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*Kali's POV*

Everyone knew that Cameron was planning a suprise date with Jasmine but her. It was actually funny. Taylor told her that she had to get ready for a special occasion for later on tonight. Nash had everything planned out. He is going to pick Jasmine up from her house and tell her to close her eyes and he's going to take her to my house and Cameron is going to be in the guest room waiting with flowers in his hands. We were all just sitting around waiting for the time to begin. "Guys, Taylor just texted me. He said she was ready and that she looked good." Said Nash. "Alright Nash, go pick her up." Hayes said. Cameron was already in the room. "I'm going to tell Cameron that Nash is on his way to get Jasmine." I said. "Alright, I'm going to make brownies!" "Hayes, you better make a lot." "Why?" "Jasmine freaking loves brownies. If she could, she would marry them." "Oohh okay then." I walked upstairs to the guest room. I knocked on the door to see if I could come in. "Come in!--- Ohh hi Kali whats up?" "I need to talk to you about Jasmine." "What about?" "She is a really nice girl. She has her good and bad sides but shes so sweet. She understands people. She has a good personality and shes hilarious. Just please don't hurt her." "I would never. Shes different and I like it." "Okay good because if you do hurt her she would make your life a living hell. I've seen it happen with her ex-boyfriend." "Okay, thanks for the notice." "Your welcome." I walked out of the room and went to visit Hayes. All I saw was a huge plate of brownies on the table. It looked wonderful so I took one. "Hey! Thats for Jasmine!" "Gosh, Hayes you scared me." "Sorry bae." I went to go sit on the couch when Jasmine walked in with Nash.

*Cameron's POV*

I heard the front door open and I knew Nash was back with Jasmine. I could hear her voice downstairs. 'What am I doing here Nash?' 'To take selfies! Oohh, can you go upstairs in the guest room and grab my phone charger?' 'Fine.' Oohh god she was coming. I ran into the bathroom and checked myself out. I looked good. I sat on the bed with flowers in my hand. Hopefully she won't be mad at me for earlier. I should have told her. The footsteps were getting closer and closer. Then the guest room door opened and I saw her. She stood in the doorway looking at me without moving or saying anything. "Jasmine, I'm sorry for earlier." "Really Cameron? I bald my eyes out because I though you left for good. Nash and I couldn't find you anywhere. Where in the hell did you go?" She looked a little mad. "I got a call from the Hotel Mead." "Why?" "I was going to take you out to dinner at 7 at the hotel but our dinner reservation got delayed until 8 and I'm sorry, I should have told you." "You have no idea how upset I was. I had Nash take me home from the beach and Nash called Taylor so I would calm down. If Nash or Taylor never came, I would still be crying to this point." "I know, I'm sorry." I walked to her and hugged her tight. She pushed away. "Sorry isn't going to cut it Cameron. You should have told me. You really messed this up. I'm leaving and I'm not going to dinner." "Jasmine please, I know I made a mistake but let me change everything and let me take you out for dinner." She looked at me and started to cry. "You put me through pain." Then with that, she walked away crying. What have I done?

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