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*Jasmine's POV*

We were kissing. Cameron Dallas was kissing me! I was so lucky! We pulled away at the same time and we just stared at each other speechless. I didn't know what to say. "Cameron I--" "I shocked you didn't I!" "Yeah you did!" "I liked it though." "So did I." I said smiling and winking at him. He started laughing and he started driving again. "Okay. Time for our lunch date!" "Cameron, where are you taking me today?" "I can't tell you Jasmine, that would ruin it." "Well I know were going swimming." "Yeah, thats part of the lunch date!" "Well thank you because I love going swimming!" "I'm glad because then I might have a better chance of winning you." "Cameron, I don't want to talk about who I'm going to pick because I still don't know and I want to enjoy this day with you." "Okay thats fine and awww how cute." We finally arrived at the beach and there were a lot of people there. I heard a bunch of screaming girls. Oohh great. "Cameron! Can I have a picture?!" Said a blonde girl. "Oohh sure!" "Me too Cameron!" Said a brunette. Some chicks looked at me. "Hey your pretty!" Said the brunette. "Awww thanks!" "Are you and Cameron dating?" "Oohh nooo, were just friends." "Oohh if you guys were dating, I wouldn't hate because your pretty." "Wow that means a lot thank you." "Your welcome!" A lot of girls started coming to me to greet me. "Wow your pretty!" Said a lot of the girls. "Thanks guys, and before you ask because I'm sure you guys are wondering, Cameron and I aren't dating." "Oohh I would ship it though!" "I SHIP IT! JAMERON!" "JAMERON!" All the girls chanted 'Jameron' at once. It was actually awesome! I looked at Cameron and he was smiling. He came running to me and picked me up. He put me down because I wanted down to talk to some girls. "Cameron, the question is, do you ship Jameron?" Said the brunette. "In the inside I do but she said she didn't want to talk about her decision." The chick looked at me. "What decision?" "I have a decision to pick between Cameron or Taylor. They both like me." "God! Your so damn lucky!" "I know but its a hard decision!" "I feel you and do you have a twitter? I will follow you!" "Yeah its @jasminewyland and I will follow you back!" "Thanks, and can I get a picture of you and I and then of you and Cameron?" "Oohh sure!" We posed for the picture together and then she wanted one of Cameron and I. "CAMERON!" "What." "We need to pose for a picture, just a normal one." "Okay." She took our picture and I'm sure she put it on twitter. "It was nice meeting you! I gotta go! Bye!" "Bye!" My phone vibrated and I saw the picture of us together. We looked cute! I saved it to my phone and put it as my wall-paper. I followed her like I said I would and retweeted her tweet of Cameron and I. I told Cameron to follow her and so he did. I'm sure she was freaking out right now. I took my shirt off and my shorts so I could go swimming. I started to head to the water when Cameron picked me up and started running to the water. "Cameron! Noo don't!" "Too late for that!" He threw me in the water and I went under water. I could hold my breath for a long time so I stayed underwater to scare Cameron. Cameron started shaking me but I wanted to scare him. He pulled me out of the water and started doing CPR. It kind of hurt considering I didn't need CPR but it was worth it. I opened my eye a little and he started to lean down to give me mouth to mouth. "No need for that Cam!" I started running away when I felt arms around me. "Jasmine! You can't do that to me! That scared me! I though you die! I even called Nash!" "Cameron! I'm fine! And you didn't have to call Nash." "Well hes really worried now!" "Well tell him I just wanted to scare you." "Okay." He walked off and I seen he was on the phone. I turned around to grab my phone but I was interrupted by someone who I though I wouldn't see until 5 days from now.

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