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Dave POV 💙•

I woke up feeling like I was in cloud 9, I felt next to me and it was empty. I got up, made the bed and did my hygiene and took a quick shower. I put on some black sweat shorts and a white tshirt.

I went to Kairi room to see she wasn't in there and her bed was made. I saw a folded note on her pillow:

Good morning Daddy I went to go pick up Kai from my granny but we should be back by the time you read this. 

I smiled reading the note and I decided to wash the sheets from last night.

I was walking down the stairs and I heard the front door open. " Hi daddyyyyy !" I dropped the basket and picked up Kai. "Hi little butt! Did you have fun with Mama J?" She nodded.

I saw Ari by the door smiling. I put Kai down and opened my arms for a hug and Ari walked over. I hugged her and rubbed on her ass. We kissed and when she moved away I smacked her ass. She walked away and winked at me. I aint gone cap that lowkey turned me on.

I saw Ari has put bags on the couch. "What's that?" I pointed at the bags. "Me and Kai's leftovers. We went to iHop." She went to put it in the fridge.

"Well guess I gotta fend for myself." I sighed dramatically. "Nah Im just playing thats yours." I opened it and it was 3 pancakes some eggs and turkey sausages. "Thanks mamas." I gave her a small kiss.

"Today I gotta go to the office because people is fucking up and being lazy down there mama. " She rolled her eyes. "It's fine I was prolly gone tale Kai to Skyzone or some shit." I nodded.

"Im finna go get ready. " I kissed her on the cheek and went upstairs.

Ari POV 🦋•

I went up Kai's toy room and saw her playing with her babies. Its like a whole ass toy nursery in this bitch.

"Kai how you feel about us renting a room at  Scooter's Jungle for today?" She looked at me slowly and then started jumping around. "Yes yes yes yes Mo-Ari can we pleaseeeeeee? " Did she almost just call me mommy? I brushed it off and I smiled and nodded.

Yas was in town so I invited her. We was gonna pick her up in our way there.

I told Kai to go put on some stretchy pants and she ran to her room giggling. "Stop running Kairi." I heard Dave kind of yell.

I went in the room and saw him with some black jeans and a white tshirt and some Timbs. "When you gotta leave?" He looked at the alarm clock on the dresser. "Like 5 mins why?" I smirked and locked the door. "Thats just enough time."

I walked up to him and kissed him. He deepened the kiss. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. I kissed him on his neck and started lowkey grinding on him.

"Mama you know I gotta leave in a lil bit." he rubbed on my ass. "I know baby." I kept kissing him.

He stood up with me in his arms. "I gotta go mama." I put my legs on the ground not breaking the kiss. I ended up pulling away biting his bottom lip.

He picked up his black MCM backpack and took his phone off the charger. I grabbed my phone and a fanny pack and put all my stuff in it. We went in Kai's room and she was playing with her dolls again.

Her head shot up, "Is it time to go?" I nodded. She put her babies "to bed" and walked over to us. "I all ready." We walked down the stairs together.

We was all walking out the door with Kairi skipping in front of us and me Dave walking a little slower behind. We reached our cars and Dave kissed me and Kai bye. "Keep my baby safe mama. " he said while I got in the car. "You already know we straight. " I giggled. He closed my door. "Have fun Kai." he went to get in his own car.

The Car Ride

Ari POV 🦋•

Me and Kai was on our way to pick up Yasmeen listening to music and I got a text from Yas.
Y : Hey bestfrienddddd I can't make it today . Brunch tm ?
A : Aww too bad . Yea call me in the morning to set up a time.

I put on Kai's disney playlist and put my phone away.

We finally got to the place and Kai got out her booster seat. "Ari. Can I tell you a secret ?"She climbed up to the passenger seat. "Of course Kai." she sounded nervous. "Earlier I almost called you Mommy...." she stopped. "Can I call you my Mommy ?" OMG !! My heart almost bursted. "Kai you can call me whatever you want baby. If you wanna call me Mommy go ahead. If you wanna call me Ari or Arianna I don't care. Just remember Kairi Chanel Brewster I will always love you." She smiled and hugged me. I pulled her onto my lap and I heard her sniffle.

"Kai you don't gotta cry mama." She looked at me. "I thought you was gonna say no and be mad at me. " I kissed her cheek. "Noooooo I love you Kai. Now lets go have some "Mommy and Kai" time." She nodded and I got out the car.

We got out the car and went inside. I rented out a small room for 3 hours. We went in the room and took off our shoes and went to play.

About a hour in Kai had to pee. We went to the bathroom and while she was in the stall I got a call from Dave. "Whatchu need sir." I said playfully. "I need you to open the door to this room." I was confused. "You at Scooter's Jungle ?" He nodded. "We coming Kairi is washing her hands. Also we needa talk about something." He raised one eyebrow. "Anyways we coming." I hung up in his face.

We went to our room and saw Dave leaning against the door. "Ari you gone let me in or what?" He never calls me Ari.

Did I do something wrong ?

Kairi ?
Dave ?
Ari ?

What did yall think about this chapter ?

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