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*Jasmine's POV*

"Taylor..." "Babe whats wrong?" "Kali's calling me." "Answer it and see what she wants."

*Phone Conv*

Me: Kali?

Kali: Yeah its me. Now listen up. I have Aaron and I'll let him go if you do something for me.

Me: I don't believe you.

Kali: Go check his room.

-I ran to others guys room with Taylor behind me. "Wheres Aaron!?" I asked the boys. "Hes... hes missing Jasmine." Cameron said-

Kali: Told you.

Me: Kali, give him back and you won't be hurt.

Kali: You hurting me? Please now this is what you have to-

Me: I don't have to do anything for you bitch! Give Aaron back now or else I'm going to beat the living crap out of you and you sure as well will be sorry.

Kali: Its not that easy Jasmine. You see, you ratted me out at Magcon so this is payback.

Jasmine: Oohh you better believe me that I will sure as hell get my payback on you for taking Aaron. I'm going to find you and when I do you're gonna be one sorry bitch. *End of Phone Conv*

I hung up and I was pissed. "What the hell is going on!" Carter said walking in from the kitchen. "Kali took Aaron." I told him. "That bitch." He replied. "Look guys, Kali isn't smart so I have a feeling where she would take him." "Where to then?" Matt asked. "Her house, where Magcon was held or at the lake." "Where we met?" Taylor asked. "Yes." "How do you know?" Hayes asked. "Because thats where some drama or happiness happened." "Makes sort of sense but I still don't understand." Hayes said. "Well the only way we will find out is if you call her Hayes." I said. "What, hell no." "Do you want Aaron back or not?" Nash said. "Yes of course. Okay fine, what do I have to do?" "Call her and ask if she wants to hang out because you got mad at Nash." "Okay and what do I say to her when I'm with her?" "Make up a story of a fight you and Nash had and then ask about Aaron and say you wouldn't say a thing because you hate us all now because we were taking Nash's side. Got it?" "Got it."

*Hayes's POV*

I really didn't want to see Kali, let alone hang out with her but I had too. I needed Aaron back. "Okay, I'm calling her now."


*Phone Conv*

Kali: Hello Hayes?

Me: Yeah hey, can we hang out? Nash and I got into a big fight and everyone else is taking his side.

Kali: Oohh sure! Meet me at my place.

Me: Okay thank you.

Kali: You're welcome.

Me: Okay see you soon.

Kali: Okay bye.

*End of Phone Conv*

"She said to meet her at her house." "Taylor will drive you and I'll hide in the back." "Okay lets go." I knew Kali was going to believe me. She believes everything I say. "Hey, are you gonna drop me off a block away from her house?" "Yeah duh." Taylor said. "Okay." "Remember the plan?" Jasmine asked. "Yes. Nash and I got into a big fight and everyone is taking his side and I ask about Aaron and see what hes at and I'll then go to the bathroom and text you and say wheres he at and then you can have all the guys come." "Good, now go." Taylor pulled to the side and I started walking. He pulled away and I saw him park down the road. I didn't like this but I wanted Aaron back. I walked up to her door and knocked. "Hayes!" Kali jumped into a hug. "Whats going on?" "Not much just getting revenge on Jasmine by taking Aaron to my place and hiding him." Well that didn't take much. "Yeah she seemed worried when I stormed out of the hotel room. Nash and I got into a big fight." "What happened?" "He told Jasmine that I liked her when I clearly don't." "Wow thats rude." "Yeah I know so now, I'm on your side." "Okay then I'll show you where Aaron is." Wow that didn't take much either. I decided to make it seem like I really hate the other guys and Jasmine. "I hope hes sorry." "Yeah he better be." She opened her basement door and went inside other room in the way back of her basement. She was a little smart on this. I saw Aaron trapped in a chair and his head was down. "I'm going to get some water to wake him up." "Okay." She walked upstairs and I texted Jasmine. 'Hes at Kalis house in her basement. Theres another room back her where hes at.' Text sent. "Aaron you need to wake up." I shook him and he woke up. "Hay--" "Shhh! You gotta be quiet and I have a plan to get you out of here." "What?" He asked. "Taylor and Jasmine are down the road parked and I just texted her where we are. I have to pretend to hate you and all the other guys. I have to pretend I'm on Kali's side okay?" "Okay got it." I heard her basement door open. "Pretend your sleeping!" "He awake yet?" "No." She splashed the water at him and he stood up straight. "What the hell!" "You needed to get up." "Hayes?" "Yeah shut up." "I thought we were friends!" "Blame it on Nash." I said. My phone vibrated and it was probably Jasmine. "Kali, I'll be right back, gotta go to the bathroom." "Okay." I walked upstairs and ran stright to the bathroom. I locked the door and checked my phone. It was a text from Jasmine. 'I got the guys here so when should we come in?' 'Now because I got a plan.' 'Whats the plan?' 'You can pretend to threaten me by putting a knife by my neck and we would walk down stairs and you say what you would say.' 'Hayes I don't think I can do that. Your like my brother.' 'Jasmine, we have to do this.' 'Okay okay we're coming.' Less then 5 minutes later they were all at the door. I grabbed a knife and quietly opened the door. "Here." I handed the knife to Jasmine and the rest of the guys came in. She didn't put the knife to my neck until we were walking down the stairs. "Kali, let Aaron go or Hayes goes." Jasmine said. Kali turned around and her mouth dropped. "Let Hayes go!" She yelled. "Not until you let Aaron go." Jasmine said. "No." "Kali please." I said to convice her. She grabbed Aaron and she let him go. He ran to us and Jasmine let me go. "You see Kali, Hayes never wanted to hang out with you. This was all a set up to get Aaron back." Jasmine said. "You played me!" She yelled. Jasmine got closer to Kali. "If you ever take one of the guys again, you'll be one sorry bitch." We we're all walking out when Kali grabbed Jasmine. "Hey! Let her go!" Taylor yelled. Jasmine kicked Kali from behind and she got loose. We all ran upstairs and out of the house. I got into Taylors car and we drove off. We all got back to the hotel to see that Jacob and Mahogany were gone. They left a note. 'We left because theres too much drama.' Wow.

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