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*Taylor's POV*

Jasmine was really pretty and I hope the rest of the guys don't like her because I wanted her to be mine. I didn't want to ask her out right away because we needed to get to know each other. "Hey Jasmine, can we get to know each other" "Sure! I would love to get to know you better." "Okay!"

"Favorite color?" "Lime Green." "Favorite animal?" "Cat." "Favorite thing to do?" "Listen to music." "Which one of us boys do you like better?" "Oohh jeez I don't know, but I can tell you its between Cameron and you." Darn it. I was hoping it was just going to be me. I mean, I can change her mind. I'm Taylor Caniff. "A charmer for good looks!" "Taylor?" "Uhh what?" "A charmer for good looks?" "Ohh I said that outloud?" "Yeah even I heard it." Kali said as she got up from the grass. "Hey Jasmine?" She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. "Yeah?" "Can we go to Wal-mart?" "Sure." "Kali! Were going to Wal-mart!" "Nah, I'll just go home." "No your coming." "Ugh fine only because your getting Hayes here for me." "Alright lets go." "Taylor, can you please put me down, my legs are falling asleep." "Oohh sure, I'm sorry" "For what? Being a gentlemen and carrying me when I didn't ask?" "Yeah that." She started laughing and I did too. She was so cute. I wish she was already mine. I can just tell we will be together soon. I mean she obviously already likes me but she also likes Cameron and I have to change that.

*Kali's POV*

We were all going to Wal-mart for god knows what. I was just going to go home and wait for Hayes to get here but Taylor consists I go to Wal-mart with them. I wonder if Jasmine and Taylor are dating. I mean, they keep looking at each other and smiling, but Jasmine would tell me if they were dating because she loves Taylor so much its crazy. I need to talk to her. "Hey Jasmine, can I talk to you privately quick?" "Oohh sure, were almost to my house so we can when we get there." "Okay thanks." We got to her house and we were heading upstairs. "Taylor, Kali needs to talk to me privately quick so just make yourself at home but please don't make a mess." "Okay. I'll try not to." I saw Jasmine give Taylor the 'look' and I started laughing. We walked into her room and I closed the door. "So what did you want to tell me?" "Are you and Taylor dating?" "Noo, why?" "Oohh because you guys need to!" "Really? Do you think he likes me like that though?" "Obviously! The way he looks at you and the way he acts when hes around you! He obviously wants you!" "Do you really think so?" "Fine, I'll prove it!" "How?" I pulled out her short shorts and a tank top for her to wear. "Put this on and go downstairs and go to the fridge and bend down to grab something." "I don't want to act like a slut." "Just do it because I need to prove you wrong." "Fine."

*Jasmine's POV*

Kali had me put on my short shorts and a tank top and to go downstairs and bend down to grab something from the fridge. She told me to also fix my makeup and to brush threw my hair. I did what she said. "Pay no attention to Taylor. Pretend hes not there." "Okay." I opened my door and started to walk out. "Hey Jasmine, while your down there, can you get me an apple from the fridge?" "Sure." I walked downstairs and I'm sure Taylor heard Kali because he looked up from the couch. I did what she said and I didn't pay attention to him. I bend down and grabbed the apple and I heard him gasp. I guess Kali was right. I walked back upstairs and closed my bedroom door.

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