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*Nash's POV*
It was finally morning time, which means.. time to go to San Diego! I got up and got in the shower quick. When I got out, Cam and Hayes were already up. "Nash, I have your things packed up and ready to go!" Cameron yelled from the other room. "I need an outfit for today!" I yelled back. I opened the bathroom door and he gave me my clothes to wear. I put them on quickly and didn't bother with my hair. "Everyone ready to go?" Hayes asked. "Yeah I think so!" Cameron said. We headed out and went to the airport. I can't wait to surprise her.
I woke up before Jasmine and decided to take a quick shower. As I got out, Jasmine was up. I opened the bathroom door and she was getting dressed. "Oh damn." She turned around and smiled. "Same goes to you." I was only in a towel at the moment. She came up to me and gave me a kiss. "Morning babe." "Morning." She walked into the bathroom to do her makeup. I got out to grab some clothes to wear. "Bandana or beanie?" She walked out to see what I was wearing. "Mhm... go with beanie." "Alright." "ARE YOU GUYS DECENT?" I heard from the outside of the door. "Yes come in!" Jasmine yelled walking back to the bathroom. The door opened and it was Matt. "Hey guys!" "Hey matt, are the others up?" "No, not yet." Matt sat down on the bed. "So whats the plan for today?" "Well I'm going shopping with Kelley, I'll tell her when she gets up." Jasmine said. "Okay then its just us guys!" Matt said. Jasmine walked out of the bathroom. "If I come home and the house is a mess, I won't be happy." "Oooo Taylor, you got a sassy girl." "Yeah but you gotta love her. I mean, I'm forced to love her." She looked at me with a death eye. "I'm kidding babe! You know I love you no matter what!" I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and picked her up. "Yeah thats right." She gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was still hugging her. "Babe, I have to finish getting ready!" "Oh, right!" I put her down and she walked back into the bathroom. "Cutest relationship I've seen hands down." Matt said. "I've been told many times." "Well its true!" "Whats true?" Jasmine said stepping out of the bathroom. "Well apparently we're the cutest couple hands down." She looked at me and smiled. "Did Matt say that?" "Of course I did! I never lie." "Okay Matt." Jasmine said laughing. Her laugh was cute by all means. I couldn't get over it. "Alright, time to wake Kelley up!" She opened the door and headed downstairs. "You hungry Matt?" "Definitely!" We headed downstairs to get something to eat when all of a sudden my phone starting ringing. It was Cameron! Maybe they're here!

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