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*Cameron's POV*

I just got back from the bathroom and I headed back to where the group was. I saw Hayes talking to a young girl. I wish there was a girl my age here. I guess god heard me because I saw this stunning girl beside Taylor. She was so pretty and I was definitely going to get to know her. "Hey I happen to see a beautiful girl standing here. Whats your name?" "Its Jasmine." She started to cry. I hugged her and told her not to. "I just can't. My two favorites are standing right here!" She looked at Taylor then to me. I'm guessing Taylor is her other favorite. Taylor smiled and I knew that smile. He liked her. Fantastic! I started to like her and Taylor already likes her. Maybe they are dating. I hope not because Jasmine is so beautiful, I would love to date her. "Jasmine, wanna walk around?" "Oohh, umm sure!" I saw Taylor look jealous. "Do you live here?" "Yeah I do." "How old are you?" "19 and you? Just kidding I already know." "Oohh really, okay how old am I?" "20." "Your good." "I try my best." "Jasmine." "What?" "Your beautiful." "Thanks and your hot so we both win!" "Pshh I know." "Hahaha you and Taylor say the same thing. Thats cute." "Haha but I'm hotter." "I don't know, thats a hard one." "How so?" "Well you're both so hot I wouldn't know who would be hotter." "Oohh I see." Okay so she obviously likes both of us but I needed to find a way to get her for just me. I wanted to be her prince charming. Maybe I should ask her out sooner then later before Taylor does.

*Taylor's POV*

Jasmine went off with Cameron to go walk around. I was extremely jealous because I really liked her. I decided to talk to Nash. "Hey Nash bro, I'm jealous of Cam right now." "Yoo bro! You've never been jealous whats up man!?" "I really like Jasmine and Cameron took her to walk around with him." "Oohh I see. I don't know what to say about that." "Yeah I know because Cameron is your best friend." I just walked off because I was kind of angry now. I know Cameron likes her and that isn't okay with me. I'm going to win her over so far that she will never want to leave me. I mean who would want to leave this. I'm to die for! I saw Jasmine but there was no Cameron. I ran up to her. "Hey beautiful!" "Taylor!" She jumped on me and hugged me tight. "Miss me much?" "Nah, not at all!" She was so funny and cute. I gave her a piggy back ride and I started running down the paths of Wal-mart. She was laughing and I love when she did. I looked at her and she looked at me blushing. "Oohh! Thats 3 points for me now!" "Taylor stopp." "Nope, I'm keeping track!" I let her down and I wasn't angry anymore. Until now. Cameron. "Hey guys, Jasmine why did you leave me?" "Oohh I saw Taylor and he gave me a piggy back ride. I'm sorry." "Oohh its fine! I'm not mad. I couldn't get mad at you, your gorgeous." Okay he needs to stop.

*Jasmine's POV*

OMG! Cameron just said I was gorgeous! Fangirling so hard inside but I didn't want to show it. I looked at Taylor and he looked pissed. What happened? Did I do something? Oohh I hope not! I should talk to him. "Hey Taylor, can I talk to you?" "Oohh sure." "Umm Cameron, I need to talk to Taylor privately, umm we'll meet all of you at the doors of Wal-mart." "Okay, I'll get the others." "Okay cool." Cameron walked off and I looked at Taylor who still seem to look a little pissed. I looked at the floor and I looked sad. "Hey, you didn't do anything for me to be mad, it was Cameron." "How? What did he do?" "He was flirting with you." "And thats bad because?" "Because I like you so much and I wanna be with you but I know you like Cameron and I don't want to pressure you to go out with me." Taylor said that so fast like he didn't want me to hear him but I heard him crystal clear.

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