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*Cameron's POV*

It was 11 a.m. and I decided to take a shower. My shower took maybe 5 minutes and I went in the room to grab some clothes to wear. Nash was downstairs with Hayes. I'm guessing Kali was still sleeping. I played with my hair until it looked good. I walked downstairs and it looked nice outside. I might like Wisconsin during the summer. Not to hot but not to cold either. It was sweet weather. I needed to impress Jasmine so I set up a 'date' at the lake with a picnic. I wanted to go swimming! "Nash, bro. Text Jasmine and tell her to bring her swimsuit!" "Alrighty then." I looked at Hayes and he was on his phone. "Hey bud, wheres Kali?" "At Jasmine's why?" "Oohh I thought she was sleeping still." "Nah." I wonder how Jasmine was doing. I needed to at least have her number because I want to talk to her and text her whenever I can.

*Taylor's POV*

Last night was a long night but I got through it. I looked at Jasmine and she was still sleeping. She looks so cute when she sleeps! I was going to get up to get something to drink but she moved and put her hand on my chest. Awww how cute. I whispered in her ear saying, "Good Morning beautiful, time to wake up and enjoy the day!" I didn't think she would hear me. She was still lying on my chest with her eyes closed. "I've been awake." "Then why are you still lying down with your eyes closed?" "Because I like lying on your chest because your really warm and you smell good all the time so I just stayed here." "Well sorry to break it to you but I want to get up and take a shower and get something to drink." "Awww noo." "Too late." I got up and ran to the bathroom. I turned the water on and got in. It took me 5 minutes to get done. Jasmine was sitting at the island in her kitchen. I walked out only in a towel. "Hey, how do I look?" "Hot and sexy!" I started laughing and she did too. I walked upstairs and grabbed new clothes to wear. I saw a bandana on her dresser so I grabbed it and put it on. She was probably going to ask for it back but who cares. I do what I want! I walked back downstairs and she looked at me. "HEY! GIVE ME THAT BACK!" "NO WAY!" "But I was going to wear that today!" "Come and catch me then!" "But Taylor! Your faster then me!" "I'll play easy!" I started running fast but slowed down and she hugged me. "Aahh man, you got me!" "Yeah I did!" Then she kissed me on the lips. It was nice! "That was nice!" "I know." Then she grabbed her bandana and ran really fast. "Hey! I wanted to wear that and by the way, your hot when you do that." "Awwwee thanks Taylor, your so sweet!" "I know!" She started walking closer to me and hugged me. "Taylor, you might have a better chance of winning me." "Seriously!?" "Yeah but I don't know because Cameron is taking me out to lunch today and he might do something really nice soo." "Yeah but that doesn't mean anything because I'm obviously hotter." "Maybe but I don't know." I was worried that she wasn't going to pick me. I obviously really wanted her to do. I don't know what I would do if she picked Cameron. Shes the only girl I think about. Shes in my head all the time. I can't stop thinking about her. I need to tell her! She needs to pick me because I would feel worthless without her. "Jasmine, I need to tell you something really important." "Yeah okay what is it?" "Well, you know I like you a lot and I wanted to tell you that if you didn't pick me, I would feel worthless and incomplete." "Oohh wow Taylor. I didn't think that you felt that way." "Yeah I do and I really want you to pick me." "Taylor, I can't just pick you right now. It's not that easy." "I know, but I just wanted you to know how I felt." "Well thanks for telling me, I'll keep that in mind when it comes down to choosing." "Okay thanks babe." I knew exactly how to make her blush. "5 points for this man!" "Taylor!" "You love mee!" I said grabbing her and hugging her tight. I started to let go but she pulled me forward to her again. "Don't let go please." "Jasmine, you have to get ready for lunch with Cameron." She looked at me and looked suprised. "What time is it?!" "12:15." "Oohh god I have to get ready!" "I told you!" She ran upstairs and I went after her. I wonder how long it really takes for a girl to get ready.

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