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Ari's POV 🦋•

Tomorrow we are leaving for Las Vegas and we have to wake up at 6 to go on Nipsey and Dave's private plane. It was 11:45 pm and I'm making sure everybody's bag has what they need. I was checking Kai's and she didn't have no hair or hygiene products so I snuck in her room to get it. I tiptoed back downstairs to put her stuff in her suitcase and checked Dave's bag. He had everything he needed. I already checked my bag, so I packed a carry on type thing. I grabbed a PINK backpack from the closet and filled it with snacks, my prenatal pills, and Kai's iPad and everybody's chargers.

I finished at around 12:30 and I went up to bed with Dave and he was asleep with his
hands in his pants. I got in bed and fell asleep right away.


Ari's POV 🦋•

It was a 5 hour flight and we have 1 hour left. Lauren and Nip are in the front seats the kids are in the middle and the me and Dave are in the back. Me and Dave are the only ones awake. He kept trynna get freaky but I gelt weird doing it when there's people in front of us. So, we were cuddling and he had his hands in my pants and was rubbing on my ass. "Maybe we can look for a building for your beauty salon while we out here." I shrugged my shoulders. "I kinda wanna just relax and enjoy my family." He nodded.

We faced eachother and he cuddled his face in my neck and started kissing on me. "Baby stop." He kept going. It felt really good and I just ran my fingers through his hair. He looked at me and I kissed him. He kissed back and he ended up deepening it. We were having a while makeout session until we heard the pilot on the intercom "We will be landing in around 15 minutes." Dave groaned. "We have all week to get crazy ok papa." I pecked his lips 3 times and got up to wake everybody up.

I woke up Lauren and Nip first " We finna land put your shoes on niggas." Then the kids I put Kairi and Kross shoes back on and put their seatbelts on. I went back to Dave and put my seat belt on. "Put it on Dave. " he was being childish. "Make me." I was feeling a little annoyed for no reason probably because of hormones and he made me mad. "Put the fucking seatbelt on now or you aint getting shit this whole week." I whispered in his ear. He immediately put his seatbelt on.

We landed and we got in the truck that Nipsey rented for the week since Dave paid for the Air BnB. It had booster seats for Kross and Kairi. It had three rows of seats Dave and Nip was in the front row, the kids was in the middle on they iPads, and me and Lauren was in the back. I was laying on her shoulder and we was watching tiktoks on her phone while the guys was talking about something idk.

Dave's POV 💙•

We made it to the house and I really wanted to  break Ari's back but I needed to handle the business that I came here to do.

I was getting dressed to go and Ari was laying down in a sports bra and some small ass shorts. "It's hot as hell out here." she fanned herself. I turned the fan on. "Mama I'm finna leave with Nip for a lil bit and you and Lauren can get in the pool with the kids." She nodded. "How long you gonna be gone for?" She rubbed all on me. "Like 3 hours at most." She kissed me. "Ok hurry back." I pecked her lips 3 times and left out the house after telling Kai bye.

Ari's POV 🦋•

It's hot as fuck in Vegas so we gonna get in the pool. I put Kai in her Moana two piece and fave her a pair of gold glitter floaties with her boujie ass. Lauren took the kids down while I changed. I put on a black and gold two piece and looked at myself in the mirror. I rubbed my small belly bump and thought about how big its gonna get in a couple months. "Mommy loves both of you guys." I felt a tear slip. I wiped my eyes and went downstairs and grabbed towels and dropped them off with Lauren.

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