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~ Three Months Later ~
Ari POV 🦋•
I was driving to Dave's house like I usually do every other morning. I bought my own house last month it's like 20 mins away from my granny. Recently me and Dave have gotten really close to each other and I think I developed feelings for him but I aint gone speak on that. Yas moved back to Georgia because New York was too much for her but we still Facetime every day.

Kairi birthday is tomorrow so we was all going to the mall to buy her some stuff.

I finally made it to Daves house and knocked on the door.

Dave opened the door in some grey sweat pants and a white sweatshirt with white and blue AF1's. He hugged me and looked me up and down. "You look good today ma." he complimented me like always. I blushed and giggled.

"Me and Kai made breakfast if you hungry" I walked to the kitchen to see Kairi sitting at the island eating pancakes and eggs. "Kaiiiiii! "
"Ariiiiiiii" she ran and jumped in my arms.

"Kai-Kai who turns 4 tomorrow? " I looked fake confused. "I dooooo!" we laughed and I put her down so she can finish eating.

I started to make my plate. I felt Dave come up behind me and hug me from behind. "What do you want sir ?" I felt him chuckle. "Hurry up so we can go to the mall. "

We all got into my white Range Rover. My phone was connected to the bluetooth so I played me and Kai song.

"Imma savage!" Kairi rapped along to the song. Dave mugged her and she yelled louder. We got to the mall in like 30 mins.

"Kairi wake up mama." Dave boomed. Kai woke up looking scared as hell. She started whimpering looking at me.

"Come on Kai baby we here." I rolled my eyes at Dave.

Kai wanted to go to H&M kids so thats where we went first. I was helping her pick out clothes. She got a whole bunch of shorts and tank tops.

"Daddy I need a new baby suit for tomorrow. " Kai looked at him with pleading eyes. "Its bathing suit and what's tomorrow?" I looked at her then Dave.

Dave was looking everywhere but at me. "What going on tomorrow Dave? " he sighed.
"We going to water park!" I looked at Dave and nodded.

"Ok Kai let's go find you a pretty birthday bathing suit." We walked away leaving Dave behind. "Ari wait" I ignored him and kept walking with Kai.

"Ariiiiii do you wanna come with me and daddy to waterpark ? " Kai looked at me when we finally got into Children's Place. "Of course I'll come but you have to ask your daddy."

"Daddyyyyy can Ari come with us to waterpark? I really want her to come and she looked sad because you didn't invite her." I giggled lowly. He looked at me. "Yes Ari can come. " I rolled my eyes playfully.

Kairi ran to me. "He said you can come." I nodded.

It was like 5:30 and Dave was holding all of the bags of Kai's clothes and toys and I was holding Kai. I put Kairi in her carseat while Dave put all the stuff on the trunk.

"If Imma go with yall I need to go home to get clothes and I'll just sleep over." he nodded and pulled out of the parking lot toward my house.

"Dave did you not want me to come with you guys to the waterpark. If so I understand because we not together and Kai isn't my daughter. So if you don't want me to come I'll go home ." I rushed out.

He looked at me softly. "Ari its not that I didnt you to come, I just forgot about it. " I nodded.

We pulled up in front of my house and I quickly went in to pack a bag of clothes and my hygiene and hair products.

When I got back in the car Kai was awake. "Hi Ari! Are you ready to go waterpark tomorrow?" I smiled and nodded my head.

Dave drove off towards his house. I got Kai out of her seat and helped Dave with the bags since Kairi was awake.

We all went inside and put the bags on the couch. Dave went to give Kai a bath and I decided to go shower in his bathroom.

I was brushing my teeth in the mirror wearing only a towel and Dave opened the door.

"Im sorry ma. I didnt know you was in here." he said while walking out and staring at my body. " Its fine." I quickly finished brushing my teeth and put on my shorts and shirt.

I walked into Dave's room to him on his phone. I got in his bed and he got up to shower. While he was showering I started scrolling through instagram and watching people do they makeup.

I closed my phone and Dave got in bed and instantly cuddled into me. "Goodnight ma." I closed my eyes. "Night Dave."

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