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Yall are making me cry because this book started off as a regular time passer to get through this pandemic but people actually like it and I am so happy that you guys love my book so much. 🥰 Now to the story.

Ari's POV🦋•

Its the day of the party and it start at 2, but I highly doubt that we getting there on time.

Dsve woke me up with breakfast in bed. "Whats this for?" In the 5 years we been together this man aint never made me no breakfast in bed. "Appreciation for taking care of our kids and taking me back, even though you dont wear your engagement ring anymore." I smiled. "Aww babyy." He gave me a quick kiss. "I already fed everybody else and im finna get them dressed." He being too nice. "What did you do?" "What you mean mama?" "You doing all this before I even woke up." He smiled. "Girl accept the love." He mushed my head and out of instinct I punched his chest. "Dont do that dumb shit to me Dave." "Shit Ari that hurt." "Shouldn't have did that dumb ass." He walked out to the kids room im assuming.

I had to pee real bad. I left my food on the bed and went to the bathroom real quickly. I came back in the room to see fucking Kairi and Kaleesia on the bed eating my food. "Seriously guys?!" They both looked at me with food on they face. "Kai go wash your face." I took a baby wipe out of the nightstand and wiped off Kaleesia. I ate what was left of my food and went to do my hygiene, makeup, and hair.

Nani's POV 🤍•

I dressed Kai and myself while my dad did the twins. "Kai you wanna wear Vans or Adidas?" My mom only lets her wear shoes on the cheaper side to play in. I put her in black ripped jeans and a blue Nike shirt with her black and blue checkered Vans. She stared at herself in the mirror. "I know Im good huh." She nodded. "Go bother daddy now." She ran away and I started getting dressed my self.

I put on blue ripped jeans and a white crop top and I paired it with red converse. I put on a black Nike windbreaker and made sure everything was in my purse. I went into the twin's room to see how they looked. Kaiden was standing in his crib while my dad was putting on Kaleesia's clothes. "Do you want me to do their hair so you can get dressed?" "Yes, please. Your mom should be out in a little bit." I nodded.

I started on Kaiden and I left his hair down. My dad constantly shapes him up so he looks so handsome with it down. I did Kaleesia's hair and hers is a little longer than Kaiden but my mom doesnt like her hair all up in a ponytail so I gave her a half up half down and put a pink bow in her head.

Ari's POV🦋•

I was putting on my jewelry after I settled on a cute casual outfit. I put on black Fenty leggings with a matching sports bra and I put on a jean jacket to cover up. I was finally getting happy with the way my body looked after the twins. I was putting on my "A" ring and I saw my engagement ring and I put it on. I think Im finally ready to move past what happened.

It was going on 11 and the party was about a hour and a half drive away. So we had to leave at about 12- 12:30. I went downstairs and sat at the island to start planning Kairi's birthday outfits. She needs a total of 3. 2 for Disneyland and 1 for whatever Lauren is taking her to do. I ended up finding some cute outfits and I ordered it and I just had to pick it up on Wednesday. We go to Disney on Thursday and Friday (her birthday and the day after). And then we're kidless for the weekend.

"What you doing mom?" Nani came to me with the twins. "Finding outfits for Kai's birthday. "Oh ok. Can you order me some more bras and underwear from PINK?" J was confused. "We just went to the mall Nalanni. You should've gotten them when I was shopping." She groaned. "Mommy please. I didnt wanna go in there with Dad." I shook my head. "Nope because you could've went with just me. If you wanna order it use your own money." I shrugged. She groaned and went to the fridge.

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