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*Jasmine's POV*

"We need to get out of here now." "Why? Whats wrong?" Kelley asked a little confused. "You wouldn't understand but you guys would." I said motioning to Taylor and Nash. "What are you talking about?" Nash asked. "Look." I point and they all looked where I was pointing. "Are you fucking kidding me?" Taylor said. "Lets go." Nash said. I got off of Taylor and we got all of our stuff together. "Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on?" Kelley asked. "Her name is Kali and she kidnapped Aaron because Hayes broke up with her and we all took his side so she took Aaron to get revenge on us." "Holy shit." "Thats why we have to leave now." Nash said. We left the beach and then I got a text message from Carter.

*Text Conv.*

Carter: Hey! I got a early flight and I will be to San Diego tonight.

Me: Oh. Thats sweet!

Carter: I will text you when I arrive. Taylor already told me the address.

Me: Alright sounds like a plan.

*End of Text Conv.*

I decided to not tell Kelley so it would be a surprise for her! This was going to be great but I have to get Kelley to sleep over so this plan works. "Hey Kelley!" "Yeah?" "Want to sleep over tonight?" "Yes! If thats fine with your man of course." "Taylor?" I looked at him and he smiled. "Of course you can sleep over." "YES!" I saw our house and Kelley and I ran inside. We got inside the house and I showed her the guest room she would be sleeping in. "This room is huge!" "I know! You should see the master bedroom for Taylor and I." "Let me see!" We walked to the master bedroom. I opened the door and her eyes opened wide. "Holy shit." "I know, its really great to be honest." We walked out and Taylor and Nash were talking downstairs. "Nash is staying with us too." "Awesome!" We had enough room so it wasn't a big deal. It was already 3 and we decided to go to walmart to get some snacks and drinks. We got into Taylor's range rover and drove to walmart.

*Kelley's POV*

We were all going to walmart to get some snacks and drinks for tonight and tomorrow for when Carter comes. I seriously can't wait to meet him. We got to walmart and we went to get soda first. Jasmine got her rootbeer of course, I got sprite, Nash got coke, Taylor got dr. Pepper and we got pepsi for Carter. "Okay everyone go get what they want for something to eat so it won't take as long." We all went our separate ways and I went to get me some chocolated covered raisins. Once I was done I looked down the next aisle and saw Jasmine getting some cheetos. I took my phone out and took a picture of her. It was a snapchat and the caption said: "The bitch getting cheetos" I walked up to her and she was actually on snapchat checking peoples stories. She got to mine and I just starting dying of laughter. "Are you kidding me?" She started laughing with me. "We better find Nash and Taylor." "Okay." We walked and looked down aisles. We saw both Nash and Taylor in the same aisle which made it easy. "We got what we wanted." Kelley told Taylor. "Okay and we did too so lets go." We checked out and I got a can of sprite out right away because I was really thirsty. Everyone got in the range rover and we headed back to the house. When we got there I saw another car there. "Whos car is that?" "I don't know actually." Jasmine said. "Let me go check first." Taylor said. Taylor got out and went inside the house. He then came back out and told us it was fine. "Um.. okay." We walked in and we put everything alway. I saw Taylor and Jasmine talking and Jasmine smiled and screamed. "Okay somethings up, whats going on?" "Yeah whats going on? I heard a scream." I turned around to see who said that and it was Carter?! HOLY SHIT.

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