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"Ooooh shit." he rubbed his hands together. "Go sit down. Tonight is going to be very fun and sexy. You will be the leader tonight and I have to listen to anything you want me to do. I have a couple of toys for you to use and handcuffs. Do as you please." I pulled him to get off the bed and I laid in the middle. "Well guess what mamas, you better hold on because this is about to be a longgggggg ride." I laughed.

Dave POV 💙•

I was about to fuck the shit outta her. I went on top of her and started kissing her. I started kissing my way down her body as she moaned. I made it down to her pussy and I ate her out till she started shaking.

I flipped her over into doggystyle and she automatically got into a perfect ass arch. "Damn ma." I heard her chuckle. I positioned myself ag her entrance and went in slow. Her pussy was tight as hell. I heard her hiss. "You ready mama? " She nodded. I slapped her ass. "Nahhh use ya words ma." She groaned "Yes please daddy." I wasted no time ramming in and out of her. With every stroke I saw her ass cheeks ripple. "Ooooh shit Daddy ! Harder baby !" Those was words of motivation and I pounded her as hard as I could and her body started falling. "Nahhhhh get the fuck up." I put her back in the position and git back to work. "Ok daddy slow downnnnn I cant take it! Its tooooooo big daddyyyyyy. " She drug her words. I pulled out and walked over to get a vibrator. I came back and she was laying on her back biting her lip. I turned it on and positioned it on her clit. "Hold it there and don't move it." She smirked. I inserted myself into her and went hard as fuck. She started screaming and moaning while I was pounding her. Like 5 mins later, she came. She closed her legs. I chuckled "Nahh mamas. That was only a warm up." She looked at me surprised.

We was going at it til at least 4 am. I ended up handcuffing her because she thought she was gonna keep running from me.


Ari's POV 🦋•

It was 1 pm and I just woke up. Dave was still asleep and naked. My eyes roamed his body as I thought about what we did last night. I decided to go take a shower so I wouldn't start some shit I didn't feel like finishing. I stood up and my legs felt crazyyyyy. I got the strength to go in the shower. I turned the water on hot as hell and I just stood under the water. I was just relaxing under the water and I heard Dave walk in. I know he was home try to come in here and the water is gonna be too hot for him.

He got in and the water hit him. "Ah shit Ari!" he jumped right back out and I laughed hard as fuck at him. "Im goin in the guest bathroom." I heard the attitude on his face.

I finished my shower, put on a long sleeve shirt and some black leggings and then did the rest of my hygiene and I put products in my hair.

I walked into the room and saw Dave laying on the bed on his stomach. I laid on top of his back and put my head in his shoulder. "Hi babyy." he ignored me. "Can we go get some iHop before we go pick up Kairi? " He ignored me and turned his head. "the fuck" I whispered to myself. I got off of him and went to my dresser to put on all of my jewelry. "Do you want me to just go pick up Kai?" He ignored me yet again. I just rolled my eyes. Did I do something wrong?

"Dave why are you ignoring me? I literally just got out of the fucking shower and you're ignoring me. All I wanna know is if you wanna go eat before we go pick up Kairi." I was lowkey getting heated so I walked into the bathroom for a second. It was really bothering me that he was ignoring me for no reason, so I walked my little mad ass right back in there.

"Dave it's obviously something wrong with you and I don't know if I did anything and I feel like Im not wanted so Im just gonna go home." He still ignored me and went on his phone. I scoffed. I went in the closet to get my jacket and UGGs and I felt tears coming. Tears ended up falling so I put my shit on in the closet and went to get my purse and I got my phone from the night stand right next to Dave. I was getting frustrated so I walked up to him and smacked him in the back of the head. He stood up so fast and towered over me. "What the fuck is wrong wit you Arianna?!" he boomed.

He scared me and I called me by my actual name. I was already about to cry so this just topped it off but I was trying to hold it in.

Dave POV 💙•

I was pranking Ari and she was starting to make me feel bad. But, I never call her by her first name and she was gonna get mad as fuck. But, outta nowhere she slapped the hell outta the back of my head. I pretended to be mad at her and I saw her start to tear up.

"Arianna?" I heard her whisper. She wiped her face and speed walked to the door. I hurry up and grabbed the camera and followed her. "Mama wait! Baby wait girl! Damn ya short legs move fast as hell. " I caught up to her and she was sitting in her car crying. I tapped on the window and pointed the camera at her. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "It's a prank mama. " I ended the video.

I opened the car door and gave her a hug. "Why you start crying baby?" She sniffled. "Becauseeeeee you was ignoring me and I didn't do shit. Then I got mad and slapped you and you scared the shit outta me and you called me by my first name and you aint called me by my first name in almost a year." She teared up again. "Awwww mamas. I love you baby. " I kissed her and she kissed me back. "I love you too daddy. " She smirked against the kiss. "Ok I love our lil moment but is cold as shit out her mama. Can we go inside?" She laughed and we got in the house after she locked the car door.

"Wait baby we gotta go get Kairi." I laughed. "I almost forgot about her Dave." She said surprised.

We went to go pick up Kai and continued on with our day.

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