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*1 month later*

Ari's POV 🦋•

Nalanni's 17th birthday was a couple days ago and we stayed home and had a big dinner and some cake. A small get together. The twins 1st birthday was in 3 weeks and I finished planning, it's going to be a small thing at scooter's jungle. Nothing extra because they not even gone remember.

Summer was coming to an end, and the kids are going back to school. We made the decision to let Nalanni stay in school until she doesn't feel comfortable, then she'll switch to online homeschooling.

I was out with Kairi and Nalanni doing some school shopping for Kai because Nalanni didnt really need anything except school supplies. So, she mainly shopped for her baby. We were in target and we were in the baby section, the twins needed some stuff and Nalanni needed to get some stuff.

Dave's soft ass upped her monthly allowance. So, instead of $200 a month she gets $350. Weird ass. Nalanni got some stuff and I got the stuff I needed and we went to check out.

We got in the car and drove to the shop. "Can I go to the football game next Friday?" I gave her a look. "Who would be with you?" She looked over to me. "Angelique, you met her before." Last time I checked, she was being a bad ass around her. "The one that was trynna force you to put your information on her school records." Sh nodded. "You can go..." She got all happy. "But, me and your dad are coming, might even tell Lauren and Nipsey to come." I smirked and she groaned. "You'll live."

It was Saturday and like every other Saturday I was accepting walk-ins. "Do you guys wanna go to the shop with me or stay home with your dad?" "I wanna go with my daddy." Kairi said loudly. "I'll stay with you as long as we get some food." I laughed. "We can get food before I drop Kai off." I drove to Panda Express and got everybody's food and drove home to eat.

"Yea I dont think Im gonna go to the shop today Nani, so we staying here." She nodded. "Thats fine with me."

I put the food down on the kitchen table and washed my hands. "Hi mamas." Dave came up behind me and kissed on my neck. "Hi baby." I felt really weird all of a sudden. "You ok?" I nodded. "I feel a headache coming, Imma go change my clothes and take a Ibuprofen." "You can go take a nap. I'll watch the kids." I kissed him. "Thank you baby." We walked upstairs and I felt really dizzy. "Dav...." I felt myself falling.

Dave's POV 💙•

I was walking upstairs with Ari so she can go take a nap. "Dav..." She passed out while we was walking up the stairs and I saw blood spreading on her pants. "Fuck." I muttered and picked her up. "Nani watch the kids. I needa take her to the hospital." She nodded and didn't ask no questions. I jogged out the door and I heard Kairi start crying. "Mommy!!!"

I sped off to the hospital and made it there kn less than 10 mins. "I need help out here." Some nurses came out with a gurney. J laid her on it and they started taking her into a room. "What happened?" One of the nurses said. "She was complaining of a headache and nausea, so we went to our room and while we was going upstairs she passed out in my hands. Then I saw the blood on her pants." I followed them into the room.

Ari woke up and she panicked until she saw me. "Your fine mama. You passed out earlier." The nurses put an IV in her arm and did an ultrasound on her. "Whats that for?" "To see if it was anything in her stomach that caused it."

"Mr and Mrs. Brewster, I am so sorry to tell you this, but the reason for the passing out and blood was you having a miscarriage." I flood of sadness rushed through me. "She was pregnant?" I looked down at Ari and she had tears coming down her face. I held her hand. "We did some looking through your charts and it says that you had twins almost a year ago, right?" She nodded. "So, because of your first pregnancy with twins, this one was a little risky." I zoned out because I couldn't believe we lost our baby before we even knew we had a baby.

Ari's POV 🤍•

I was numb. Not listening to the doctor. I just lost my baby. I noticed Dave wiping my face. "The doctor said we are ok to leave." I nodded and stood up. Dave immediately hugged me. "I love you mama." I broke down. "I love you too baby." I put on Dave's hat to cover up my face and we walked out holding hands.

We were in the car and I wanted to talk, but I felt stuck. "Mama, I know what we just heard was really bad news, so I called my mom and she said that she can take the kids while we have some alone time." I looked over at him. "Thank you baby."

We drove in silence for a while until I finally spoke up. "Do you think we can ever have kids again?" He nodded. "When we want to we will have kids, if it cant happen naturally then we can adopt or do IVF or maybe even a surrogate. I would go through anything to make sure that you get the babies that you want, when you want them." I smiled at him.

"I think this was just a sign. Honestly, I wasn't ready to push out another baby, or take care of another one. The twins are barely turning one. This was God's way of helping us in a way." He nodded. "I wont let this miscarriage be the death of us. We are going to keep pushing, not for anybody else, but for us." He kissed my cheek. "Come on, my mom is gonna be here in 30 mins to take the kids. You can go upstairs and lay down, I'll be up when they are gone." I nodded and went to tell everybody bye.

I went upstairs and changed into a tank top and some pajama pants and laid down. Waiting for Dave.

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