleep. "Im so sorry baby." I kissed her forehead and waited for Dave and the nurse to come back.

Dave's POV 💙•

I had to walk put when the doctor said that Nalanni is pregnant so I wouldn't say nothing I would regret. Im only 30 and finna have a grandchild. I didnt go far. I only went to sot in the waiting room until I got a call from Ari.

I went back in the room because Nalanni needs our support. Im mad at her but we can talk about it when she feels like it.

I sat next to a sleeping Nalanni and held her hand. When I touched her she woke up. "Im sorry I left like that. From now on, Im going to be by your side helping you through your pregnancy." I wiped her tears. "I love you dad." I smiled at her. " I love you too Nani."

Nalanni's POV🤍•

The nurse came in 5 minutes later with the stuff for my ultrasound. "Hi Ms. Nalanni. So, we examined your results and you are around 6 weeks pregnant. This ultrasound is just to see the baby's health and how he or she is developing." I nodded. She put a fetal monitor on and I heard the baby's heartbeat. "That sound is the heartbeat. This gel is going to be pretty cold, lift your shirt up please." I did as she said as let her rub the wand over my stomach.

"Is it normal that she hasn't experienced any pregnancy symptoms?" My dad asked her. "It is normal because she is not that far along. There is a possibility that she can have a pretty rough time because of how young she is. But, we want to try to prevent that as much as possible." My mom nodded. "So, if you look right here you can see the baby, it is very small, like maybe the size of a tennis ball." I felt a single tear fall down my face. The nurse left out and I started thinking.

I'm having a baby with no baby daddy. My baby is going to grow up like me. One parent, hopefully not struggling like me. I guess they saw me cry. "Whats going on in your head?" I wiped my face and sighed. "My baby is going to grow up without a father. I have no way of actually providing for him, and now I feel like a burden because you have me, who you didn't even ask for and now I slipped up and got pregnant."

Dave smacked his lips. "Nalanni, look at me." I kept my eyes on my hands. "Look at me." I finally looked. "You listen and listen good, cut the fucking crying out. I know tonight was very emotional and fucked up, but you should know by know that all of us are family. We are not giving up on you in your time of need. Shit, you was acting the hell out for the past couple weeks, but did we ever just say 'fuck Nalanni'?" I shook my head no. "Of course we know that biologically you're not our daughter, but legally you are Nalanni fucking Brewster." I smiled at him. "Thank you dad. I love you guys." We had a group hug. "We love you too. Always..." They started. "And Forever." and I finished it.

The doctor came in like 20 minutes after our talk and gave me a packet on what I need to do daily and my eating habits. "Well, you are ready to go home now." The doctor told us. "Thank you, have a good night."

We walked out and I checked my phone and it was 4:25 am. "Im sorry ai messed up you guys anniversary." They waved me off. "You didnt ruin it because its not over, we are going to the guest house and you are going to bed." We pulled up to the house. "Good night babes. If you need something just text me." I nodded. "Have fun." They went jntp the guest house and I grabbed some water and went to bed.

Thank you God, for blessing me with this family and my new baby.

How did you guys like this one? Im sorry if some of the pregnancy stuff didnt make sense. I aint never been pregnant.

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