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*Jasmine's POV*

We were at Family Video getting movies to watch. I was obviously depressed and scared at the same time. I don't know who to pick. I wasn't planning on this happening. Taylor must have seen that I was down. "Hey whats wrong?" "I have to pick." "What are you talking about?" "I'll tell you when we get back at my place, lets just get some movies." "Okay, your worrying me but fine, we'll talk at your house." We grabbed Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Devil's Due, and The Quiet Ones. All scary movies! I needed to tell Taylor about whats going on and then not talk about it for the rest of the night because I want this night to be the best night ever. I mean, I'm spending it with Taylor Caniff! We checked the movies out and got in my car. "Can we talk about it now, I really want to know what your talking about." "Okay but when I tell you, just leave it at that because I want this night be the best night ever." "I actually wanted this night to be the best night ever too." We both smiled. "Okay well, here it goes. Today at Wal-mart you told me you liked me. I was soo happy to hear that because your my idol! But then Kali texted me saying that Cameron now likes me and I find that great too because hes my idol too. You guys both mean so much to me and I don't know who I would pick." He didn't say anything for awhile. It felt awkward not knowing whats hes thinking. I was about to say something when he finally spoke. "Well, honestly, I've liked you longer than Cameron did and it would be awesome if you picked me because I know I would take care of you and I would never leave you. But I'm not pressuring you into anything." "Thank you Taylor, that means a lot." "Your welcome." I saw my house and felt relieved. I pulled into the driveway and got out. I helped Taylor carry the chips, soda and the movies. Time for a great night!

*Taylor's POV*

Cameron likes Jasmine and so do I. This is going to be hard for her so I have to be by her side and then she will realize she wants me more than Cameron. We got to her house and she opened the door and she put the goodies down and went upstairs to her bedroom. She closed the door. Then I heard her scream. 'GOD WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME!' I ran up the stairs and knocked on her door. "Come in." I walked in and she was lying on your bed but she was lying on her stomach. I got her up and give her a hug. "Hey, don't be upset. I'll be here for you no matter what happens." She started to cry a little. "No, don't cry." "Its hard not too, I don't know who to pick." "Who said you had to pick now, just forget about tonight, remember? Best night ever?" "Yeah your right lets go watch these movies." "Not yet." "Why?" "We had a deal." I said smiling. "Oohh god, I was hoping you would forget about that." "Nah, you looked so fine in that." "Fine, but go downstairs and get everything ready so I can change." "Okay but hurry because I want to watch some movies." This is the moment I've been waiting for since Wal-mart. My plan was to kiss her because I wanted to so badly. I heard her door open and I started smiling. I saw her and she looked so good. "Movie time!" "Uhh yeah okay, heres your root beer." "Thanks." She looked at me and smiled. "Hey, I wanted to try something." She said. "Okay what." She started to lean in and I was suprised because this is what I wanted to do. We were so close when she turned and kissed my check. Wow, playing hard to get again. She was so good.

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