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*Jasmine's POV*
I had to meet Carter at the mall to help him. I got to the mall and headed in. I heard some screaming. "OMG ITS JASMINE" "CAN WE GET A PICTURE?!" About 5 girls were around me asking for pictures. "Of course!" "Wheres Taylor?" One chick asked me. "Hes at home. I'm helping Carter with something." "WAIT. CARTERS HERE TOO?!" "Yes he is. I can lead you to him if you guys went to follow me." "Yes please! But I want a picture with you first!" "Yeah me too!" Another chick added in. "Okay." I took pictures with the girls and they walked with me to find Carter. "He said to meet him by Zumiez so thats where hes-" Then they took off. I guess they really wanted to see Carter. As I was walking I heard someone say "long time no see!" I turned around and it was Matt! "Matt! Omg!" I hugged him so tight. "When did you get here?!" "A couple hours ago." I was going to surprise you but you weren't home!" "Yeah, I gotta help Carter with something." "Oh hes here too?!" "Yeah! I hooked him up with one of my best friends and he wants to get her something and he didn't know what to get her." "Oh. Well I just had this idea." "Okay tell me!" "We should invite the rest of the boys here. They can stay in hotels or if you have room at your house, we can all stay at your house. But I want to get together with all the boys again. Its not the same with us all apart. I miss Magcon. Could you imagine how happy the fans would be if we had like a Magcon reunion?!" "Omg Matt! Thats an awesome idea! We should totally do it!" "We can even do it here!" "Yes!" As we kept talking we finally got to Zumiez. "Carter!" "Jasmine, you're finally here!" "Yeah well I ran into a little someone called Matt!" "Oh man! Its been awhile! Matt and Carter hugged. "I told Jasmine this great idea if you're up for it." "Okay, what is it?" "Well what if we got the rest of the boys here and we did a Magcon reunion. The fans would be so happy!" "Dude, Matt. Thats a good idea!" "Thats what I said!" "Oh, I got Kelley something." "Oh so thats the chicks name!" Matt added in. "Yeah, I added Matt in on the scoop." Carter started laughing. "What did you get her?" Matt asked. "Well I got her a big bag of chocolate covered raisins and wrapping paper." Matt and I looked at each other confused. "Wrapping paper?" We both said at the same time. "Yeah. I'm going to wrap myself in wrapping paper and walk in and have her unwrap me because I'm that great of a person." "Oohh that sounds sexual!" Matt said laughing. We all started laughing hard. Everyone was looking at us. "Hey, do you want to get unwrapped sexually?" Matt said to an old guy. The old guy looked at him weird. "Okay I think we should go." I said. Matt started laughing hardcore as we headed out of the mall. "WAIT!" It was Matt. "Wait for what?" Carter asked. "I need to let everyone know i'm leaving the mall." "No Matt I don't think you-" "GOODBYE EVERYONE I'M LEAVING THE MALL NOW. I LOVE YOU." Matt ran out laughing again. "Okay, I have to attempt. That was funny." "Thank you. I try my best." Just then my phone was ringing. It was Taylor.
I called Jasmine asking how much longer she was going to be. "When is Jasmine getting back?" Kelley asked. "Shes on her way now." "Oh sweet." Just then Jasmine walked in. "We got a hitchhiker." Jasmine said. "Wait what?!" It was Matt! "Matt! Long time no see man!" I gave him a hug. "Oh!" "Matt, this is Kelley. Kelley this is Matt" "Nice to meet you!" Kelley said. "Wheres Carter?" I asked. "Kelley, go find him!" Matt said. Jasmine came by me and put her arm around me. "We have to watch this!" She pulled me by the door and there was Carter all wrapped in wrapping paper. "Should I ask why?" "Carter didn't really know what to get Kelley so he wrapped himself in wrapping paper." "This is so cute. Omg!" Kelley said unwrapping Carter. Kelley and Carter hugged and we all were inside again. Jasmine then pulled me to the couch. "Matt had an idea." "Oh really?" "Yeah. He thought about inviting the rest of the boys here and to have a Magcon reunion." "Babe.. thats a wonderful idea!" "I know right!" "We just have to plan a date for them to come. Tell the fans and find a place to host it." "I'm sure we can find a place." "I'll let the other guys know then!" "Okay." I took a step outside and called each of the boys. First was Nash.
"Hello?" "Hey Nash! We have an idea for all the boys." "Alright hold on. I'll put you on speaker. I got Cam and Hayes here. *Pause* Alright whats the plan?" "Well Matt just got here a couple of hours ago apparently and he thought of an idea for all us boys. We would get the rest of the boys here at my house and to host a Magcon reunion." "Dude. That sounds amazing. When are we planning this?" "We haven't figured a date yet. I think it would be easier to get everyone here first and then think of something." "Okay um. We can leave tomorrow morning. I'll let the Jacks know." "Alright thanks man. I'll see you all soon then!" "Wait!" It was Hayes. "Yeah?" "Hows Jasmine doing? I haven't heard from her lately." "Oh, shes doing great! Shes loving the new house and shes definitely loving San Diego. I won't tell her you guys are coming tomorrow. We'll have it be a surprise." "Sounds good!" "Alright I better go before Matt does something crazy." "Okay later man!" "Bye guys."
I decided to tell Kelley, Matt and Carter about the plan. I walked inside and Jasmine was upstairs while everyone else was downstairs. "Guys come here!" "What?" They all said at once. "We're going to surprise Jasmine. Cam, Nash and Hayes are going to be here tomorrow and we aren't going to tell her. Okay?" "Sounds good!" They all whispered to me. This was going to be good.

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