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The picture of the house is above to see!


Jasmine was sleeping on my shoulder. We still had a good 2 hours until we were in San Diego. I'm so happy that I found this house for us! I was thinking about San Diego and having a great life there with her when my phone went off signaling that I got a text message. It was from the moving company that moved our stuff for us to San Diego. The messaged said: 'Your stuff has been made to your new house. Have a nice flight and I hope you enjoy San Diego!' Well thank god our stuff got there. "Taylor?" I looked and Jasmine was awake. "Babe! You're awake!" "Are we almost there?" "In a hour we will be!" "Oohh thank god." She got up and went to use the bathroom. I wanted to make her extra happy about all of this and I had the perfect way too. I took my phone out and texted Nash.

*Text Conv.*

Me: Hey dude, do you think you can make it to San Diego soon?

Nash: I'm already here, I wanted to surprise Jasmine!"

Me: Ohh good! That was my idea too! I want her to be happy about this and so I wanted to see if you could come but it looks like you're already there!"

Nash: Yeah! I was going to decorate the house but I don't got a key to get in.

Me: Theres one under the plant outside the front door!

Nash: Alright thanks man! I'll decorate the house good for her!

Me: Okay. Thanks Nash! We'll be at the house in like 2 hours.

Nash: Alright, I better get going then!

Me: alright bye Nash, see you soon!

*End of text conv.*

Right when I put my phone away, Jasmine came back to her seat. She went on twitter and starting re-tweeting fans tweets and following some. "Babe, you're turning out to be like us boys!" "Do you do this everyday?" "Not everyday." "Well you should. Its entertaining to see what some of the fans say." "I'll try." "Good." She was sassy but I loved it. She put her phone down and I grabbed her hand and she smiled. She leaned over and kissed my check. 'Attention everyone! 30 minutes until landing!' "Finally!" Jasmine said. I could tell she was excited and that made me so happy.


Jasmine and I finally got off the plane and we went to get our luggage. I texted Nash to tell him we were on our way to the house. 'I just finished decorating the house for her! She'll love it for sure!' I was excited for this. "Taylor, wheres the house at?" "You'll see!" We were currently 10 minutes away from the house. "Babe, close your eyes." "Okay then." She closed her eyes and I turned on our street. I looked at her to make sure she still had her eyes closed. "Now don't open your eyes until I say okay?" "Alright." I turned into our long driveway and it was going great so far. I saw the house and Nash really did out do himself. There were streamers and balloons everywhere outside. It looked great so far. "Okay, keep them closed until I get you out of the car." "Okay hurry up! I want to see our house!" I got out and went to open her door. I grabbed her arm and she got out of my car. "Keep them closed..." I walked her to the front of the range rover and told her to open her eyes. "Omg Taylor! Its huge! The balloons and streamers are great!" "You have to see the inside!" I grabbed her hand and we ran inside the house. The look on her face made me happy. She was truely happy about all of this. "SURPRISE!" Nash said coming out of no where. "NASH OMG!" She turned to me and hugged me tight. "Did you ask him to come!!?" "I was going too but he was already here!" "Nash! I can't believe this!" She ran to Nash and hugged him. She let go and looked around the house. "You like it babe?" "I love it actually! Its perfect." "Come see our room though!" We ran up the stairs and I opened the master bedroom door. It was really huge. "Taylor, I can't believe this is our house. This is so perfect. Thank you." She came and hugged me. "Babe, you're welcome." We let go and we decided to set up the house so it felt like home.

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