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*Jasmine's POV*

Magcon was over and I'm excited to move to San Diego. "Baby, what do you want to eat?" "Huh what?" Taylor looked at me weird. "Are you okay?" "Oohh yeah, I was just thinking about San Diego and how I can't wait." "Neither can I. It means more time for us." "I know and for dinner I don't care." "Well then were getting McDonalds because I want their french fries." "Fine." Taylor saw a McDonalds and he pulled into the drivethru. He didn't want to risk any fans being inside so he went through the drivethru. "What do you want to eat?" "The 2 cheese burger meal with a root beer." 'Welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?' "I would like the 2 cheeseburger meal with a root beer and a quarter pounder meal with a dr. pepper." 'Will that be all?' "Yes." 'Okay your total comes out to $16.24. Please pull up to the next window.' He pulled up and handed the chick the money. He handed me the soda and the food. 'Have a good night.' "Thank you, you too." He pulled out and I checked the food to see if we got everything. Thats when I saw something written on a piece of paper in the bag. I pulled it out and it was her number. "Taylor." He looked at the paper and laughed. "If you want to call her, be my guest." "I was going to anyways." I pulled out my phone and typed in her number. I don't care that she was working, she was gonna hear it from me. "Wait, I have an idea." "What?" "If she answers, she will obviously say hello and then you say hey its Taylor and she will say something then I'll take the phone and say you're not interested." "Sounds good to me because I only want you." "Awww you're to sweet." He smiled and I did too. I dialed the number and he grabbed the phone. I heard the hello. "Hey its Taylor." He handed me the phone and I heard her saying something. "Yeah I'm sorry, hes not interested." "Whos this." "His girlfriend now leave him alone or I will personally make sure you don't walk again got it?" "Okay okay I'm sorry." "You better be." I said as I hung up. "Jeez babe." "I needed her to know that I'm with you." He grabbed my hand and kissed it. We were finally at the hotel and I was so ready to eat. We got to our room and there was a note on our door. "Ummm okay." Taylor said as he grabbed it. He looked at it weird. "Its for you." I grabbed the note and examined it. It smelt familiar but I couldn't tell where it was from. I opened the note and started reading. 'Jasmine, I know I've been putting Taylor and yourself in a hard spot. I just want to say I'm truely sorry and you may not believe me but I am. You're a great friend and I would love to be friends with you. I don't want to lose your trust ever. You mean a lot to me. I wanted to be Taylor so bad. I was honestly jealous but I realized that I made a choice that I shouldn't have. Taylor was there for you and I'm glad he has you. I know he will take care of you. I didn't mean for Taylor to quit Magcon but I guess its happening. I hope you guys have fun in San Diego and maybe I'll come visit if its okay with you guys. But like I said before, I'm truely sorry and I will never interact or get involved in your relationship with Taylor. I won't make it awkward because I know you hated that. I'm sorry. -Cameron' I was beyond shocked. I looked around and Taylor was in the shower. I heard the shower stop and he came out in a towel to grab his shorts. "God damn." I said. He turned around and looked at me and smirked. "What was that?" He said walking closer to me. He had me sort of trapped in a corner. "Why are you so attractive!?" "Babe, you're the attractive one not me." He said as he started walking away. "Umm excuse me but you're wrong Tay." He turned around and got super close. "Okay then. Kiss me if I'm wrong in your eyes but I'm not attractive right?" "Wow you're good." I said while smirking at him. "Well..." "Taylor, you're attactive and you're hot and you're sexy and did I say attractive? Yeah so listen to me because I'm right." "Babe, I'm sorry but I'm right." "Wanna bet?" "Yeah I do." "Okay." I grabbed my phone and went on twitter. 'RT this if you think Taylor is hot.' "Clever." He said as he grabbed his phone. He tweeted and it said 'RT this if you think Jasmine is pretty.' "Hey! Thats not fair! You have more followers!" "Well you tweeted it so I did too." "I'm not going to lose." "Okay fine, I'll let you win." "Okay!" "IF." With Taylor, theres also that if. "What?" "When we get to San Diego, you have to buy something." "I love shopping so what is it?" He started laughing and blushing. "You have to buy a pair of yoga short shorts and another belly shirt." "You have a dirty mind." "Its not my fault you have a nice body." "I hate you." "Yeah well I hate you too." We looked at each other and started laughing. He got closer to me. "Maybe hate will be our always." "Shut up! Thats a sad movie!" "Well then we can buy it and watch it in San Diego." "Thats sounds good to me." He hugged me and I hugged him tighter. I didn't want to let go but I then thought of the note. "We need to go see Cameron." "Why." He didn't sound happy about it. "The note was from him." "What did it say." "How hes sorry for giving us a hard time and that he will never ever make it awkward or try and do something." "Well thats nice of him but I still don't trust him." I looked at him serious. "Taylorrr." I said like a baby. "Hes trying to be nice to me." "Exactly my point." I got closer to him. "I wouldn't leave you for him." "That makes me feel better." "Did you honestly think I was going to leave you?" "Maybe." "Are you serious?!" "The reason why is because hes nicer than me, hes older and doesn't girls like older guys?" "Taylor no. You're one of the nicest guys I know and some girls do but I like who I have so you don't have to worry." "Okay." I hated how he though I would leave him. Theres no way I would. We were finally going to talk to Cameron when my phone ringed. It was... Kali?

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