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*Kali's POV*

I heard yelling from upstairs and that didn't sound good. I looked at Nash who looked really worried. Cameron was his best friend and he did anything for Cameron. He hated when Cameron was sad. I saw Jasmine come running downstairs. She didn't say anything, she just ran out the front door. I ran after her. "No, Jasmine wait!" "Kali, I can't. He put me through pain. He should have just told me it was from the hotel!" "I know but he really likes you." "If he liked me so much, then he should have told me. I'm leaving now." "Alright fine." She just walked away and went home. I walked back inside to my house and no one was downstairs. I'm sure they were both upstairs with Cameron. This was so much drama. I decided to just leave and go to a park and relax.

*Hayes's POV*

I went upstairs with Nash to comfort Cameron. He looked so sad. It looked like he was crying at points in time but I don't think he was. "Hey, its going to be okay." "No its not. I really like her and to know that I screwed up is horrible because now shes not going to pick me." "It seems like Cam needs to get better and be happy!" Nash said. "Yeah maybe but shes never going to leave my mind. She probably never wants to see me again." "Thats not true Cameron, your one of her favorites out of all of us." "Not anymore because I messed up." "Okay, time to get Chipotle so you feel better!" Nash said. "Man, I haven't been there in awhile. Lets go!" "Thanks guys for being here for me. It means a lot." Cameron said. "YOUR WELCOME!" Nash and I yelled at the same time. We both jumped on him and tackled him. "Get off!" We both got off and headed downstairs. I texted Kali and told her we were going to Chipotle to eat.

*Cameron's POV*

She was gone now. She doesn't like me anymore. I want to go back home so I wouldn't feel so bad everytime I see her. Then I remembered, Magcon was in 2 days! Shit. I wasn't prepared for this because she was going but I love Magcon because my other family is going to be there and I love them all so much. I missed Carter and the Jacks. I also miss Matt but I saw him today which made me happy but then everything went downhill. I decided to text him.

~Text Conv.~

Me: Hey Matt, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for walking away like that. I wasn't mad, I just got a call from the hotel saying that my dinner reservations with Jasmine was delayed for a hour and that they needed me to see if I needed anything else for the dinner. We never went because she was mad at me for not telling her why I left. And I wanted to ask, where are you now?

Matt: Nah, its fine man but you could have said something. I'm sorry about the dinner thing with Jasmine and I'm with Carter right now. He just got here from the dells and were going to Dairy Queen and then Wal-mart to do random stuff.

Me: Oohh alright cool, well would you guys want to hang out with Nash, Hayes and I tomorrow?

Matt: Yeah sure, lets meet up somewhere. Umm what about the movie theater? We could see a movie.

Me: Sounds great.

Matt: Alright bye then.

Me: Later.

~End of Text Conv~

I'm glad that Matt isn't mad and I'm glad that Carter is in Rapids. I haven't seen him in awhile. I needed to keep my mind off of things because it was time to eat at Chipotle!

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