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*Jasmine's POV*

This house was amazing. I can't believe Taylor got this for us. We just finished gettting everything in the house and where we wanted it. It took a long time but we got help which helped greatly. I checked my phone and I got a text from Kelley! We haven't talked in awhile and she just texted me!

*Text Conv*

Kelley: HEY!

Me: Hey! Whats going on?!

Kelley: I actually just arrived in San Diego and I heard you're here now!

Me: I am! Lets meet up somewhere! I can bring Taylor and Nash with me!

Kelley: Alright! The beach sound good?

Me: Yes! We should be there soon!!

Kelley: Okay! See you then!

*End of Text Conv.*

"Taylor! Nash! Were going to the beach!" "Okay! Is there a reason why?" "My good friend Kelley is here!" "Oh okay! Lets go then!" Nash already had his swimsuit on so I just needed to change and get the things I need and Taylor needed to change. "Babe, wheres my swim bag?" Taylor went inside our big closet and got my bag. "Thanks!" "Welcome." He handed me the bag and kissed my forehead. "You ready?" I asked him. "Uh yeah! Lets go." We headed out the door and proceeded to the beach. "The beach is actually down the road I bit so we'll just walk." "Oh okay." We finally arrived at the beach and I looked around until I saw Kelley. "There she is!" I ran to her as the boys followed behind. "Kelley!" "Omg Jasmine!" "Hows it going?!" "Its going great! What about you?" "Great actually. Taylor actually brought us a house and we just moved in today." As I said that, he wrapped his arm around my waist. I looked at him and smiled. "Aww. You guys are cute!" "Oh thanks!" Kelley and I continued talking as Taylor and Nash went in the water. "I want to meet Carter." "Oh! I can definitely hook you guys up for sure." "Omg! Are you serious?!" "Oh yes! Let me call him quick and see whats going on. Maybe he can get a plane ticket to get here soon." "I hope so! I would love to meet him." As she said that Nash walked over and sat by us. "Meet who?" "I want to meet Carter." Kelley told him while I was on the phone with him. I hung up and told Kelley the news. "Carter is going to be here tomorrow actually. He wants to see the house Taylor got." "Wait whos coming?" Taylor asked while sitting down next to me. "Carter is!" I said. "Oh sweet." I looked at Taylor and smiled. He patted his legs signaling to come sit on him. Of course I did because I mean, who wouldn't? I started thinking to myself. I have a good life right now. I'm with the actual Taylor Michael Caniff. He just brought us a house in San Diego! He treats me so well. I have the greatest friends. Its a great life for me. Until everything turned upside down and turned for the worst. Great..

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