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*Nash's POV*

Kali was worried sick. We didn't know where Hayes was. We started walking around town to see if he was at any stores. We didn't see him in any stores. Then my phone started ringing. Kali looked at me. "Is it Hayes?!" "I don't know, let me check." I pulled out my phone and saw the caller I.D. It was Hayes.

~Phone Conv~

Nash- Yo bro! Where are you?! Kali and I are worried sick!

Hayes- I'm back at the house, don't tell Kali but I got her a ring today. I want to suprise her.

Nash- Awww Hayes, thats sweet and okay, we'll see you soon then!

Hayes- Alright bye Nash!

Nash- Bye bud.

~End of Phone Conv~

"Where is he?!" "Kali, calm down, hes back at the house. He just went for a long walk." I lied. I promised Hayes I wouldn't tell Kali about the ring. "Lets go then!" "Okay okay."

We got back to her house and Hayes was sitting on the couch watching T.V.

*Kali's POV*

"HAYES!" "Kali! I'm sorry I didn't tell you where I was going but I got something for you!" "Awww Hayes, you didn't have to!" "Oohh but I did!" I looked at Nash who was laughing. "You butthead! You lied to me!" "Sorry, Hayes told me not to tell so I lied." I looked at Hayes who was smiling. "Well-" "Okay, go upstairs." "Okay." I walked upstairs and there were rose pedals everywhere and candles lit and there was a ring in the middle of the candles. This was so cute! I grabbed the ring and looked at it. It was so beautiful and pretty! The word love was engraved in the ring. How cute! "Hayes! This is beautiful!" "I know, I saw it and knew the ring was the one." "Thanks so much!" "Your welcome and that ring is a promise ring, even though we just started dating, I feel like your the one for me Kali." "Omg Hayes! I knew you were the one along time ago by the way hahaha." "Okay enough with young love." Nash said. "Why, were cute!" "Yeah I know but I'm bored and I want to go swimming." "Okay fine, we'll go to the beach then!" "Sweet!" Hayes got his swimsuit from his suit case and he went to the bathroom to put it on. I grabbed mine from my dresser and waited until he was done in the bathroom to get change. He came out and he looked so damn hot. I went in the bathroom and changed. My swimsuit was green and blue. It was pretty. Hayes and I walked out of my room and Nash was already downstairs. "Come on lets go!" "God Nash." "Time for swimming!" "Wait, isn't Jasmine and Cameron at the beach?" "I don't know, Cameron didn't tell me what his plan was." "Oohh I see, I guess we will find out when we get there!" "Yep we will!"

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