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*Cameron's POV*

A huge crowd of girls stormed into the room where Magcon was being held. I always loved meeting the fans and seeing their expressions on their faces when they meet us all. I turned and looked at Taylor's table. Jasmine was sitting next to him and she had a line too. I'm happy for her but tonight I have to focus on apologizing to her. I was taking a picture with a fan and signing what they wanted signed. The girl left and then the next fan came up. I looked up and I was shocked. It was Kali. "Kali, what are you doing here?" "I still had my ticket so I came." "If you think Hayes is going to get back together with you, you better leave now because its not going to happen." "Cameron, I didn't come for Hayes. I came for Aaron." "Your not getting with Aaron either." "We'll see about that now will we." She left and I decided to go tell Jasmine. Even though she hated me right now, I needed to tell her that Kali was here. I walked over to Taylor's table and bend down by Jasmine. "I know your mad at me right now but I just wanted you to know that Kali is here and shes going to try and hook up with Aaron." She actually turned around and looked at me. "Thanks for telling me." "Your welcome." I got up and went back to my table. I looked at Jasmine and she was scanning the room. She kept scanning when her head stopped. I looked where she was looking and I saw Kali. She was in Aaron's line. Jasmine got up and went by Aaron. I'm sure she told him the story about Kali. I saw him shake his head which meant he understood. I went back to taking pictures and signing a lot of things for my fans. It was finally time for the rest of the girls to come in so it was mic time. Thats what we called it since we talked about random things into the mic to make the fans screaming and laugh. I decided to go first before anyone said anything. I got up first and grabbed a mic. All the fans started screaming and chanting my name. "Guys, please calm down. I have something really important to talk about." They all quiet down. "These past days, I was going through a rough time. One of my friends hates me for making a bad decision." I turned and looked at Jasmine which she was looking at me. "We all know about Taylor and Jasmine now. They are so cute together and some of you girls know that I liked her too. She had it hard on her because we were both her favorites. She had to pick one of us to be with. I planned a date with her but I messed up on my part big time. She was depressed and hurt but Taylor was there for her and thats why they deserve each other. It was hard on me because I wanted to be Taylor but then I realized I have to accept the fact that shes with Taylor. So Jasmine, I'm truely sorry for making it hard on you the whole entire time for you and Taylor. I never wanted to make things awkward, I just wanted to be friends. I hope you can accept my apology and maybe be friends?" I looked at her and she was tearing up. She came up to me and hugged me. She grabbed the mic. "Cameron, that was nice of you to say. I'm glad you apologized because I would love to be your friend." We hugged again and the fans started screaming and cheering. She went back by Taylor and hugged him. Nash grabbed the mic. "Now that thats over, who wants to party!" The girls started screaming and Mahogany put Lip Gloss on. We were all dancing to the song and it was amazing. After that was done, Shawn singed Life of the Party. He did amazing and all the girls loved it. After Shawn was done singing we played around on stage. Taylor did a flap and Jasmine did the splits. "How do you do that!" I said. "You gotta practice Cam!" She got up and hugged me. She went by Taylor and sat on his lap. Nash tried to do a handstand but he fell. Everyone started laughing. Then i heard a fan shout. "Cameron, you look hot as hell!" I looked into the crowd and smiled. "You're gorgeous." She started crying and I got off stage and hugged her. "Don't cry." "I can't. I love you so much! Omg!" "I love you too." I hugged her again and went back on stage. We started to answer questions. "You in the blue shirt." Nash said. "Okay, Have you ever liked Jasmine?" "Shes beautiful but no, i never liked her. Shes one of my best friends and I like it like that." I looked around and saw so many hands in the air. "You there in the pink shirt." "Are you jealous of Taylor?" "I was for awhile but not anymore. I don't want to cause a fight." Taylor got up and grabbed a mic. "You there in the nash shirt." "When did you fell in love with Jasmine? BTW, I ship you guys hardcore!" "I fell in love with her the first day I saw her and thanks! I ship us too." Jasmine grabbed the mic.

*Jasmine's POV*

I grabbed the mic from Taylor. "Right there in the cameron shirt." "What made you fell for Taylor?" "I think all of us girls can answer that question. You guys all fell for him right? I mean, all you gotta do is look at a picture of him and you instanely fall in love but hes a great guy, hes not a dick like some people think he is. He has a great personality and hes funny and we can't forget the good looks right girls?" All the girls started screaming and then they all started chanted 'Jaylor' at the same time. It was amazing. I looked at Taylor and hugged him. "Okay, next question!" "Can I have a Jaylor picture?!" "Sure!" I grabbed Taylor's arm and we found the girl. We posed for the picture and we both hugged her. "Omg thank you so much! Jasmine, can you please follow me?!!" "Yeah whats your twitter?" "ShippingJaylor." "Oohh I like your twitter!" I took my phone out and found her and followed her. I saw her recent twit. 'JASMINE JUST FOLLOWED ME AND TOLD ME SHE LIKED MY USERNAME! ASDFGHJKL TYSM JASMINE @jasminewyland' I rted the twit and favorited it. Magcon was about almost over. "Bye guys! I love you all!" I said as all the girls went out the door. One girl was still in the room and I could tell who it was. Kali. She turned around and looked at me. I gave her a nasty look and she gave me a nasty look back. "Two can play at the game." She told me. "Yeah no shit. Now what the hell are you doing here?" "To see Aaron." "Hahahaha! You actually though was gonna happen? Kali were not 3 now are we." The boys started walking towards me and they all stood behind me. "It will happen." "No it won't." Aaron said. I turned around and highfived him. "Don't worry guys, I got this." I got really close to Kali. I looked at my hand and started twisting it. "I would slap the shit out of you right now but I really like this hand and I don't want to burn my hand with all your slutness on it." "OOOHHH KILL EM!" All the boys said while jumping up and down. "Babe! You killed herr!" I looked back at Kali and she was running out the door. "I got that on video!" Nash said. "Put it on twitter!" "I will and were gonna use the hashtag #JasmineslaysKali." "Hahaha thanks Nash." I went on twitter and and rted Nash's video. I twitted the video and used the hashtag. All the boys used the hashtag and the fans started using it. I followed some of them that did. Eventually 5 minutes later, the hashtag was trending. I was so happy. We finally got back to the hotel after hanging out for awhile. Taylor and I walked to our hotel room and jumped on the bed. "I am so tired." "Me too." I got up and changed into my pajamas. I got out of the bathroom and Taylor was shirtless. "Yes! The rule doesn't apply!" "I know, I decided to cancel that rule for you." "Thank you so much, I love you." "And I love you." He grabbed my waist and kissed me.

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