Seat B-22 • S.M. by carolinexx04
Seat B-22 • carolinexx04
Who knew a plane ride could be so...exhilarating?
  • romcom
  • shawn
  • fanfiction
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Hired // Shawn mendes by queen_of_muffins
Hired // Shawn mendesby Queen of muffins
" your haired . But that doesn't mean I like you " he said
  • shawnmendes
  • mendes
  • selenagomez
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Small Bump - s.m by mendescullen
Small Bump - s.mby mendes babe💗
"You are my one and only, you can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight. And you'll be alright."
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • mendes
  • fanfiction
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Let's Have A Baby by infiniteshawn
Let's Have A Babyby infiniteshawn
You and Shawn decided it was time for a little Mendes.
  • shawnmendesfanfiction
  • imagineshawnmendes
  • shawnmendes
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Abuse. S.M. by deluxemendes_
Abuse. Abi:)
"All you have to do is say it, does he hit you?" "No, he loves me."
  • fanfic
  • love
  • abuse
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Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes] by nutterbutter17
Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes]by nutterbutter17
An awkward first encounter with her famous neighbor leads to a complicated relationship for Jessica Levine.
  • shawn
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
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Not A Fan (Shawn Mendes fanfiction)  by SneakyWhale
Not A Fan (Shawn Mendes SneakyWhale
"You're literally the most arrogant and obnoxious person I've ever met. Is that a good enough reason for you?", I spat, getting tremendously annoyed by him. ...
  • romance
  • smuttyfanfic
  • wattys2018
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Bullied by Shawn Mendes (COMPLETED) by mendesarmy_shawn_98
Bullied by Shawn Mendes (COMPLETED)by Mendesarmy
Shawn Mendes a popular guy from AB Miller High School you know who Shawn is since freshman right now you are a senior. Shawn has been bullying you since freshman and you...
  • shawnmendes
  • mendesarmy
  • bullystory
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Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2018 by seliwn
Kidnapped by magcon | Wattys2018by Spooky
"I want to go home." "Sorry kitten, but you can't. We will always find you." ~•~•~•~•~•~ young teen Selina Ma...
  • sammywilk
  • jccaylen
  • aaroncarpenter
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Regrets  by paulacela9
Regrets by paoulaa
"im sorry" "Sorry? How could you keep my son a secret from me?" Years after they broke up , Shawn and Violet meet each other again, in the most unex...
  • barbarapalvin
  • wattys2018
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
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Finally Yours - Sequel to Playing The Part / S.M by xxStefani
Finally Yours - Sequel to Stefani ♡
Sequel to Playing The part Updates every weekday - Lowercase sometimes intended Could probably be read as a stand-alone but you'd probably be confused about some stuff.
  • sequel
  • shawnmendes
  • sabrinacarpenter
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Typical by ourownworldofbooks
Typicalby Emma
"I hate you.." He spit, looking me dead in the eye. "The feelings quiet mutual Mendes." I went turn away, not wanting anything more to do with this b...
  • highschool
  • teenagelove
  • teenage
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The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes) by itsonlylivi
The New Teacher (Shawn Mendes)by livi
"They say we always want things we can't have, and sometimes that thing is your teacher." Aurora expected her senior year at high school to be the same old rou...
  • romance
  • fanfic
  • new
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Who do you think you are? ~ Shawn Mendes by ShawnMendessssFan
Who do you think you are? ~ Freya
At Pickering high school there is one bad boy worse than them all. The hallways are cleared where an imaginary red carpet is laid before his feet. Students and teachers...
  • shawnmendes
  • drama
  • teen
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The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes] by nutterbutter17
The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes]by nutterbutter17
Shawn Mendes receives shocking news after a carefree hook-up. He and Mallory Everett have big decisions to make as they are forced to start a life together.
  • shawnmendes
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • wattys2018
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A Little Too Much | Shawn Mendes (COMPLETED) by emily_grace25
A Little Too Much | Shawn Mendes ( Emiły
• completed • "Sometimes, it all gets a little too much." In which Allie Peters moves to Canada, across the street from Shawn Mendes, and sparks fly between t...
  • alittletoomuch
  • fanfiction
  • mendes
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Café | s.m (✔️) by livemendes
Café | s.m (✔️)by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
"Hi how may I- holy shit you're Shawn Mendes." // all rights reserved @livemendes IG | @smilemendes COMPLETED ON: JULY 2ND, 2016
  • jackjohnson
  • humor
  • wattys2017
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when you're ready | shawnmendes  by ripshawn
when you're ready | shawnmendes by youngblood
@shawnmendes started following you + "When you're ready" Shawn's third album was due to come out in less than a week and I knew that was a track, despite not...
  • shawnmendesinstagram
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[✔️] HEARTSTRINGS | S.M by shawntozier
[✔️] HEARTSTRINGS | S.Mby oh boy
{Book One - Completed} A girl is invited by her famous stepbrother to a tour called MAGCon. Reluctant but ready, she accepts. After all, they're just a bunch of Viner bo...
  • jackandjack
  • camerondallas
  • shawn
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