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*Christmas Day*

Ari POV 🦋•

I woke up at 5:30 to finish wrapping Kai's gifts because Dave fell asleep last night. I went in Dave's man cave and wrapped all her toys and put them under the tree. It was 6:45 when I finished. I went upstairs and woke up Dave so he can eat the cookies and drink some milk. I put chocolate chips on the floor as 'reindeer poop'. I was finished decorating and went upstairs to wake up Dave. But, when I went up there Kai was in the bed with Dave and he was playing with her.

"Good morning Kaiiiiiiii baby!" she looked at me and ran to give me a hug. "Good morning mommy! Can we go open presents?" In a little bit, lets go brush your teeth and do your hair." I signaled to Dave to go downstairs.

We went to her bathroom and while she was brushing her teeth I put her hair in two puff balls and her edges. "Mommy can we go open presents from Santa pleaseeeee !" I put her off her step. "Yea let's go mamas." We walked downstairs.

We reached the end of the stairs and Kai had her mouth open just stuck. "Kai lets go open your gifts." She ran to the living room and saw the cookie. "Daddy the cookies and milk is gone. Look at the gifts Santa left for me!!!" She was jumping around. "Go open some Kai." I told her. I went to sit on Dave's lap and he put his face in my neck. "It's too early for this mamas." I shook my head. "Its for Kairi. Suck it up baby."

Kai was open gifts for like 45 minutes until she was on her last gift from me. "Open your last one Kairi." She aggressively unwrapped it and was frozen. "IT'S A REBORN BABY!!!" (super realistic baby doll) "Mommy! Daddy! Santa gave me a babyyyyyy !" We both laughed. "Can you open it for me pleaseeee Daddy?" he took it and ripped the box open and gave it back to her. Not soon after, she started playing with her toys.

"I got your gifts under the tree and some gifts for later." I whispered the last part in his ear. He licked me neck. "Eww nasty ass." He laughed with his face in my neck. "Go open your gifts mama." I turned towards him. "You go open yours." he shook his head. "Ugh... how about I open one then you open one?" He nodded. "Aight we could do that." I did a little dance. I went to sit on the floor.

I started with the biggest one. "Kai wanna help me open it?" She nodded and attacked the box as she did that I gave Dave his gift. "Finished." I looked at Kai and I saw a big orange box. "Ahhh he spoiling a bitchhhh! " I stuck my tongue out. I opened the box and it was a black Louis Vuitton duffle bag with rainbow stipes on it. "Ahhh shit! This is cute baby. Thank you." I admired the bag. "No problem mama." He opened his. "This betta not be no ugly shit mama." I rolled my eyes. He opened tha box and it was 2 chains one with Ari and one with Dave. "I thought it would be cute if we wore eachother name." He didn't say anything. "It's fine if you don't like it. I can take it back." I felt sad. "Nahh mama. This fly as fuck. Aint no female ever did something like this fa me." I smiled big. "Ok next gift." Kai said.

We opened all our gifts til we both only had 1 gift left. "Your turn mama." I ripped off the paper from the small box. But, before I opened it Dave took it from my hands. "I needa finish off this one mama. Stand up." I stood up confused. "Mama since we met you been down for me and Kairi no matter what. We went through our lil ups and downs but you stayed through it. You loved me and my daughter unconditionally. You fought my damn babymama." I laughed lowkey tearing up. He got down on his knee. "Arianna Jordan I love you and I believe you the one for me, but I know we aint ready for no marriage or nothing. But, until then will you promise to be mine?" I nodded with full rears coming out. He opened the box and put the ring on my finger. He stood up and picked me up and we kissed.

"Put my mommy down. She aint no baby!" We laughed and he put me down. I whispered in his ear. "Your mom called me and she want to take Kairi tonight until the morning, and Imma drop her off after we go to my granny house and I got one last gift for you." He smirked. "Let's go get ready to go to Mama J house." he said and went to pick up Kai and ran upstairs. All I could do was laugh at him.

We drove to my granny house and stayed there for about 3 hours and Kai was ready to go to Ms. Faye's house. We left my granny house and went to Faye's. The whole time Dave was acting like a little kid because he wanted the "suprise". We dropped off Kai and Dave practically sped back to his house. "Dave slow the fuck down. We got all night for this." He went faster.

We pulled into his driveway and I told him to wait 10 minutes because I had to get ready.

I ran upstairs and got my lingerie set from the back of the closet and hurried and put it on. I sprayed his favorite perfume all over my body. I fixed my hair and oiled my body. I laid in the bed and texted him to come upstairs. I turned on music to the surround sound speaker. He came upstairs in less than a minute.

"Ooooh shit." he rubbed his hands together. "Go sit down. Tonight is going to be very fun and sexy. You will be the leader tonight and I have to listen to anything you want me to do. I have a couple of toys for you to use and handcuffs. Do as you please." I pulled him to get off the bed and I laid in the middle. "Well guess what mamas, you better hold on because this is about to be a longgggggg ride." I laughed.

Sorrrry ! This next scene is gomna be in the next chapter but it's coming realll soon. What did yall think about this chapter ?

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