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Touring With Magcon (H.G) by HighWithHazza
Touring With Magcon (H.G)by HighWithHazza
Ariana Mendes is the younger sibling of Shawn Mendes. Although they're relationship isn't the best, Shawn will try to gain his sisters trust back. Magcon will be touring...
Instagram // Colby Brock by JaiPea
Instagram // Colby Brockby JaiPea
Scotland James is a 17 year old youtuber and model who grows up on social media. But she meets a boy who changes her life. For the better? For the worst? d...
Pregnant With My Brother's Baby // Matthew Espinosa by JaiPea
Pregnant With My Brother's JaiPea
19 year old Stephanie Espinosa gives up the wild party lifestyle to be a surrogate for her brother and his wife. But she didn't know how emotionally attached she'd get...
Bullied By Magcon (Old Magcon) by skxuebwkxbe
Bullied By Magcon (Old Magcon)by unknownnnnn
Have you ever had that person or people in your life that you wish they would just disappear from your life? That's me, but in this case it's 10 people. Including my own...
The Call That Changed My Life (A Shawn Mendes fanfiction) by gigglegeek11
The Call That Changed My Life (A faith:)
Lexie Madison is just a normal girl. I mean except for the fact she is vine famous. She is a viner who vines funny things, but she is also secretly a singer because she...
The New Me by _itsmenova_
The New Meby Nova💗
"How about a makeover? Make the boys regret that they ever bullied you?" Those were the words that changed Scarlett Storm's life. Scarlett Storm is your averag...
Little Brother by SmolBeanAnix
Little Brotherby SmolBeanAnix
Nicholas Grier..... he is the little brother to Nash and Hayes Grier. When Nash and Hayes need to go on tour, they want to take Nick with them. What happens when he meet...
Fighting For You (Magcon) by GVCCIBIEBS
Fighting For You (Magcon)by GVCCIBIEBS
When Indie is invited to be a guest at Magcon she has no idea what is coming for her. She starts to fall for one of the guys but will one of her previous relationships g...
promise // matthew espinosa by codysjuul
promise // matthew espinosaby taylor
Brianna Foster has fangirled over the MagCon boys for as long as she can remember. She has always dreamed of meeting them in person. When MagCon comes to her hometown, a...
Teenage Daddy; s.m by twerkingwithviners
Teenage Daddy; s.mby ari ♡
Shawn Mendes the famous Viner, Youtuber, singer, and Disney sensation. Dared by his bestfriend, Drew Andrews. Shawn is on tour and Drew and Shawn were playing 'dare or e...
Everything I Ever Wished For (Aaronica)(Varco) by SabbyxMerrell
Everything I Ever Wished For ( SabbyxMerrell
A story about 4 people named Aaron, Veronica, Vanessa and Marco. Two enemies who later became frenemies, then friends, then best friends then lovers. And the other two...
In My Bones // Hayes Grier by JaiPea
In My Bones // Hayes Grierby JaiPea
Hayes Grier, the hottest and most popular guy in school. Hero-Lee Gonzales, an antisocial grunge who has been homeschooled her whole life. Their worlds collide when he m...
Stay With Me (Shawn Mendes) by agentscarn
Stay With Me (Shawn Mendes)by It’s Britney Bitch
It had been an hour since I had gotten the call that changed my life. It still hadn't hit completely hit me yet, probably because it was only 3 a.m. I wasn't crying like...
Soulmate (Cameron Dallas/ Nash Grier/ Matthew Espinosa/ Hayes Grier) by Simply_KG
Soulmate (Cameron Dallas/ Nash Simply_KG
Katya Dallas, better known as "Kat", has been asked to join her brother Cameron on the Magcon Tour. Little does she know, she'd find her soulmate along the way...
Aesthetics/H.G by hayesfordayess
Aesthetics/H.Gby hayesfordayess
aes·thet·ic esˈTHedik/ adjective 1. concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
Old Magcon Ageplay  by livvieloo1234
Old Magcon Ageplay by Via Federspiel
Cam: is daddy Nash: is dada Taylor: uncle Tay Lox: auntie Lox Jackj: uncle j Jackg: headspace of 4-6 Matt: headspace of 4-6 Aaron: headspace 4-6 Jacob: uncle Jacob Ca...
Taylor Caniff's Sister by princess_mousie
Taylor Caniff's Sisterby Sydney
Kayla didn't expect her brother would become famous. Now her whole life has been flipped upside down. Instead of sitting at home texting her only two friends, she will b...