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Nani's POV 🤍•

It's 8 am on a Saturday and i'm only waking up because Diggy is taking me on a date today. This is our first official date, excluding the time I went to his house. He's taking me for brunch, then we going to Mulligan's its a mini golf/arcade place.

I went to get in the shower to wash my body and condition my hair. I got out and it was 8:58, "Shoot. That was longer than excepted." I went back in my room to do my make up, I put on one of Dave's shirts and sat at my vanity to do my makeup. I was listening to my music, and doing a quick natural beat.

I was putting on my lashes, when I heard a small knock in the door. "Come in." It was Kai and she layed down ok my bed. "What you need Kai?" She layed under the covers and I think she was crying. I went over to her and took the cover off her face. "Whats wrong baby?" She sniffled. "I got in trouble...." She laid her head on my lap. "What happened?" She sighed. "I was in the twins room and I was getting a diaper for my babydoll, and the whole bookshelf fell and the twins started crying, thennnnn Daddy came in and yelled at me and popped me on my booty." I hugged her. "Kai I promise when I get back I can take you shopping for a whole bunch of your own baby stuff so you dont gotta steal." She nodded happily. "Now go play." She ran out of my room and I finished putting on my lashes.

I got a text from Diggy and he said he was 15 mins away. I went to the bathroom to put product in my long natural hair, and I did my edges. I went to put on my outfit and put my things in a small PINK backpack. I went downstairs and saw Dave and Ari at the door talking to Diggy.

"Hiiii." I squeezed through them and tried ti get out the door. My poor baby looked petrified, shit I would be too. Dave look scary as hell. "K I'll be back by 5. See ya later." I hugged both of them. "Bye mom, bye dad." "Bye Nani, bye lil nigga." I heard my mom smack his arm and say his name. "Bye baby."

We got in the car and he drove off.

Ari's POV🦋•

"Why you always so mean?" I laughed at Dave. "Because this lil nigga walked up to my door trynna take my baby out on a date, like tf. Not before talking to me." I laughed and shook my head. I went to go get the twins up from their nap to get ready for the day. "Good morning my babies." I picked up Kaleesia first because she's a busy body.

I changed her diaper and put on a onesie and some tights and some socks on her and put her in her walker. I did the same for Kaiden,
except he had on joggers. I put him in his walker and went to go talk to Kai for a little bit.

She was in her room playing with her baby. "Hi kai." She sighed. "Hi." Oop. "What's wrong?"

"I miss Nani, she always has fun with me." Aww "She's coming back later. I heard her say that she was taking you somewhere." She nodded. "Yeah but she doesn't have no car though." "Well thats why Im in here. You wanna go pick out a car for Nani as a early birthday gift ?" She smiled. "Yess! Can the twins come?" I nodded. "Get ready." I walked out of her room.

So as yall know for Nani's 16th birthday we was supposed to go to Jamaica, but Dave happened so we cancelled. Now her birthday is in a couple months and she got her license a couple days after her birthday, so me and Dave are getting her a car. Not no luxury car, but a lil nice car.

I went to go dress the twins and do their hair, but I went to go get Dave first. "Babe come on lets go, we needa pick this car and purchase it before 5. You know they be taking forever." I tried to pull him up from the couch by his arm and I couldn't do it, so he laughed at me. "Fine I'll go by myself and leave 2 fussy babies and Kairi." I left walking upstairs. "Wait mamas. You know J wanna go." He was right behind me. I walked up the stairs smirking.

I went into the nursery and saw the twins in the play area, and they were standing up and clapping without holding onto anything. "DAVE !!" I yelled out. "Ahhhh yessss my babies. Daveeeee the twins are standing upppppp !" He walked in and saw them. "Ayeeee my seeds growing up." He held they hands and did a dance. I really hope the baby monitor caught the while thing.

It was going on 4:30 and we just got home with Nani's car. We ended up getting her a white Jeep with black rims. Dave was parking the car in the garage. I put the key in a box and put it on her pillow. We all were playing it cool until she found out herself.

Nani's POV 🤍•

It was 4:59 when I walked in the door. I was greeted by Dave. "Girl you lucky you just walked in this door." Kai instantly ran to me and hugged me. "Hiiiii Nanniii! Are you still gonna take me to the store?" I looked at my mom. "Can I use one of the cars?" She nodded. She usually asks me questions before she just lets me take the car. "Kai Im gonna go change into comfy clothes and we can go." "Okkk."

I went upstairs and went straight into the bathroom bc ya girl had to pee. I put my hair into a messy puff and pulled some curls out and wiped off my makeup and washed my face. I went in my closet and put on some biker shorts and kept my shirt on. I put in my crocs and was heading out when I saw a box on my pillow. "what is this... MOMMY come here please!" She and everybody else came upstairs.

I opened the box and it was a key to a Jeep. "Yall dont have a Jeep whats this?" My mom was smiling at me. "No way! No you didnt!" I ran downstairs and into the garage and it was a white Jeep parked next to my dad's car. "OMGGGGGG ! THANK YOU!!!!!!" I gave my mom a hug.

I felt a few tears fall but I wiped them. "Come on Kai lets go!" Dave put her booster seat in the backseat and she got in the car. I got myself situated and connected my phone to the bluetooth before driving off. My mom came to the window. "Be safe Nalanni, Im trusting you with your own car." I smiled at her. "I know mommy, Im safe in yall car what would make this one any different?" "You right. Bring home some food when yall come back please I dont feel like cooking." I nodded.

"Byeeee Love youuuu!" "Byeeee" I turned on the new Descendants Playlist for Kai and we jammed on the way to Target.

"Nani come onnnnn!" "Hold on Kairi!" I locked the doors and fixed my purse. I held her hand while we walked into Target. We went into the baby section and looked around. "So you need diapers, a bottle, what else?" "Umm, can I get one outfit for my baby?" I nodded. We went to the clothes and she immediately saw a tutu dress and picked it out. "K, how about we get somethings for the twins too." I felt somebody staring at me and I turned around, it was a older white lady. "Hi, do you need anything?" Tf is she staring at.

"Aren't you a little young to have a kid and twins?" I rolled my eyes. "Aren't you a little old to be in other people's business?" I smiled at her. "And by the way they're my siblings. Mind ya own business next time, Karen." I grabbed some baby treats for the twins and got them a couple small toys.

I got my mom and dad their favorite things as a 'thank you' care package. "Come on Kai. Lets go pay for all this stuff." She wasn't as energized because we were in there for almost two hours. I paid for everything and put it in the trunk, I buckled Kai in and got in my own seat and pulled out my phone.

I called my mom to see what she wanted me to pick up for dinner. "Hi mommy! What did you want me to pick up for dinner?" "Hi ba-." She hung up on me. I think her and dad were having sex. Nasty asses we don't need any more kids yet. I went to Domino's and got 2 large pizzas and wings and drove back home.

"Guysssss is it safe to come in?" I walked in before Kai. "Yes Nani." They both laughed. "Aint nothing funny about that. I am NOT trynna be traumatized for life. Anywaysss, dad can you help me with the bags please?"
"Uhh who bought it."
"I did."
"So YOU can bring it in here."
"Fine, I'll return your snacks." "Wait!" I laughed. "Thank you dad." He went and grabbed all the bags.

My mom was going through the bags helping me put it all away. "You got the twins stuff." I nodded. "Yea, Guess what I ran into a Karen today. She was like 'Arent you a little young to have a kid and babies'."

"Do I gotta go beat some old ladies ass." I laughed at him. "No of course not."

What did yall think about this chapter? I hope you guys liked it! This was mainly a Nani chapter.

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