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*10 years later*

Ari's POV 🦋•

Its been 10 years and surprisingly everything is going amazing. Dave and I have been officially married for 9 years now. It took him a damn year to plan the wedding because he wanted to do it by himself.

Umm.. we ended up having another pregnancy. We had another set of twins, but this time it was two girls, Kamille and Kamaiyah. They are 3 years old. Kaiden and Kaleesia are turning 10 in a couple months and they have been helping alot around the house recently, probably because they want to go somewhere. They always tag team me and Dave, they got Dave wrapped around they little finger.

Kairi is graduating highschool this year, she applied to Tuskeegee University following in Nalanni's footsteps. Speaking of Nani, she is now 26. She ended up finding love after everything that happened all those years ago. She even had a daughter, she's 1 and her name is Ayla. In the beginning, Dave was not happy about her having a kid, but now he always has Ayla up under him. Nalanni's husband, Trey, is all buddy buddy with Dave and Nipsey because he dont wanna get his ass beat. That poor child is terrified of them.

Well, thats a catch up on my family. Now, me. I have been thriving these past years. I became a celebrity hairstylist and my work has been on multiple red carpets, I have been on the cover of Vogue, People Magazine, and Essence. It all started with my maternity pictures from Kamille and Kamaya. Some editor saw it and came in contact with me and boom, a whole ass model out here.

It was the last day of summer and Kairi, Kaiden and Kaleesia had school tomorrow. So we were having dinner and we were gonna watch movies in the movie room.

"Mommmmm!" I heard Kai yell from upstairs. "Stop yelling in this damn house Kairi." She walked over to me and gave me a hug. "What do you want Kairi?" She looked at me with a surprised face. "I dont even want nothing, I cant just give my favorite person a hug?" I gave her that face and she sighed. "Ok... I wanted to ask if my boyfriend could come over tonight." I looked at her with a weird face. "Nope. This is supposed to be family time, and I dont got time for your dad to have a stank attitude all night, so the answer is no." She groaned and stomped away.

"Keep it up Kairi and Imma embarrass yo ass." She went in her room and closed the door. Kaleesia came downstairs. "Mommy, can we go to the shop to do my hair?" "You dont want it done here?" She shook her head. "Every time Daddy and Kaiden laugh at me for crying." I frowned. "Baby, dont tell nobody, but when you were a baby, daddy had long hair and he used to cry when I braided his hair too. Kaiden still cries when he gets braids." They get that shit from Dave because I aint never been tenderheaded. "If Kaiden or Daddy laugh, Imma give them a whooping ok?" She nodded. "Go sit down and wait for breakfast to be done." She went to watch tv with Kamille and Kamaya.

Dave was outside playing basketball with Kaiden, as he does every Saturday and Sunday in the morning before they eat. That is what they do most of the time to get away from all the female energy.

I was almost done breakfast and I wanted Kakden to shower first. So, I went to go get the boys from outside. "Ace! Come inside." He had a sad look on his face and looked at Dave to say something but Dave just pushed him inside and they both came in. Kaiden immediately went to sit at the table. "Aht Aht! Go take a quick shower first." He smacked his lips. "But mom-" Dave smacked the back of his head. "Go take a damn shower." He huffed and went upstairs. "Hi baby." I hugged Dave. "Hi mamas." "Eww get off me, you're sweaty and you stink. You go shower too." I pushed him away.

I continued cooking and Kamille came in the kitchen. "I have snack?" I picked her up. "No we are about to eat breakfast." She squirmed for me to put her down. Her greedy ass don't like to be told no about no damn food. I gave her a piece of a banana and sent her away.

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