23: Part 2

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Dave's POV 💙•

Not how these babies is coming on our wedding day. We was rushing to a delivery room and Ari was squeezing the shit outta my hand. We finally got to the room and I helped her on the bed.

"So mommy, I just checked your cervix and your only dilated 8 cm, I'll come back in 10-15 mins and see how much farther you have to go." I nodded for Ari because her eyes was closed while she was breathing through a contraction.

"Mamas our babies are coming finally." I kissed her forehead. "I know and this shit hurt like hell." I rubbed her belly. "Baby I love you, but that dick aint going no where near my vagina for a while." "Girl stop the lies, once them six weeks ip you gone be all over me.

~3 hours later~
Ari's POV 🦋•

Hey wassup yall its me tha baddest mommy! Yea I had the twin and Im currently crying while admiring them.

Meet Kaiden Armani and Kaleesia Arielle Brewster.

My little babies came out white but I know for sure they gonna darken up because me and Dave was the same way

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My little babies came out white but I know for sure they gonna darken up because me and Dave was the same way.

I was feeding Kaiden and Kaleesia was asleep, while Dave went to Panda to get me some food and to change his clothes because I'll be damned if I eat this hospital food. He was in a tank top and his suit pants while I was giving birth. They was gonna rip my dress but Dave stopped them bc it was expensive and I still needed it. So he took it off and I was in a hospital gown.

The twins fell asleep and I put them in the hospital bassinet and I laid down and got on Instagram.

I posted on my story about the babies being born. Not even 3 minutes later TheShaderoom posted it on their page. I knew hate comments was finna come, so I didn't put pictures of them because aint nobody finna be talking shit about my kids. No ma'am.

Lauren called me a little later. "Hey sis! How the babies?" "They good, they just had to come right before I got married." "I told you to postpone the wedding in the beginning. But anyways, everybody left and I'm bring the kids to the hospital because I wanna see my niece and nephew." I chuckled. "Ok Im probably finna go to sleep but Dave should be back by the time yall get here."

I actually never ended up going to sleep because I was nervous to sleep while nobody was watching the babies. Dave soon came back and best believe I fucked that food up. I haven't eaten all day because I was nervous to get married. Now look at this shit aint married and hungry.

"Mommmyyyyyyyy!" I heard Kairi coming from down the hall. "Kai be quiet babies are sleeping here." Lauren said.

"Hi mommy! Where are my babies at?" She came and hugged me. "Excuse me, your babies?" She looked at me like duhh. I rolled my eyes. "Go say hi to yo daddy meanie." I mushed her head. Dave was holding the babies so technically I wasn't being mean.

"Hey sis. How ya feeling?" Lauren came and hugged me. "Im fine, just tired. The babies are healthy and quiet thankfully." Right when I said that Kaiden started crying. "He probably needs to be changed because he ate already." I told Dave. I called the nurse in.

"Hi mommy and family! Im the nurse oncall right now. My name is Alaia." She shook my hand. "So mommy and babies, all of you guys are amazingly healthy and you guys can go home after everybody has their first #2." I said ok and she left.

Dave started changing Kaiden's diaper. "Damn, this lil nigga just took a big ass shit all up his damn back." He mugged him and shook his head and Kaiden mugged him back. I just laughed. "I actually feel the need to go right now." Lauren helped me out of bed and walked me to the bathroom. "Sis I'll help you but I aint going in there sorry. Beware it might hurt because you gave birth today."

I went in the bathroom and did my business and it didn't hurt as bad as Lauren scared me. I'm glad that I was doing them stretches to have a easier postpartum time. I'm so thankful I didn't tear.

I came out after like 30 mins. "Sis you made some shitty babies." I laughed and got back in bed. I picked up Kaiden. I just started baby talking and he was smiling at me. "Sis I think im finna leave bc Nipsey is struggling at home with Kross by himself." She came and hugged me. "Bye thank you for coming." She said bye to everybody and left.

It was going on 1 am and Kairi was sleep on a small bed that they put in my room, the babies were in the bassinets and Dave was in the bed with me.

He went all expensive when he booked our room at the hospital, and my bed was Queen sized and we both fit.

Dave told me he was gonna get up everytime the babies cried but he needs my titties to feed them so how that work? Kaleesia was being fussy, so I was walking around talking to her. "Hi baby. Im your mommy and your big head daddy is over there sleeping." she started fussing. "I'm sorry I wont talk about him dang." She started dosing off so I put her in their shared bassinet.

I started singing, "Mama's Hand" by Queen Naija to soothe them. It's the same song that I sang to Kairi when her mom I mean Millie popped up at Dave's house a while ago. I finished the song and Dave started clapping. "Mamas you should put out a song because your voice is so beautiful." I blushed and laid next to him. "How about we write a song together, dont think I forgot about that song you made about me." He chuckled. "Im cool with that."

Dave made a lot of fans from that song, and I made a lot of haters from the song. Bitches really think they got a chance with this man. Ha! that's hilarious.

Im getting sleepy so Im finna knock the fuck out, I pumped a lot of milk for Dave to feed the babies of they wake up again, and we get discharged tomorrow. I'm ready to go homeeeeee. Good night yall I LOVE YALL! 💕

We just gone act like I didnt forget about Nalanni in this chapter ok? ok. 😘

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The twins?

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