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‼️AN: I am so so so sorry guys. I know I said I was gonna put this chapter out days ago but I been a lil busy catching up on late assignments, cheer just started back and ya girl is the captain so I have a lot of responsibility but uh yeah this isnt supposed to sound like an excuse but i really hope you like the chapter. I REALLY try not to have yall read some half ass work. Um... anyways I hope you like it please dont hate me‼️

Dave's POV 💙•

The whole time we was eating dinner Ari was ignoring me. All I did was tell Kaleesia no about a damn song and Im the bad guy.

We finished eating and Ari rounded up the kids dang near leaving me at the table. I paid the bill and left a tip for our waiter.

I caught up with them and Ari was buckling in one of the twins. I went kn the other side to buckle in the other one. I opened the door and Kaleesia was next to Kamaya. I buckled the carseat buckle, "Hand me the buckle Kaleesia." I held my hand out and she flinched at me.

That kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe something happened that I dont know about.

Ari's POV 🦋•

I honestly cant get over the fact that Dave was acting oblivious. I didn't wanna hear nothing he had to say so I ignored him the whole time we was at dinner. I don't know if he noticed but when he held his hand out for Kaleesia to hand him the seatbelt she flinched.

Anyways, we were all in the car and he drove us back home. He played music but super low. I decided to post pictures of all my kids on my Instagram story.

Kairi's POV 🤍•

When we got in the car I could tell that something was going on with Mommy. She was ignoring my dad all night and Kaleesia been on edge too. I just tried my best to keep the other kids' mind off it.

Ari's POV 🦋•

We finally made it home and Dave got everybody out the car. "Kai, do me a favor and put Kamille and Kamaya pajamas on. You can lay Ayla in the extra crib in the twins room." She nodded. "Can they have tv on or no?" I hugged her, "No, just turn in their star lights and noise machine. And dont stay up late either, you gotta go to school tomorrow." I kissed her forehead and she walked away.

Kaiden and Kaleesia went in the house behind Kairi but Dave was taking a long time and I was getting cold so I went in the house. I went in Kaiden and Kaleesia's room, "When yall finish getting ready for bed come in my room." They both looked kinda scared. "Both of us?" I nodded. "Yep, I need to talk to you guys." They went in the bathroom and got ready for bed.

I went in the younger twins' room and saw Kairi struggling to get them dressed. "Kamille sit yo butt down and let her put your clothes on, now." She pouted but she sat down. "Sorry mommy but they not listening tonight." She finished with Kamille. "Its ok. I got them, go get ready for bed." She kissed them good night, then me. "Good night baby." "Good night." I put Kamaya's clothes on and tucked her in. "Daddy kiss?" I rolled my eyes, "Imma go get him ok?" I turned in their lights and noise machine then went to go find Dave.

I checked our room first and there he was hugging Kaiden and Kaleesia. He solved it for himself, finally. I fully walked in, "Hey guys, whats going on here?" Kaleesia spoke up, "Daddy was saying sorry for being a booty head." They laughed at her word choice. "That's good, but its time to go to bed now. I love you guys. Good night." I kissed both of their heads. "Good night mommy and daddy." They both said at the same time.

They went in their room and I closed the door behind them. "So how'd the talk go?" He smirked. "They wanted to keep it between us." I just nodded, respecting their boundaries. "Im tired as hell." I went to put on some pajamas. "Shiiiit me too."

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