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Ari POV 🦋•

It was the day before Kross' birthday party and me, Lauren, and the kids was at the mall trynna relax before all the chaos of having 30 5 year olds around.

We went to Footlocker and cashed out. We both got shoes for the kids and our partners. Kairi was by her sizes and saw some jordan 1's in baby pink and white and some in baby blue and white. She walked over to me and tapped my butt. "Mommy and Auntie can yall buy these for me and Kross so we can match?" She did the puppy eyes and Lauren gave in. "Awww Ari let's get em. They would be so cuteee and we can get them a matching outfit too." Kai and Kross looked at me. I groaned, "fine." I playfully rolled my eyes at Lauren. She just laughed.

We paid for all the shoes and we went to go eat lunch. We was in my white Rang Rover because it was bigger than Lauren's car. So I got in the drivers seat after making sure Kai was strapped in her booster seat. So we have a surprise for you guys. " We looked back at the kids."We are going to JOHNS INCREDIBLE PIZZA! " Neither one of them could hold in their excitement and they both screamed but Lauren cut thag shit off completely."Ah ah Stop all that screaming or we aint going no where." they stopped and looked sad. I laughed as I drove off.

Lauren was controlling the music and she played Hip Hop Harry's dance circle song. "Kairi go, go, go, go, go." Kairi started dancing crazy. "Kross go, go, go, go, go." they kept going back and forth with that until the song was over.

I pulled into a parking space and got Kairi out the car while Lauren got Kross. "Hurry mommy you moving too slowwwww !" Kairi pulled my arm. "Kairi this plce aint going nowhere calm down!" I said kinda sternly. She stopped and walked next to me.

We ordered unlimited cards and food and we started playing games. "Ok we are gonna play for a while but you guys have to stop to eat at around 5or 6 ok?" They both nodded and dragged us to go play.

Me and Lauren had to drag the kids to the table to sit so they could eat. "If you guys stop it you can have a ice cream sundae." Lauren tried to bargain. "Which sprinkles? And chocolate? And caramel?" Kairi smart ass said. "Yes Kairi whatever you want." They looked at each other and stopped resisting and walked to the table. "Mommy I gotta go potty." She did the dance. "Lauren Km gonna take her to the bathroom." She nodded and played tic tac toe with Kross.

We ate our food and the kids played until 8:00 and we were driving the 1hr and 45 mins home. I dropped off a sleepy Lauren and an asleep Kross. "Bye boo! See you at his party! Love you!" I made sure she made it in the house and I drove off to Dave's house.

I carried Kairi into the house and she went to bed while I wrapped Kross' gifts. Me and Dave together bought him a lot of toys and clothes and even shoes it was ALOT. I finished putting everything in bags and wrapping it and I put it all by the door.

Before I went to bed, I noticed that I haven't seen Dave. I filled my HydroFlask with lemon ice water and went upstairs to the room. But, I opened the door to see it empty. "Where is this man at ?" I whispered to myself. I walked back downstairs and watched Grey's Anatomy to wait from him to come back.

I watched 2 episodes and still no show. So, I called him and no answer. I called 3 more times and still no answer. I was getting worried because it was going on 2 am and he hasn't contacted me. I called Nip and he answered. "Hey, are you with Dave? He hasn't called or texted me and Im starting to get worried." I bit my lip out of nervousness. "Nahh maybe he-" I sighed in relief. "Nevermind he just walked in the house. Bye love you." I hung up.

I walked over to him and smacked his arm. "Where were you at? You had me worried about you!" He looked at me. "Sorry." he said it so nonchalantly and walked in the kitchen. "Whats your problem?" I said as he drank a glass of water. He started walking up the stairs and into the room, so I followed him. "Dave why are you ignoring me? Is this another prank?" He groaned as he started talking off his clothes. "Did I do something wrong?" He sped walked over to me. "Arianna stop being so fucking annoying! " He had his fists balled up. I flinched. I heard his footsteps go away. "Sorry that Im such a pest for wanting to know that my boyfriend was ok." I grabbed my duffle bag and started packing some outfits. "Baby stop." He grabbed my hand. "Dont touch me." I snatched my hand away. I put my shoes and my makeup in my bag. "Mamas please." He stood right behind me.

"Please what? Huh Dave ! Please stop being a good girlfriend? Please stop being a mother to YOUR child? Please stop being there for you? Please stop what exactly?" He looked guilty. "No baby just dont leave me." I scoffed. "Should've thought about that before you ignored me or before you balled your fist at me." I shrugged my shoulders and walked out the room with my bag.

I was walking out the door when Dave turned my around by my hips and kissed me. I quickly pulled away and walked to my car. I put my seat belt on and drove to my house which I haven't been to in a while. I walked inti my house and went into my room and kept the clothes in my bag. I went into the living room to watch more Grey's Anatomy.

I thought about what Dave did which was actually kind of over exaggerating but I was only planning on spending the night here and going home with them after Kross' party. He needed to realize that his actions have consequences and be could lose me any time.

I was about to get in my bed but I heard a knock on the door. I looked in the peephole and saw Dave holding a sleeping Kairi. I opened the door. "Why are you here? And why did you take her out of her bed at 4 in the morning?" "So we could talk."I let him in. "Go put her in the guest room and we can talk." He walked in there and he came back in .2 seconds.

"Im so sorry mamas. I was really drunk and the people that I was out with was frustrating me and I just took it out on you. I wasn't going to hit you. I didnt mean to yell at you, I love you." I nodded. "I love you too but Dave Im not gonna be treated like I am some hoe you found at the club. I deserve to be treated better than that. Try to control your anger and other emotions." I kissed him. "Oh and I wasn't leaving for a long time. I was gonna come back before Kross' party. But I needed to make sure that you knew that I could leave like that and your actions do have consequences. " He nodded. "Im sorry mamas." He kissed me. "I know. Now can we go to bed?" He nodded. He went to take a quick shower and I went to take out an outfit for Kairi in the clothes that she has at my house.

I finished before Dave got out so I decided to undress and lay down. I made sure to set an alarm for 11:30 just incase we slept in. Dave came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He put on some briefs and shorts and got in the bed with me. We started kissing and I'm pretty sure y'all know what happened after that. 😏

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