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Dave's POV💙•

We drove home in silence. I am telling yall the truth because yall know I would never lie to you guys. Millie is trying to stir shit up because she's mad that me and Ari are back together and flourishing. I got a text from a random number last night saying "Be prepared for whats to come papa.🤪" I knew it was Millie because she was the only female that called me that and she always used that ugly emoji. I just didn't know she was gonna be this ruthless.

I hope Ari dont leave me again. Just thinking about it I felt myself tightening my grip on the wheel. I guess Ari noticed because she touched my arm in a comforting way. I looked back and Nani and Kairi had their earphones in. "Mamas I need you to get my phone and look at that message from the 424 number. I want you to know that I wasn't with Millie. We both know what happened when we were separated, but I was not with Millie." She nodded. "I believe you." "Really?!" She nodded. "Millie is always somewhere trynna fuck some shit up. She tried it a couple of years ago in New York. She is obsessed with you and I'm not gonna let her obsession mess with our relationship."

See this is why Ari is my wife and not Millie. "I love you so much and I am so grateful for you." We stopped at a red light and I kissed her. She was sitting blushing while I drove with my hand on her thigh.

We got home and I went to lay the twins down whole they were sleeping. Nani came in the room, "Can you tell Mom to give me back my keys please? She wont give them back." I shrugged my shoulders. "Whats in it for me? Im just kidding, I'll try. Go in your room or something while I get it." I waved her away.

I went in our room and saw Ari posting on instagram. It was a picture of our hands linked and the caption was you bitches are obsessed, like go off then bae. "You in here being petty?" She looked confused. "How?" I gave her the face. "Girl you know Nani just wanna got to her boo thang's sister party." She rolled her eyes but she put the keys in my hand though. She know better than to deny me because I always get what I want.

I went back into Nalanni's room and dropped the keys on her bed. "Thank you Daddy." I grabbed her arm. "Dont fuck it up again because next time Im taking them and you aint getting it back." She nodded and I let go. It feels nice to have everybody in the house listen to me.

I went to lay down with Ari. "I see you put your ring back on." I held her hand. "Yea, I thought it was about time." We ended up kissing. "Ok stop, Im tired and we have all weekend to do whatever we want." I groaned. "Ughh you always wanna sleep when I wanna fuck. Im going to the man cave to smoke." She laughed. "Come here and stop being a baby." I laid next to her. "Go to sleep baby." She started playing in my hair and I instantly felt sleepy.

She always trynna trick me. She ended up putting me to sleep.

Ari's POV🦋•

I am tired but Dave was being annoying, so I let him take a nap, while I went to the nursery to restock every thing. They have cubbies with everything in it. I filled it with diapers, wipes, and white onesies and socks.

The twins started fussing and I knew they were wet and needed lunch. "Hi babies. Lets get you guys clean." I changed their diapers and left them in only t-shirts. I took them downstairs and made them some peanut butter and jelly roll ups. "You guys hungry? I should make Kairi some food too, huh." I plated their roll ups on their high chair trays and I also put some gold fish and bananas on the tray. I put some watered down apple juice in their bottles and sat them in the high chairs.

I went to go wake up Kairi so she can eat. "Lets go so you can eat lunch." She went into her bathroom to pee and came downstairs.

The kids ate while I cleaned up. I didnt feel like cooking, so we are gonna pick up dinner.

If yall are wondering I looked through Dave's phone from that time and he was with some girl named Ashley the whole time. It was somebody from New York. Thirsty ass am I right? I dont think there's anything for me to worry about because Dave knows what he could lose if he fucks up again, aka his whole family. Ahh the power that I hold.

Dave walked downstairs rubbing his eyes like an hour and a half later. "Hi baby." He came over and pecked me but Kaiden pushed his head away. "Hi mamas. Hi meanie." He kissed Kaiden's head and he giggled. Kaleesia and Kairi was watching Moana but Kaiden wanted to be all up on me. He fr is a momma's boy, actually I think both the twins like me better. But Kairi, a daddy's girl all the way. Homegirl couldnt care less about me.

"Dont think I forgot about what we was trynna do earlier." Dave whispered in my ear. "I only remember you laying down and falling asleep." I smirked at him. He smacked his lips and mushed my head. I immediately punched his arm. "I told you to stop doing that dumb shit." He just made me mad and now he trynna hug all on me. "Get the hell off me." I tried to push him off my shoulder. "Mamas stopppp." I turned to Kaiden. "Why is your daddy so annoying papa?" He shrugged his shoulders and I laughed at him.

"Nalanni still at that party?" I nodded. "She left while you was asleep and she said she was coming back at like 7 or 8." "A 1 year old party ending at 8? She prolly fooled the shit outta you and is just at his house." I rolled my eyes. "Call her see if you hear anything in the background." I sighed but I called her.

"Hey Nani." I tried to listen for anything kn the background. "Hi mommy." She sounded like she was out of breath. "What time did you say you was coming home again?" She stalled. "Well.. the party doesnt end til 8 so maybe like 8:30." I face palmed. "Really, because it sounds like the party is already over." She gasped quietly and Dave was starting to get mad. He took the phone from me, " Bring yo ass home right the fuck now." He hung up in her face.

"I see that made you mad." "You damn right she keep on finding ways to lie to us and I dont like it." I shook my head. She was supposed to be home in like a hour. "What do you want for dinner because I am not cooking." He shrugged his shoulders. "Can we get Panda Express!" Kairi butted in and the twins yelled. "What the hell. Yall know what she talking about?" They turned away and looked at the movie.

Anyway, I ordered everybody's usual meal even Nalanni's because I cant just let her starve. "It should be here in like 30 mins." Dave texted Nani and said 'if you dont make here before dinner then your ass is grass.' I swear he's dumb sometimes.

I guess that text did something because she made it home in 20 minutes. "That what I thought. Now follow me." Dave told Nani. They went upstairs into our room.

Dave's POV💙•

I took Nalanni into our room to talk because for 1 I didnt wanna embarrass her and 2 we just had an agreement that if she fucked up again, then her car is getting taken away. "Are you serious Nalanni?" She looked down at her hands. "We just had a conversation about you fucking up, then not even an hour later you lie to us about why you are going where you went." She still didnt make eye contact. "Im sorry." "Look at me when you talking to me." She looked up. "I had Diggy lie and say it was his sister's birthday because I thought you guys wouldn't let me go to his house." I rubbed my face.

"Welp you knew the agreement and you fucked up so, hand me your keys. You might not get them back for a little bit because what the fuck. Go get them and go downstairs to eat dinner." She walked out to get her keys and she was crying. I hate making my kids cry but fuck. I laid down on the bed for a second waiting for her to bring the keys.

"Here you go." She put them in my hand and sniffled. "Go eat. Bye." She went back downstairs and Ari came up here. "What the hell happened?" she chuckled. "She broke an agreement that we had, not even and hour later, so her car is gone, maybe until her birthday. "Damn and its summer time, shittt."

I sat ip and Ari came and stood in between my legs. "I think these kids making me soft." I looked at him. "Baby I was the one that made you soft the fuck."

We went downstairs to eat and everybody went to bed finally.

What did you guys think about this one? Im having like a burst of motivation and ideas so I think yall are getting about 1-2 more chapters out of me today.

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