Typical by ourownworldofbooks
Typicalby Emma
"I hate you.." He spit, looking me dead in the eye. "The feelings quiet mutual Mendes." I went turn away, not wanting anything more to do with this b...
  • love
  • truelove
  • teenage
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More Than Friends // Shawn Mendes by rosestoronto_
More Than Friends // Shawn Mendesby Mandy♡
What happens when two best friends realize they both have feelings for each other?
  • shawnmendes
  • romance
  • handwritten
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My Best Friend's Brother- S.M. by mmatherxx
My Best Friend's Brother- mmatherxx
Perfect for each other, that's exactly what I was worried about.
  • cute
  • aaliyahmendes
  • shawnmendes
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one night stand [shawn mendes] by mendesslegend1
one night stand [shawn mendes]by vik
in which scarlet, a college girl accidentally hooks up with the famous pop sensation, shawn mendes. - shawn mendes - started writing: june 26, 2018.
  • famous
  • party
  • drunk
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Arranged- (s.m)  by Mendes080803
Arranged- (s.m) by SM❤️
Serenity Rivers has an arranged marriage to Shawn Mendes in the matter of days. How will they cope together after marriage? Will they fall in love after this marriage br...
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • arranged
  • marriage
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My Best Friends Brother  ~SHAWN MENDES by EnthusiasticSleeper
My Best Friends Brother ~SHAWN EnthusiasticSleeper
~"I've known him for a long time now." I carried on, "I liked him, well, since the day I met him really. But, I only fell in love with him in the past few...
  • becky
  • shawn
  • shawnmendes
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out of love » shawn mendes by notmendes
out of love » shawn mendesby k,
"i still love him and it sucks because he doesn't feel the same way." or in which shawn and maia fall out of love and maia tries everything in her will to sa...
  • media
  • love
  • socialmedia
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The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes] by pumpkinspiciest
The Free Pass [Shawn Mendes]by pumpkinspiciest
Shawn Mendes receives shocking news after a carefree hook-up. He and Mallory Everett have big decisions to make as they are forced to start a life together.
  • book
  • pregnancy
  • canada
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Love At First Sight// S.M. by rosestoronto_
Love At First Sight// Mandy♡
A young 21 year old woman named Amanda Rose, gets seated on the plane next to the all known famous singer Shawn Mendes, where they instantly hit it off. Going on vacatio...
  • shawnfanfic
  • mendesarmy
  • fame
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Act Like You Love Me|Shawn Mendes by BecauseMendes
Act Like You Love Me|Shawn Mendesby cat
"Act like you love me." He whisper so I do
  • love
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
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Hired // Shawn mendes by queen_of_muffins
Hired // Shawn mendesby Queen of muffins
" your hired . But that doesn't mean I like you " he said
  • love
  • pain
  • shawn
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Boyfriend + Brother || Shawn Mendes by sparklingredhead
Boyfriend + Brother || Shawn Mendesby Redhead24
when Ellie's mother, after 16 years, gets in contact with her she is stunned. Discovering that her new family live in Canada she flies out for the summer expecting a hol...
  • shawnmendes
  • fighting
  • curles
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Mercy; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
Mercy; Shawn Mendesby ♡
"Would you please have mercy on me? I'm a puppet on your string...." ••• I had to be smart and really think about it...
  • wattys2017
  • mercy
  • heartbreake
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Lost In Japan - Shawn Mendes by gray_baee
Lost In Japan - Shawn Mendesby G
Julia was on vacation, Shawn was working. The fact that she was a little distracted changed her whole life. She thought they would never see each other, but destiny has...
  • brazil
  • wattys2018
  • destiny
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Step Brother by Author_B98
Step Brotherby "Author B"
(Book One In My Series) Completed "Shawn, there's nothing to say about anything... So can we please just go back to how things were?" I asked him after I...
  • dangerous
  • wattys2018
  • shawnmendes
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wings // shawn mendes by mendessi
wings // shawn mendesby Paige(:
in which a victoria's secret model and a pop singer bump into each other in the city of love known as paris. #2 in shawnmendes
  • mendes
  • shawnmendes
  • wattys2018
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Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes] by pumpkinspiciest
Love Thy Neighbor [Shawn Mendes]by pumpkinspiciest
An awkward first encounter with her famous neighbor leads to a complicated relationship for Jessica Levine.
  • neighbors
  • novel
  • romance
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 Bad Boy - S.M  by dannyxo66
Bad Boy - S.M by 💡💋
Camila Cabello was your ordinary smart, sweet girl at Toronto high. Never partied, never caused drama, and always payed attention in class. Shawn Mendes was your school...
  • love
  • selenagomez
  • romance
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variety [shawn mendes]  by shawnsparticular
variety [shawn mendes] by c
❝there's a variety of girls out there and you want the one you can't have.❞ in which a boy falls in love with a girl he can't have. - @shawnsparticular all ri...
  • fanfic
  • socialmedia
  • mendes
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DARLING • DYLAN O'BRIEN by foreverflyin
Dylan O'Brien social media plot Created 28/01/18 Completed 00/00/00
  • love
  • tw
  • hotboy
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