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*Kali's POV*

Hayes, Cameron and Nash were sleeping over. This is sweet! Nash and Camerom slept in the same room. #CASH! Hayes and I slept in my room and it was just awesome. I was hungry so I went downstairs to get a rice krispie bar. I looked at the nutrition facts and I saw that it had one gram of protein. I was going to take a bite when I remembered Nash's video about protein. "NASH!" "Yeah?" He opened the guest bedroom door. "This rice krispie bar has protein." "Whats going on?" Cameron said coming out of the room. "PROTEIN!" Nash yelled pushing Cameron out of the way and grabbing my snack. "Hey! I was going to eat that!" "I really don't care. I NEED PROTEIN!" "What the hell Nash." Hayes said. "Bro, I need protein." "I thought that was just for that one video." "Nah bro! This is real life!" "Nash shut up." Cameron said. I was laughing so hard. This is what these three guys do on their free timexD "Hey, can we actually make a vine of that?" "Sure!" Nash said. "Okay, Nash wheres your phone?" Cameron asked. "On the bed." "Alright, Okay lets do this again, Kali, do you happen to have another rice krispie bar?" "Yes actually I do." "Sweet!" "Okay, I'm going to film now." "Okay I'm ready." The Vine: "NASH!" "What?" "I have protein!" "PROTEIN!" "I WAS GOING TO EAT THAT!" "NAH." The vine ended it was awesome! We all looked at it and we laughed so hard. It was a success. "Kali, whats your vine name?" "Its KayHenry" "Okay, get ready to get a lot of followers." "Okay. I'm ready." I grabbed my phone out and I already had notifications on vine. I was suprised! No hate comments! Some of the comments read: 'Shes pretty!' 'I want to meet her.' 'Kali, your lucky.' I decided to make that girl lucky too. I messaged her on vine asking for her twitter name. She messaged me it and I was going to make her so happy. I messaged her back: "Get ready to cry for a long time!" She messaged me back saying 'Why?' "Hey Nash!" "Yeah?" "Can you follow her?" I showed him the username and he type it into twitter and click on the follow button. I messaged the chick back: 'Your Welcome!' 'Omg thank you so much!' I decided to follow her too on vine and twitter. I looked on her vine page and she had just made a vine. The vine said: 'Thanks to Kali, Nash followed me tonight. I love you so much Kali and Nash!' I started to cry. I revined it and I made Nash revine it. She was so happy.

*Cameron's POV*

I was back in the guest room by myself. Nash was downstairs with Hayes and Kali. I couldn't get Jasmine out of my head. I needed my best friend. I texted Nash to tell him to get up here. The door opened and Nash walked in. "Hey bro, whats up?" "I can't stop thinking about Jasmine man." "You really do like her huh." "Yeah I do, and I feel like she likes Taylor more than me." "I can ask her." "Please!" "Okay I will, but first tell me what you like about her." "Well, shes really pretty and cute. Shes short and you know I love short girls. Shes nice and friendly and her smile and laugh is so cute. Shes so funny and she doesn't care what people think of her. Shes everything I want." "Cam, you have to think things through. You have to realize that she doesn't just like you. Theres Taylor and I'm sure you wish you were him right now." "Yeah I do! I want to be with her right now! Watching movies and cuddling with her." "Yeah I know, but here, I'll ask her if she wants to go out to lunch with you tomorrow okay?" "Aahh thanks man!" "Your welcome." Tomorrow at lunch, I need to tell her how I feel about her. I need to prove that she would want me instead of Taylor.

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