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*Jasmine's POV*

I woke up and Taylor was still sleeping. It was 9:43a.m. and I jumped in the shower. Magcon was tomorrow and I was wondering if Taylor was taking me. I mean, I'm with him now but I was going to go with Kali but I'm sure she's going with Hayes, Nash, and Cameron. The shower took maybe 6 minutes and I felt refreshed. I sort of feel bad now because I think I went off on Cameron too hard. I'm sure he knows about Taylor and I and I could only imagine how he feels. I got my make-up on and I curled my hair. I opened the bathroom door and Taylor wasn't on the bed. I got a little worried. "Taylor?" No responds. "Taylor, stop playing around I'm getting scared." No responds. I was so scared that he was going to scare me because I get scared to easy. I ran downstairs to see if he was down there, but he wasn't. I heard noises upstairs and got scared. I walked upstairs slowly. When I opened my door, I saw my closet door open. I ran to my closet and looked inside. There Taylor sat with tears in his eyes. "Taylor!" He looked at me with tears. He had letters on his lap. The letters I was going to send him a long time ago but I didn't. The letters described how much he meant to me and how much he changed my life. Also about how I tweeted him 200 times in a row and he never replied or followed me. How he would be the one I would want to date. The letters explained everything I ever wanted to tell him. He grabbed my hand. "You could have sent these to me and I would have followed you and even ask you to meet up somewhere." "Taylor, I'm sorry I didn't, I just felt as if I was just overreacting about everything." "I wouldn't have cared because when I would have met you, I would have realized that everything you said in these letters are true. Your beautiful Jasmine and I love you no matter what." "Aww Taylor, I love you too but why do you tear up about this?" "Because knowing that you went through all of that and I never once noticed you is terrible because I know how much I mean to you and that I honestly changed your life. I'm glad we met each other because your a sweet girl and I will love you forever and always." I was tearing up from his words. "Hey, come here." I layed in his lap and take the letters and threw them away. I didn't need to keep them since he already knows. "Okay, I want to get out of this closet." "Alright." We got out of the closet and he went to the bathroom to take a shower and change. I decided to call Cameron to tell him I was sorry for being harsh.

~Phone Conv~

Cameron: Hello?

Me: Hey, Cameron. Its Jasmine.

Cameron: Jasmine? I'd never thought I'd hear from you again.

Me: Yeah I know, I just wanted to call you to tell you I'm extremely sorry for being really harsh on you and that I didn't give you a chance to explain everything. I'm so sorry Cameron.

Cameron: Jasmine, Its alright! Its my fault, I should have told you who it was and I shouldn't have walked off but I had too. They needed me there to see if everything was ready for our dinner.

Me: Its also my fault because I overreacted about the whole thing. I was actually hoping we could be like really good friends?

Cameron: Gosh, I would love too, I know it might be weird because I just want you to know that I still have feelings for you but I have to respect that your with Taylor now.

Me: I don't want it to be weird and I'm glad you want to be friends.

Cameron: I'm glad to and okay I won't make it weird but yeah we can be really good friends like you are with Nash and Matt.

Me: Matt! I miss him! Whats he doing today?

Cameron: Hes going to a movie with us, wanna come?

Me: Sure! I'm bring Taylor of course.

Cameron: Ohh yeah thats fine! I don't know what movie were going to see but we'll pick when we get there. Meet us there at 1:00 okay?

Me: Okay thats fine and then afterwards can we all go shopping? I want some things for Magcon tomorrow!

Cameron: Sure thing! I'm sure the other boys won't mind.

Me: Alright good! See you at 1:00 then!

Cameron: Alright see you then! I'll tell the boys your coming with us!

Me: Alright sweet! Can't wait!

Cameron: Okay I'll see you later. Bye!

Me: Bye Cameron!

~End of Phone Conv~

Taylor was still in the bathroom getting ready. "Taylor! You take forever!" "Sorry! Its just my hair is being stupid today! Maybe I'll wear a beanie today." He opened the door and walked out. "See what I mean?" "Wow your hair looks gay today." "Yeah I know and I didn't pack a beanie. Do you have a beanie I can wear?" "Oohh jeez yeah I got a lot." I grabbed all my beanies from my dresser and put them on my bed. "Here, pick one." "Thanks babe." He kissed my cheek and went back to the bathroom. I checked the clock. It was 11: 24a.m. and I was hungry. "Taylor, want to go out to eat for bunch?" "Oohh sure, where are we going?" "I want Applebees." "Sounds good for me lets go." "Oohh by the way, your coming to the movies with me, the other boys are going to except Hayes and Kali isn't going." "Oohh cool! What movie?" "Cameron said we would pick when we get there." "Oohh okay." We got in his range rover and he drive us to Applebees. I looked outside and picture myself in a movie. "Babe, what are you doing?" "Pretending I'm in a movie." "Oohh okay but why?" "I always do this when I'm in the car. Its something I've done since I was a kid." "Oohh okay and by the way, when we get to Applebees, we have to talk." "Uhh okay." I was worried that I did something wrong. I started to think but nothing came to mind. Maybe it was because I talked to Cameron on the phone? But that shouldn't matter because nothings going on between us. I looked at him but he didn't look mad. Thats a good sign. I decided to stay calm and hopefully its not something I did wrong. We pulled up to Applebees and we got out and  walked in... This was the moment of truth.

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